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Fire and Lightning

Chapter two


Fin glanced over at the other four men as they made their way into the park. He sighed in relief as they showed, even though they all had agreed to go the night before. Nodding, they stopped not to far into the park each of them scanning to see if they could find Raiden. Fin shook his head, he didn't see Raiden, but he did see a man standing by two statues that he couldn't recall seeing before.

"This way," Fin nodded towards the man. He saw a smile cross the man's face as they approached.

"Well, if it isn't the saviors," the man's smile didn't fade. "I'm Venn."

"Where is Raiden?" Fin asked, knowing his men stayed back slightly.

"Oh don't worry he's close," Venn nodded slightly, the man not moving from where he was standing. "What is it exactly you think you're going to be able to do?"

"Help Raiden save his people," Fin's mouth turned down, he didn't like this person. Something about Venn bothered him and he couldn't put his finger on it.

"Sorry, but that's not going to happen," Venn let his smile fade slightly.

"Where is Raiden?" Fin wanted to know; he no longer wanted to deal with this person.

"Oh sorry, he's a bit tied up," Venn grinned again, his smile fading slightly as Fin took a step forward, the man's anger rising. "Oh fine."

With that said Venn pulled, another smile coming to his face as Fin saw the chain he was holding. His eyes widening as he realized that behind the man was a portal and Raiden came stumbling out. The smaller man hit his knees a cry escaping him; he looked up in time to see Fin heading towards him.

"Fin no!" Raiden shook his head. "The chain is dangerous, don't touch me."

"It is," Venn laughed. "Sucking the power out of him as we speak."

"What the hell?" Conner hissed coming forward.

"You see, my mistress doesn't want you five on our side of the portal," Venn stated softly. "So I'm going to have to kill you all."

"Venn you have to fight," Raiden hissed out as he leaned forward slightly.

"Oh kiddo, there is nothing to fight," Venn moved until he could kneel down in front of Raiden. "The dark's been inside me for years."

Fin watched as Raiden leaned even more forward until it seems as if the man had his head against the ground. He could hear what sounded like a sob from him. He took another step toward Raiden again, only to stop when Venn swung around to point a handgun at him.

"One more step and I'll blow your brains out," Venn hissed.

"Venn!" Raiden hissed. "Do you know why your chain hasn't drained me completely yet?"

"Because you're a stubborn bastard?" Venn pulled back to keep Fin and his men in his line of vision.

"That and what did my Motina always call me?" Raiden shifted to pull himself back up, his eyes nearly white. "Motina always called me a typhoon."

"No you're not!" Venn hissed pulling away from Raiden.

"My tėvai were thunder and lightning, when they came together they created the most destructive storm, Venn!" Raiden hissed.

"Well right now you're a caged storm," Venn laughed as he yanked on the chain.

"Raiden," Fin couldn't stop as Raiden jerked again. He wanted to go over and rescue him; he wanted to beat the crap out of Venn.

"Fin," Raiden hissed his eyes going to the bigger man.

Fin nodded, not sure why he knew he had to trust Raiden.

"I'm not caged," Raiden looked up. "Now!"

Fin's eyes widened as one of the statues moved, it reached down to grab the chain that was wrapped around Raiden's chest and arms. Raiden yelled, and Fin wanted to again rush to the man's side, but Venn was still pointing the gun at them. He stopped when he heard the chain break, watching as Raiden hit his knees.

"Well that's a neat trick," Venn took several steps back as he made sure to keep Raiden in his line of sight.

"What ever made you think they wouldn't protect me?" Raiden pulled himself to his feet, while he wasn't the most steady he was at least up.

"They've always listened to me," Venn frowned.

"Because you've had authority from me," Raiden nodded to the statue that was still holding the chain. "Drop it."

"What's your plan now, kiddo?" Venn asked shifting the gun to point it back at Fin. "I kill him and you're still screwed, you will have no guide."

