Hello all, it's been a long time, yeah? Anyways, this is what I did for NaNo and while I didn't finish it, I did get a good chunk done. So I figured I post it so you can all see that I am still here and still kicking! So on with the show!

Fire and Lighting

Chapter One


Raiden sighed as he pulled on his jacket before looking back at the man standing just behind him. He could see the concern and maybe just a bit of disappointment on the man's face. "I'm sorry, Venn but this is the only way."

"Are you sure you felt it right?" Venn inquired as he watched the young man turn towards the doorway.

"Yes Venn, I did," Raiden paused to walk back over to the other man he looked into his eyes. "It's the first sign I've felt, Vann, and I need to see if it turns out to be true."

Raiden watched as Vann nodded before he turned and walked out of the room. He made his way down to the lower reaches of his castle his eyes going back and forth to keep as he headed down to where he needed to be. He just hoped that this turned out the right, because he wasn't sure that his people could continue on the way they had been or if the end was near.


Fin looked out over the writhing bodies on the dance floor, a beer in his hand and smile on his face. He figured that his day off was going pretty good so far. At least he was getting the chance to get some down time before he had to report to work tomorrow night. Leaning back against the table, he once again let his eyes scan the crowd.

"Hey," Fin looked down when he heard the voice, his breath stopping for just a minute. The man standing next to him was on the short size and had the strangest color of blond hair.

"Hey," Fin replied back seeing him look up. The man's eyes were unique and he had to smile at him. "You new here?"

"Yeah, first time, my name's Raiden," Raiden turned fully to look at the person next to him.

"Fin," turning, he held out his hand to shake Raiden's, another grin finding his as he realized the other man was slow to take it.

"Nice to meet you," Raiden said a slow smile forming on his face.

"Like wise," Fin smiled back. "How about I buy you a drink?"

"Sure," Raiden shifted so he was a little closer to Fin.

"Beer?" Fin asked seeing the blond nod his head, he signaled the bartender he ordered two beers and paying he took one and handed it to Raiden. "So you from around here?"

"Nope, just visiting," Raiden took a drink of the beer before looking up at the man again. "Want to get a table?"

"Sure," Fin nodded towards the corner of the bar, where he could see a couple of empty tables. He followed after the shorter blond and smile crossing his face again as he let his eyes scan down him. "Like the pants."

"What?" Raiden glanced back; he could see where Fin's eyes had gone. With a shake of his head he slid into one of the chairs, watching as Fin took the one next to him.

"So where ya from?" Fin asked, his eyes going back to scanning the bar and the people for a few seconds before turning his attention to Raiden.

"Lightning Isles," Raiden watched him.

"Can't say I've ever heard of it," Fin frowned as he tried to recall if he had ever heard of anything like that, he was about to ask where it was exactly but Raiden asked him a question before he could.

"Are you from here?" Raiden took another drink from his beer.

"Yeah, well as far as I know," Fin grinned with a small laugh as he sat back. "Least I never asked and this is the place that always been where I've been."

"That's an odd way of putting it," Raiden leaned forward to rest his arms on the tabletop. "Never been interested in going somewhere else?"

"Not sure," Fin shrugged slightly his eyes meeting the light blue eye; they were almost the color of frozen water. "You have very beautiful eyes."

"Thank you," Raiden smiled.

"I bet you get that a lot," Fin shook his head as he brought the beer bottle to his mouth.

"You'd be surprised," Raiden shrugged his hands going to the label on his bottle; he started to pick at it.

"How about a dance?" Fin let his voice drop low, knowing that most people responded well to it.

"Sure," Raiden stood; his looked up as Fin held out his hand.


Raiden looked up to meet the man's eyes, he knew, just knew that this was the man he had been searching for. Every instinct had led him here, and to this man. But he was weary too, knowing that so many had looked and only to have it turn out to be false. After a few second, he reached out to take the man's warm hand a small smile coming to his face.

Allowing the bigger man to lead him out to the dance floor, Raiden let his body be taken by the beat. He looked up as Fin came close, the man looking down at him. He let his body sway in time with Fin's, letting his eyes close as the man reached out to place his hands on his hips.

"You are very beautiful," Fin said, pulling the other man slightly closer. He wanted to pull Raiden flush against him but knew that he couldn't. Something about the man's body language said that it would end things quickly if he did that.

"Thank you," Raiden pulled back slightly, he needed to keep some space been them. He let his eyes focus on the man's chest, reaching out he placed his hands on Fin's arms, letting his eyes raise back up to look at the deep brown eyes.

