I Saw the Hit and Run Driver

By Shadowgate

Jessica Paine and Melanie Winters were both in tenth grade and lived in the same neighborhood. It was 8PM and they were chatting in the street.

Jessica said "I have to get home now."

Melanie replied "I'll talk to you in algebra class tomorrow."

Jessica began walking home. She was three houses away from her house when a car came speeding from behind her. She was hit and went flying. She flipped in the air and when she landed she hit her on the curb.

The car sped off.

Melanie yelled "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!"

She called 911 on her cellphone and several neighbors rushed out of their houses to see what happened.

Melanie's parents Jade and Parker came out. Her dad asked "what the hell happened" and Melanie answered "a yellow car just hit Jessica."

Melanie started crying and her mother Jade grabbed her in a strong embrace. An ambulance was there in 20 minutes after the 911 call was placed.

30 minutes later a police car with blaring sirens pulled up.

He talked to several adult witnesses. One of whom saw the car out their window speeding and identified it as a yellow car.

The officer Daniel Land was informed by the neighbors that the victim's best friend was an eyewitness to it. Melanie soon approached the officer. She gave him her name and said she saw the car that ran over her best friend and that she called 911.

He asked her what the car color was and did she get a license plate? She said "it was a yellow car but I couldn't get a license plate. Oh but I saw the driver was a female."

The officer asked for a description of the driver Jessica started crying. She asked if she could ride in the ambulance with Jessica Paine. Her parents said they'd drive her and follow the ambulance.

Melanie told the officer the woman was blond and was either white or Hispanic because she had fairly tanned skin.

Melanie got in the backseat of her car with her parents and they followed the ambulance to the hospital.

Sadly they were informed that Jessica Paine was DOA at the hospital.

When Jessica Paine's mother Alice Paine entered the hospital she was told the bad news. Tears ran down her face and she said "oh my baby."

Officer Land approached her and said "the good news Mrs. Paine is that your daughter's best friend saw the hit and run driver."

Alice snapped "oh really" and gave a dirty look toward Melanie. Officer Land shared the description with Alice.

Melanie and her parents went to sit in the waiting room. They knew Officer Land would have more questions for them and their daughter in particular.

Officer Land approached Melanie and her parents.

He asked her if there was anything else she could remember.

Melanie got choked up and said "well."

Jade said "all these gang members need to be picked up off the street and put away. The gang activity in this area has gotten way out of hand and now Jennifer Paine is gone because of those lowlife creeps."

Parker said "no, no, no" in a silly voice and then went on to say "Melanie saw the driver and the driver was either white or Hispanic and female. You'd round up all the gang members which are mostly black or Hispanic males and they travel in packs. You'd be arresting the wrong people."

Officer Land said "alright now please I need to talk to your daughter and I need you two not to interrupt."

Melanie said "the driver was Alice Paine."

Jade, Parker, and Officer Land freak out.

Officer Land said "you're not joking because you're distraught or angry at her for some reason. Why didn't you tell me right away at the scene of the crime if what you're saying is true?"

Melanie said "I didn't want to believe it but I sure saw her do it. She has a yellow car. Oh and when she came in to the hospital you told her I gave a description of the hit and run driver she said "oh really" with anger in her voice and she gave me a dirty look."

Jade said "oh my god you must be mistaken. Why and how could she do it? Melanie you said the woman had blond hair and was either Hispanic or White."

Melanie said "well look at Alice she has blond hair and recently got tanned skin. Plus lots of Mexican women are dying their hair blond. So my description wasn't totally far off."

Parker said "well yes your description does fit her Melanie oh and even though your mom knew the description you gave she wanted to arrest all the gangster thugs who didn't commit this crime."

Officer Land said "that's it I'm taking her into custody."


Later that night as the Winter Family was leaving the hospital Parker said "well honey it's a good thing you're not a police officer. You would have arrested a dozen male gang members knowing that the suspect was female. Our daughter got the killer."

Jade became furious and said "There was no reason for you to say 'no' in that silly voice when we were back in the waiting room. Furthermore I happen to like seeing gang members get arrested and maybe you don't because you're a Goddamn niggerlover!"

Melanie yelled out "Mom!"

Jade said "I want a motherfucking divorce because I'm tired of being married to a jackass."

Parker said "I'll agree to a divorce because you're just an ignorant dingbat."

Jade said "you acted like a dingbat in the waiting room and you whined 'no' like a baby."

Parker said "you and Melanie call a friend for a ride. I'm going to a motel. I'll get my things later."

Melanie said "my best friend gets murdered and the killer is her mother whom I had to turn in. Now you and dad are getting a divorce. All this one day."

Melanie breaks down crying and Jade grabs her into her arms and holds her tight.