"You are not going to kill any of us," Raiden took a step and leaning he picked up the chain; he could see Venn eyes were wide. He let his powers flow out of him and into the chain; he could see the lightning bounce up and down the chain links.

"Don't you dare," Venn hissed as he swung the gun towards Raiden, but the blond swung the chain. It wrapped around Venn giving the man a pretty good shock making him drop the gun as he fell to his knees.

"Oh I dare," Raiden moved to drop down in front of him, his eyes on Venn. "You should have known better than to interfere with my ability to protect my people."

"Raiden are you okay?" Fin came closer, he wanted to reach out and touch the blond but he didn't dare.

"Yeah," Raiden glanced over at Fin and his men. He then turned his eyes back to Fin, a small smile coming to his face. "I wasn't sure you guys were going to show."

"Yeah were here," Fin looked up at the portal and the statues. "Why this? Couldn't you just come to us and bring us through?"

"I could have, but this is safer when bring more than one person through," Raiden shrugged slightly. "It also gives me the chance to keep an eye out for anyone dangerous."

"Like me," Venn ginned with a small laugh.

"Take him," Raiden indicated to the statue that was standing closest to Venn. He watching as the statue picked Venn up by the chain, Raiden then turned back to the other men. "Alright, one at a time through the portal."

"Conner you're first," Fin saw his teammate step up.

"It's safe?" Conner sounded slightly worried.


"Of course it's safe," Raiden frowned at the man. "You've seen me use one more than once."

"And the first time freaked the hell out of us," Conner muttered as he took a step closer to the portal. "What's on the other side?"

"A hallway in my house," Raiden looked back at Fin a frown marring the blonde's face.

"Cool, okay," Conner nodded one last time before he stepped through the portal. Fin glanced back at the others, watching as they came forward and also crossed into the portal.

"Fin you're next," Raiden said seeing the man nod. "I'll be right behind you."

"Okay," Fin walked into the portal.

"I will not let Her win," Raiden said to Venn just before walking into the portal, the two statues followed behind. One shrunk down while the one holding Venn stayed as it was. "Leucetius!"

"Master?" a man appeared his eyes going from Raiden, the five men then to Venn.

"Escort Venn to the holding," Raiden stated, he could see Leucetius nod slowly. "He is corrupted with dark, make sure the room is adequate to hold him."

"Yes master," Leucetius moved to allow the statue to continue to carry Venn towards another hallway.

"Raiden!" Perun skidded to a stop relief on his face. "The shields are down to forty-two percent!"

"What? I just checked them before I left and they were at ninety-eight." Raiden bolted, although he didn't miss the look on Conner's face as Perun appeared. "Where are the rest of you?"

"Already in the courtyard." Perun ran beside Raiden, he knew that they needed him in order to get the shields back up to where they needed to be. "And dark was located not far from here moving this way."

"Okay," Raiden slowed slightly. "Paylag, find rooms for the new arrivals."

"No," Fin hissed not sure what was happening but could see panic on Raiden and the other man's face. Banging through a door, Fin came to a stop to pull in a deep breath.

Raiden turned; he needed to make sure Fin and his men stayed safe while he fixed this problem. His breathing stopped as he took in Fin and his men, his heart sinking at what he saw. He also noted that Fin's men gravitated towards his men. "Fin, stay here, I need to fix this and then I'll explain."

"Raiden, I want to help." Fin came towards him; he had seen the look of despair that had come to the blonde's eyes when he had turned.

"You can't," Raiden turned away and with a wave of his hand he walked through another portal, as did the other four of his men.


Fin clenched his teeth, as he let his eyes scan what he figure was a courtyard. He looked over at a man that was standing not to far from him nervously watching him. "You're Paylag?"

"Yes sir," the man bowed slightly as he came closer.

"Where did Raiden go?" Fin inquired.

"To the shields generator," Paylag glanced at the five men. "They are all at their post, Master Raiden is at the main one and each of the others is at another one."

"We need to go there," Fin saw the man's eyes widen as he seemingly was going to shake his head no. "Yes."