"I really want to take you home," Fin couldn't help it; he wanted this man under him.

"That might be nice," Raiden smiled softly. "But I'm not sure that will be feasible."

"Damn," Fin grinned, he knew that one-night stands wouldn't be this man's deal. But he didn't want to lose touch with him either. "I want…"

"Just dance with me," Raiden allowed himself to be pulled closer to the other man. Closing his eyes, he let his arms wrap around Fin's neck and relaxed when he felt the man's mouth go to his neck.

"Raiden," Fin frowned when the man pulled back to look behind them.

"I have to go," Raiden pulled away, stopping when Fin grabbed his arm.

"I want to see you again," Fin stated, his eyes never leaving Raiden's blue eyes.

"Oh you will," Raiden shifted, moving Fin's hand off his arm. Turning he walked away, he knew it was the hardest thing he had ever done. But he also knew that Fin had no clue what he was and what part he was going to play in the whole scheme of things.

"Well?" Venn asked as soon as Raiden was back in.

"Its him," Raiden said as he pulled his jacket off. He made his way towards the main hall a frown marring his face. "But he had no clue who I was."

"And that's bad?" Venn asked as he reached out to take Raiden jacket.

"Yes," Raiden entered the main hall, he could see people look at him, on their faces were the look of hope and he wasn't sure what to say.


FIN!" Fin jumped at his name being yelled.

"What?" he looked around, his eyes landing on a member of his team. "Damn it Dale, what the hell?"

"I've been talking to you for like five minutes," Dale moved until he was sitting across from Fin's desk.

"Sorry," Fin shook his head as he leaned back. He tried to put the blond from his mind but he knew he wouldn't be able to. In the last two days, he had yet to forget about Raiden. Hell, after he had watched the delectable creature walk away he had gone looking for someone to spend the night with, only to find himself leaving the bar alone because he couldn't get the blond out of his mind.

"What is with you?" Dale asked.

"I met someone," Fin couldn't help the smile that came to his face.

"Oh?" Dale raised an eyebrow at him.

"His name is Raiden," Fin stated as he shifted, he saw that Dale was waiting for more information but Fin had no more to give.

"And?" Dale leaned until he could see Fin's computer screen.

"And nothing," Fin laughed at the look Dale was giving him.

"You have his name," Dale stated his eyes watching his friend.

"He doesn't live around here," Fin shook his head, leaning he picked up a pen to fiddle with. His eyes kept going back to Dale, a frown coming to his face. "And besides, it's not right to use resources to find people for that reason."

"Fin," Dale shook his head.

"Its fine," Fin stated softly, not telling Dale that he had looked and had found nothing. There was no place such as Lightning Isles and he couldn't find a Raiden that even closely matched the man he had met.

"Where'd ya meet him at?" Dale asked.

"The bar downtown," Fin shifted moving to go back to the paperwork he needed to finish. His team had pulled in a group of punk the night before and he was still sorting it all out.

"Maybe on your next night off, you should go back," Dale leaned to grab another pen to help with the paperwork. He saw Fin look up at him again, something in his teammates eyes said that that was exactly what Fin had planned to do.

"Or I could just put the guy out of my mind," Fin muttered, but he knew that that wouldn't happen. He also knew that he would continue to look for this man.

"Hey," Erik popped his head into the office, his eyes going between the two. "What are we doing with the reports about that dark shadow shit we've ran into?"

"Those are going to the captain," Fin said. He watched as Erik walked into the room, the man's eyes looking down at the sheet in his hand.

"They are getting more frequent," he looked between the other two.

"I know," Fin shook his head. "We don't know what it is or how to fight it, and so far the captain doesn't want to pull anyone else in. He thinks we can handle it."

"I don't think we can," Erik turned to go to his desk. "Where are Conner and Dirk due in?"

"They are in, they're out checking something out," Fin looked between the two.

"Fin," An officer popped his head in. "your guys called, they need the rest of you down on Fails Street."

"Okay." Fin pushed away from his desk. He saw the other two also stand to follow behind him, he knew they were gonna need to suit up.


Fin kept his eyes out as he and his team rested for a few. They could see the darkness a bit away, knowing that it was gearing up for another strike. They wouldn't have long to rest, and they were pretty sure that their guns were not going to be effective for that large amount. Hell, they had a hard enough time taking on the small ones. He heard noise behind him, but didn't take his eyes from the darkness.

"Hey," Raiden didn't look over at the man next to him. "Nasty buggers aren't they."

"You shouldn't be here, it's dangerous," Fin couldn't believe that standing next to him was the man he had been searching for.