"But sir," Paylag tried again only to stop at the look on the five men's faces. He nodded; he shifted slightly to wave over other people. "We can only open one portal at a time, I need help."

"Fine, just get me to Raiden." Fin saw the man nod, just before him and four others opened portals. Each of Fin and his men went into one.

Fin walked into a scene of chaos, Raiden was standing by what looked almost like a small ball of ice, and the man had his hands laid over it. He saw almost everyone stop as he came through; their eyes wide as they looked at him and he could almost swear there was some fear.

"Raiden you have to stop," a man said standing next to the blond.

"What is the percent?" Raiden hissed sounding like he was in pain.

"We are up to sixty percent," another answered.

"We need to at least hit eighty-five before the dark hits," Raiden said and Fin knew the man was in pain and realized that Raiden was using his powers. He looked out over the room, seeing that several tubes went around the room and looked like there was lightning inside.

"Seventy percent," one called out.

"Raiden," the man said again.

"We have to bring it up, Ben," Raiden gritted his teeth.

"You don't have enough power, Raiden, you're gonna drain yourself too much," Ben looked up as Fin came closer, his eyes widening.

Fin realized that Raiden had no clue he was there, he also knew by the looks of Ben that it shouldn't be that painful for Raiden to be doing what he was doing. Without much thought Fin wrapped his arms around Raiden and laid his hands over the blonde's. Closing his eyes he dug deep for whatever could help Raiden and the shields. Seconds later he felt a buzz go through him, almost as if he touched a live wire.

"We're at one hundred," Fin heard and opened his eyes, they widened as he saw what looked to be fire now running along with the lightning. Pulling back, he caught Raiden as the man slipped towards the ground, he could see that Raiden was passed out.

"Shit," Fin dropped to his knees to hold Raiden close.

"It's fine," Ben said softly as Fin looked up at him. "His power was low, and it knocked him out, he needs to sleep a bit and he'll be fine."

"Okay, good," Fin stood picking Raiden up and looked to Ben to help him get back to Raiden's house.


Raiden groaned as he rolled slightly, pushing his head into his pillow; he clinched his eyes tighter trying not to think about what had happened. He wanted to cry and curse and break things, but he knew he couldn't, he knew he had to face what had happened and what was going to happen.

"I'm going to assume you are awake?" Fin asked from the bedside.

Raiden sat up his eyes going to Fin. "what is your real name?"

"Excuse me?" Fin asked frowning.

"What is Fin short for?" Raiden swung his legs over the side of the bed.

"Fintan," Fin stated not sure what the reason for it was.

"I'm sorry Fintan, but you are not meant to be with me," Raiden felt tears come to his eyes but wasn't going to let them fall.

"What the fuck?" Fin stood, moving so he was looming over the smaller man. "Explain that one to me?"

"You are fire," Raiden reached up, but didn't touch the other man. "I am lightning, you are not my guide."

"Bullshit," Fin leaned closer seeing Raiden fall back against the bed. "You dragged me here, you told me you needed me and my men and now you want to tell me that I'm not meant to be with you?"

"I will explain," Raiden pushed at his shoulder, trying to get the man to back off slightly. "Just please back up."

"Fine," Fin hissed throwing himself back into the chair he had been sitting in.

"Your tėvai and theirs," Raiden shifted leaning slightly. "Must have blocked it, I knew you were a guide, knew that you were like me. But I didn't know you were fire, I figured you were lightning like me."

"And that means?" Fin wanted to know.

"There are no blue fire dragon, Fin, there is no way for us to find a dragon," Raiden's voice dropped low.

"Yes there is," Shant said from the doorway.

"It's a legend Shant," Raiden moved off the bed. "Are the others in my study?"

"Yes," Shant replied his eyes going to Fin before moving back to Raiden.

"Come, it will be easier to explain all at once," Raiden walked out of the room, he knew the other two would follow behind him.