"I can handle this kind of danger," Raiden took a second to glance over at Fin, a small almost sad smile on his face. He could feel the darkness, knew that it was coming for the five men standing with him.

"Raiden," Fin tried again, but saw the man shake his blond head.

"I got this," Raiden took a several steps forward.

Fin went to reach out; he needed to get this man away from the darkness before something happened. He heard what sounded almost like a laugh from the blond, before he glanced back at the others standing with him. He knew in a minute him and his men were going to have to protect the blond.

"Boss, we really don't need a civilian to protect," Conner stated softly his eyes also on the blond.

"No shit," Fin muttered shifting his assault rifle.

"This the guy you were looking for?" Dale asked seeing Fin nod.

"Raiden," Fin took a step forward, his intent to pull Raiden back and have one of his men take the man from the area.

"Boy, you guys sure have pissed them off," Raiden laughed again, reaching up he let his powers gather to pull two swords out of what seemed thin air. "Come get me! I dare you!"

"The fuck," Fin stopped dead, his eyes wide as Raiden took off at run. He watched as Raiden made short work of the dark that swarmed him.


Raiden moved, his sword breaking apart the dark. His foot hit the brick wall as he turned to bring his sword down, the dark that had followed him breaking apart under the electric blade. A smirk finding his face, as he knew he was decimating the dark. His eyes went back to the men, his mouth turning down when he saw a small amount of dark got past him and had hit one of Fin's men.

Dropping down, Raiden ran, his sword at ready. He met the man's pale brown eyes second before plunging his sword into his middle and pulling it upwards. He heard them both scream but knew this was the only way. Turning back, he saw that the dark had decided to band together to make a last ditch effort to take them all out at once.

Turning he got in front of the group with barely enough time to raise his swords. Crossing them, he braced himself against the blow that was coming. Raiden gritted his teeth as it hit, he knew that it was unlikely that it would get past him, since it was low level dark. He felt the pressure against his swords as the dark began to howl, knew they were trying to break past him, trying to destroy him.


Fin couldn't pull his eyes away from the vision in front of him, he could see that Raiden was straining to keep the dark back, but he also didn't know how he'd or his men would be able to help. Hell they were already one man down thanks to Raiden as it was. He heard the blonde's yell, just before Raiden managed to pull the swords apart, and with that lightening went through the dark ripping it apart.

Fin watched a full body shudder go through Raiden's body, just before he turned back to them. Fin couldn't stop the instinct that had him bringing his gun up to point it at Raiden, only to realize the man was no longer holding the swords and had his hands out slightly the palms towards him.

"I pose no threat to you or your men," Raiden said moving towards them. He could see that the men were weary of him.

"Where the fuck did the swords go?" Fin hissed not lowering the rifle.

"Back to where they always are when not needed," Raiden stopped his eyes going to the gun that pointed at his chest. "Is that really necessary?"

"You killed one of my men, so ya," Fin clenched his teeth together when Raiden smiled, the man nodding his head towards the man on the ground.

"Check again, Fin, your man is fine," Raiden made sure to keep his eyes on Fin.

"Conner, check Dale," Fin kept his eyes on the blond. He knew that by what he saw that Dale should be ripped open from the center of his chest to the top of his head.

"He's fine," Conner said.

"Fuck me!" Dale hissed out, his eyes going from Fin to Raiden and back again.

"I saw you slice him open," Fin let his rifle drop, reaching out he grabbed Raiden's wrist pulling the man forward. He heard the grunt as Raiden hit the hood of the car behind them, pinning him down; Fin cuffed his wrist together as he leaned forward. "I will get to the bottom of this!"

Pulling back, Fin moved to look over at Dale to see that while the man was pale he didn't look hurt. He saw the four men staring at where Raiden was still pressed against the hood of the car. Fin didn't like it, he didn't have a clue as to what the hell was going on and it was pissing him off the more they stood there.

"Fin," Raiden started.

"Shut up," Fin reached out, grabbing the back of the blonde's neck to press down. "Explain yourself right now!"

"Ah… but you told me to shut up," Raiden couldn't keep the amusement out of his voice.

"I swear, you are going to spend the night in lockup if you don't start explaining!" Fin hissed leaning over Raiden so he could look into the man's eyes.

"I can do that," Raiden didn't back down. He was glad when Fin backed off and pulled him up from the hood of the car. "The dark take out those that are strong, it tries to possess those that it thinks is vulnerable."

"What does that have to do with you?" Fin took a step towards him, only to see Raiden take a step back.

"I can fight the dark, it comes after you and your men because you're important," Raiden let his eyes scan the five men. "Without you, my world would be one step closer to being destroyed."

"That bullshit," Conner hissed as he stood next to Fin.

"Who in the fuck are you? I can't find you in any data base," Fin asked his eyes narrowing at the smile that came to Raiden's mouth.

"Who are you Fin?" Raiden took another step back when Fin took another step towards him. "Why these four men? Why this branch of the police?"

"You don't get to ask questions," Fin went to raise his gun again. This man infuriated him, one minute he wanted to shake him the next he wanted him pinned under him. "We are taking you in, see how you feel in the morning."

"Nope," Raiden shook his head with a small laugh. "But don't worry Fin, you'll see me again and soon."

"What the…" Fin trailed off as Raiden took another two steps back and the man tripped. He honestly didn't think Raiden would try to run and smirked as he realized that the chase was over before it began. His smirk disappeared as he watched as Raiden fell into a hole that hadn't been there seconds before and was gone as soon as he was in it.

"Okay I'm done," Conner hissed as the five of them stared where Raiden had just been. "What the hell just happened?"

"Where the fuck did he go?" Dirk walked over to where they had seen the hole open. He tapped his booted foot against the asphalt, after a second he backed up to look at Fin again.


Raiden grunted as he hit the ground, rolling to his side he took a deep breath. He hated falling into the portals opposed to walking into them. Struggling back to his feet he moved towards the main room, hoping one of his helpers was there. "Perun."

"Raiden, you're back," the young man turned to him, his eyebrow rising at the state he was in. "what happened?"

"They weren't ready to listen and I need you to get the cuffs off," Raiden turned his back to the other man.

"Really?" Perun shook his head; he made short work of the cuffs.

"Thanks," Raiden rubbed his wrist as he moved towards his study. He wasn't sure what his next course of action would be. He knew that he needed Fin and his men here, he needed Fin so he could find a dragon and bring the hope back to his people.

"Trouble?" Venn inquired as Raiden entered the study.

"Yeah," Raiden went to his desk, he was still rubbing his wrist. "They aren't ready to listen, and I don't know what to do or say to make them ready."

"Maybe he's not the one you seek." Venn moved to drop into the chair across from Raiden, the man's pale blue eyes watching him.

"He is the one I seek, the dark is after him and his men," Raiden sighed as he sat back. He was tired and was at a loss of what to do next.

"Raiden," Venn leaned forward his eyes on the young man. "You need him here on his own free will, as well as his men's."

"I know Venn," Raiden moved to drop his head into this hands. "That my problem, I don't know how to convince them and it scares me."

"He might not be the one," Venn said quietly.

"He has to be," Raiden didn't lift his head. "It's the first time I've ever felt it, everything draws me to this man, he screams in my head."


Raiden looked up at the police station, it had taken him two days to figure out what his next step would be. With a deep breath Raiden made his way in and up to the front desk, he smiled at the man behind the desk. "I need to see Fin Auburn, please."

"Sure," the man grinned as he picked up his phone and dialed a number. "Blond to see you."

Putting the phone down, Raiden saw the man look at him again with a grin as something banged in the back causing Raiden to jump slightly.

"Good luck."

"Fin," Raiden took a step back as the man reached out to grab him.

"Shut up," Fin hissed pulling him behind. Raiden kept his mouth shut as he was pulled through the building and into a room, he jumped slightly again as the door was slammed behind them. Raiden smiled weakly at the four men in front of him. "Now, you may explain."

Raiden looked as Fin walked around him, the man moving to join the other four men in the room. He let out a small weak laugh as he took a step back.

"Do not pull the same disappearing act, Raiden, I mean it," Fin's voice was hard.

"Okay," Raiden held his hands out. "As you guys must have realized I am not from your realm."

"Our realm?" Fin raised an eyebrow at him.

"Have you been able to find Lightning Isles?" Raiden asked seeing Fin shake his head no. "of course not, because its not in this world."

"You're not making sense Raiden," Fin shook his head as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"I come from a parallel world," Raiden took a step; he moved to pull something from his pocket, pausing when the men stood. "I just have something to show you, its not dangerous."

"Do it slowly," Fin stated. Raiden nodded, slowly moving to pull out the sphere from his pocket.

"About fifty-five years ago, a evil sorceress invaded us," Raiden started. "We have no clue where she came from or how she got to our realm. But she is slowly filling our world with dark and once she does that she will move on to the next and fill it with dark."

"That's a little far fetched." Conner stated his eyes going from Fin to Raiden.

"Yeah it is," Fin watched the blond.