Raiden entered the study, his eyes going to the men standing around. With a nod he watched as his four moved to the left side of the table and with nod he sent Fin's to the right. "I assume you eight are already familiar with each other?"

"Yes," Perun nodded.

"All right. Fin, these are my men, Perun, Shant, Taranis, and Molan." Raiden watched as Fin nodded, the man standing at the other end of the table. "As much as my mistake pains me, it will not be made in vain."

"What mistake?" Conner looked between the two before his eyes went to Perun. He knew something was up; the man had looked sad when Conner had come through the portal.

"You five are not compatible with us," Raiden's voice broke slightly.

"Raiden," Shant started again. "I am telling you, it's not a legend and there are still blue fire dragon out there."

"Shant, no one has seen a blue fire dragon is over two hundred years," Raiden started looking at his men closer. He could already tell they were taken with these men. "I'm sorry."

"Your sorry?" Fin leaned to touch his hands to the table.

"I will find your mate, Fin, I promise," Raiden shifted back, his eyes sad as he looked over at the men at the table.

"Look at these men, Raiden," Fin let his eyes meet Raiden's again. "They're are using everything they have not to touch each other, they are fighting not to drag each other off."

"Fin," Raiden sighed as he moved to drop down into one of the chairs.

"No," Fin pulled up his intent to go to Raiden, but he stopped at the next words that had him stopping.

"They will heal and find their true mates," Raiden watched as eight men stood.

"He is mine!" Perun hissed glaring at Raiden. "I will not give up just because you are."

"Perun," Raiden let the first tear fall as he looked at everyone. He just couldn't keep doing this; everything in him was breaking apart. "Our powers are not compatible with theirs."

"Really?" Perun glared at Raiden before he turned away to walk over to the window to pull the curtain back. "Take a good look Raiden, Fin helped you with the shield, it was him who helped you keep your power and not draining it completely."

Raiden bolted out of the chair, his eyes going to the sky above them. He could see fire race across the shield as it chased the lightning. "Oh God."

"You were nearly out of power when you came back," Perun looked at the shorter man. "You would have never gotten the shield back up to where it needed to be, no matter how stubborn you are."

"Okay," Raiden took a deep breath. "I will find his seeker and I will let you guys go with him and his men."

"You are my seeker," Fin leaned against the table.

"It's impossible to find this dragon, Fin," Raiden moved back to the table. "You guys can go."

Fin watched as Raiden's four got up and left; and with a nod sent his men also. He then turned his attention back to Raiden, seeing the man was staring at the tabletop. "Explain to me what happens to you if I find another mate."

"Not another mate, your true mate," Raiden got up to move to his desk. "And don't worry about me."

"Raiden," Fin crossed the room to drop down into a chair across from the desk.

"I will continue to seek a mate," Raiden leaned back to watch him. "I will also seek another four men, since mine will be going with you."

"How long will it take you?" Fin clenched his teeth as jealousy ripped across him.

"I am twenty-three, Fin, and you are the only guide I have ever found," Raiden saw him look at him with a steady gaze. "I started when my tėvai were killed looking for four that were compatible with me, I just managed to find Taranis this last year. And I was very excited because once I did, I could feel you."


Fin saw Conner and Perun look up as he entered the room. In the two days they had been there he hadn't seen much of Raiden, after the argument, Raiden had busied himself with stuff leaving Fin to his own devices. "Hey."

"Fin," Conner said as Fin crossed the room to sit down.

"You look worried, Perun," Fin watched as the man nodded.

"I am worried about Raiden," Perun started. "It took him fifteen years to find us and now he's talking about starting over."

"I'm not sure what to say to him to convince him that I am his mate," Fin had tried, had spent nearly two hours arguing with Raiden about it.

"He's scared," Perun said. Fin nodded, he knew that because he could see fear in the other man's eyes whenever he did see Raiden. "And I have no idea how to convince him to give it a try, to search for this dragon."

"Me either," Fin looked at Conner not missing that he was holding Perun's hand and had to smile.