"That's why I have this," Raiden held up the sphere, and with a nod of his head he throw it at the table. With a bang it bounced and seemed to have shattered. Suddenly the room was filled with what seemed like a portal to another world. Raiden watched as the five men moved around the table, staring at the image. He now knew that he had made the right decision to bring the sphere. "That is Lightning Isles."

"Wow," Fin couldn't help it the place was beautiful.

"Right," Raiden stepped up next to Fin. "but if you look out there, see the dark."

Raiden pointed to a spot where the dark had taken the beauty away. He shifted to move the image to another place so they could see the damage done. He let his eyes touched on each of the men in the room, knowing that he had to make sure they understood and believed him.

"Keep explaining, Raiden," Fin said softly next to him.

"After this woman and her dark invade, bad things started to happen, our world was united we got along," Raiden took a deep breath. "We were protected."

"But?" Conner looked up, his eyes on the blond.

"She broke us, she took our protection away," Raiden waved his hand making the image change again.

"Raiden," Fin frowned.

"Fifteen years ago, my parents were killed along with the dragon that protected us," Raiden's voice was very soft. "It happened to all the areas. Each one of the ruling couples was killed along with the dragons."

"And what does that have to do with me and my men?" Fin let his eyes focus on Raiden.

"I am a seeker and you are my guide," Raiden met Fin's deep brown eyes. "Without you, I will not be able to find a dragon, I will not be able to protect my people and hopefully defeat this woman."

"And my men?" Fin wanted to know.

"They are the counterparts to mine," Raiden stated.

"Were your parent's men killed too?" Fin moved to stand closer to smaller man.

"My parent's men died also," Raiden waved his hand again, they watched as the images changed again.

"There is more to it then this," Fin looked down at him.

"You are my mate," Raiden's voice was so quiet he was pretty sure only Fin heard him.

"Are my men mates to yours?" Fin let his voice drop as he took another step closer to Raiden. He saw the blond nod as Raiden dropped his eyes. "And if I decide I don't want to be your mate?"

"You are my last hope, Fin," Raiden looked back up. "Without you and your help, there will be no dragon and my kingdom will fall to the dark."

"Maybe we should leave you to the dark," Fin watched as Raiden nodded, the man looking closer to a boy then man at the moment.

"If that is your wish," Raiden felt his heart break. He wasn't sure he was going to be able to pull in a breath without sobbing.


Fin couldn't look away from Raiden's eyes and the devastation he could see in them. Reaching up, he cupped the blonde's cheek as he kept staring into his eyes. He wanted so much to gather Raiden into his arms and to chase the man's nightmare away.

"That is not my wish," Fin whispered. "But I can not decide for my men."

"It has to be all five of you," Raiden felt the first tear slip from his eye. Fin let his thumb run over Raiden's bottom lip seeing those eyes drop from his.

"I will talk to my men," Fin saw Raiden nod. "Give me twenty-four hours."

"I can do that," Raiden said stepping back.

"Good," Fin smiled at him.

"I will be at the Enders park, you can meet me there if you decide to help," Raiden reached up to wipe the tears away.

"And if we decide to not help?" Fin didn't want to lose this man.

"Then this is goodbye, Fin," Raiden smile sadly, reaching put he pulled the sphere back into hand. With one last look at the five men, he waved his hand and walked through portal.

"He needs our help," Fin said watching his men.

"Okay?" Conner dropped down into a chair at the table. He knew that Fin hadn't noticed but the images had changed with Raiden's moods.

"What did he mean when he said we are the counterparts to his men?" Erik watched as Fin and the other also came to sit.

"He said they are your mates," Fin ran his hand over his face. "I asked him to give us twenty-four hours to think it over."

"Is Raiden your mate then?" Conner asked.

"Yes," Fin shook his head not sure what to say.

"And this dragon?" Dirk looked at his leader and boss. Fin shrugged not sure what to say about the dragon, hell he had no clue as to how he was to be a guide to Raiden to find a dragon. He let his eyes scan over his men again, each one he had hand picked. Each one he was drawn to, not sexually but other ways. It felt right going into dangerous and bad situations with these men at his side.

"Fin?" Conner inquired softly.

"It's all of us or none of us, and if we don't help, Raiden's entire kingdom will fall to the dark and most likely be destroyed." Fin said softly. He looked up again at his men; he could see surprise on their faces as they went over what he had just said. "I have nothing here, just my job, but no family."

"I don't think any of us have family, Fin," Dale said softly.

Fin nodded again, a frown coming to his face. He now wished that he hadn't let Raiden go, although he knew the man was giving them time to decide.