"And so you know," Perun's voice brought him back to the other man. "Him telling us that we can go with you guys nearly broke him and it still might."

"What?" Fin and Conner asked at the same time.

"We have bonded with him, our powers help him," Perun looked between the two men. "While us four are not as strong as Raiden, we help him with things like the shield and when we have to fight the high level dark."

"So with you guys leaving, the shield will come down?" Fin wanted to know.

"No, but to keep it up Raiden will have to nearly drain himself daily for it," Perun sighed moving to pull a book towards him. "It's always been that way, for a long time it was just two sets of men. It kept the power balanced and all that. But when this sorceress invaded we took the max that made five pairs of two. When the shields were built, they placed the main power source in the middle of the territory and four more each at the edge of that territory."

"Why would he give you up then?" Fin inquired.

"Because he wouldn't separate mates," Perun said softly seeing the anger that came to Fin's eyes.

"But he's separating us," Fin hissed.

"He's afraid Fin," Perun reached out to gently touch the man's arm. "He's afraid that you will never be able to find a blue fire dragon."

"I'd like a chance," Fin muttered turning when he heard the door open.

"Fin," Raiden let his eyes scan the three men. "Can I see you in my study?"

"Sure," Fin nodded to Conner and Perun as he got up and followed after Raiden. He could see the man looked tired and had dark circles under his eyes.

"Have a seat," Raiden moved around his desk to sit down.

"What is this about?" Fin asked watching the blond.

"I'm contacting the fire territory," Raiden shifted to a device that Fin hadn't known what it was for.

"Why?" Fin asked.

"Because Aden is looking for his mate," Raiden whispered, he turned when the screen behind him light up.

"Well hello, little lightning bug," the man laughed before his eyes swung to Fin a grin finding his face as he looked back at Raiden. "Playing with fire now are we?"

"No," Raiden let a small smile find his face. "Since he's fire, I figured he might be your mate."

"Sorry but no," Aden laughed as he looked between the two. "How did you come by a fire element, Raiden?"

"While looking for my mate, I felt him and his men," Raiden said softly.

"And? It sounds like you found your mate," Aden frowned; he looked between the two, as Raiden didn't answer. "Raiden?"

"There hasn't been a blue fire dragon is over two hundred years, Aden, he is not my mate," Raiden's voice broke half way though the statement.

"Oh," Aden looked between the two again. "You could try earth."

"I got a message from him that he and his mate are out seeking a dragon," Raiden said softly.

"You could try one of the lesser elements," Aden's face turned serious.

"Or he could just admit that he's my mate and try to find this dragon," Fin said. He saw the man on the screen nod.

"Raiden," Aden brought the blonde's attention back to him. "When you said you felt him, what do you mean?"

"I knew he was an element," Raiden dropped his eyes, finding something interesting on his pants leg.

"Raiden," Aden's voice dropped low.

"Fine, he screams in my head, all of the time," Raiden hissed glaring up at the other fire element.

"Where is Venn, he should be explaining this to you," Aden let his eyes scan what he could see of the room again.

"Venn was taken over by dark, apparently years ago," Raiden sighed. "He is in lockup right now."

"Oh little lightning bug," Aden whispered. "You have what you need, the next step is yours."

With that the screen went black, before something else appeared on it and Fin stared at what was on it for a few second before he looked at Raiden as the man turned back towards him. "What is that?"

"What?" Raiden asked seeing Fin nod towards the screen, looking back a small sad smile came to his face. "That is my family's crest, why?"

"You still believe that I am not your mate?" Fin grinned as he leaned forward, he saw Raiden nod at him the man's blue eyes wide. Reaching up he pulled the wristband he always wore off and held his wrist out to Raiden. "Then explain this?"

Raiden stared, his eyes widened even more as he saw his family's crest scared into Fin's wrist. "How?"

"No clue, always been there," Fine sat back moving to cross his arms over his chest. "My father never knew how it got there either. At least he never told me when I asked about it."


Raiden felt fear again; if Fin possessed this mark then it was most likely that Fin was his mate. The only problem was that there was no way to find this dragon. He knew that, hell most everyone that lived on the planet knew that. It was also talk among them, that one day the dragon would rise up and everything would be returned to how it was suppose to be. He also knew that the person to find said dragon was not him; he wasn't strong enough.

"All right," Raiden started quietly he held up his hand when Fin smiled. "We will go seek this dragon after you and your men have trained somewhat."

"And you will be my mate," Fin couldn't stop the grin.

"If and only if we find the dragon will I be your mate," Raiden watched as the smile faded from Fin's face. "If we can't find the dragon, we can still find a lesser element you are compatible with Fin."

"I don't want anyone else," Fin leaned forwards his eyes glaring at Raiden.

"You're too important to waste Fin, if you and I can not find a dragon at least find it with someone else," Raiden pleaded.

"So once we find the dragon, you are mine?" Fin asked seeing Raiden nod. "Fine, then lets start training."

"We have to talk to the men first," Raiden stood, moving around his desk he stopped as Fin was suddenly standing in front of him. He looked up as Fin cupped his cheek, the man's deep russet eyes watching him.

"Thank you," Fin wanted to kiss him, but he dropped his head with a nod. Raiden pulled away moving to the door to call out, he talked to someone for a few seconds before returning to the room and his chair. It was only a few minutes later when the other eight men joined them.

Raiden watched as in pairs the men sat down.

"We are going to train, then Fin and myself along with Conner and Perun will go seek the blue fire dragon," Raiden watched as smile crossed all the men's faces.

"Finally you've come to your senses," Perun said as Conner wrapped an arm around the man's shoulders. Raiden couldn't share in their joy; he knew things wouldn't turn out well. But with the small amount of hope these men had he didn't say anything about his fears.


Raiden looked out over the nine men standing in his courtyard, a tired smile coming to his face as he moved towards his men. They had to postpone training for another two days because Raiden had needed more rest to be able to show them what needed to be done.

"All right," Raiden stood just in front of his men, his back to them as he looked at Fin and his men. "Fin is like me, he is a high element, the rest of you are conduits."

"Which means what?" Fin frowned, his eyes widened slightly as Raiden raised up his hand to show his power. Lightning danced along his fingers and hand and raising his other hand he allowed the power to gather between them

"Inside you is fire, Fin," Raiden grinned slightly at their astounded faces. "While Perun and the rest have low level powers, they can not generate what I can."

Raiden shifted tossing the ball of energy towards Perun, watching as the young man caught it. He also watched as the four pulled it out between them feeling proud at how far they had come.

"They can store energy from me, I can give them energy if they get low," Raiden smiled again as he turned back to Fin and the other four. "I can also boost them so that if attacked we can deal a bigger blow than I could by myself."

"And we are to learn how to do that?" Fin raised en eyebrow at Raiden. Seeing the man nod, Fin looked down at his own hand but not seeing anything he looked back up.

"You can do it, Fin, you've already proven that," Raiden stated seeing Fin look confused. "At the shields, you used your powers, so whatever you did there you need to do again."

"When I was there all I wanted to do was lessen your pain and help," Fin confessed softly.

"So what you did then," Raiden encouraged.

"Then I'd have to touch you," Fin grinned watching, as Raiden shook his head no.

"Fin," Raiden sighed.

"Fine," Fin took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He looked deep in himself trying to find that point that he had found when helping Raiden. Feeling a sudden warming he opened his eyes, seeing that Raiden was smiling as the man nodded towards his hands. "Holy shit."

"Yeah," Raiden grinned as he watched Fin bring up his hand that was on fire.

"Now what?" Fin asked concerned slightly. His hand was on fire and he wasn't sure how the hell he was going to put it out.

"Don't panic Fin, remember you control it," Raiden took a step closer to the man to reach out to grab his hand. He watched as the fire moved and smiled. "See you were afraid it would hurt me and you adjusted so it wouldn't."