I sighed as we scouted the zikorc (orc) territories. I'm a daughter of the creator a mary sue I guess you could say. Along with my other cloned sisters. Our Shadow Leaf centurion scanned the area. I'm just the auxillary my other sister Rage Leaf is the triarii. From what I heard triarii are picked from only the bravest and perfect Rage Leaves. She looked no nonsense too. Then you had another Malice Leaf the Aquila proudly holding the bull and wolf banner. Our centurian cursed as we spotted a small zikorc band.

She ordered me to raise my javelins. I nodded crouching down they looked like a green band. I threw the first javelin felling one. "For our father's world and his glory" Shadow Leaf shouted. I threw another javelin felling one more. Rage Leaf smashed her sheild into the face of a large zikorc. Another edge our elder sisters the Shadow Leaves have is magic. She fought with both a pilum and casted frost spells. The aquilian Malice Leaf held the standard proudly in one hand. Then fought with a pilum in the other.

These orcs gave our father nightmares. Our legion was sent to show the scum what happens when you mess with father. Routed the zikorc's ran we sat down amongst the bodies. Rage Leaves are quiet so she just stared at the green fields. My kind on the hand are super social and hyper. "Can you believe we showed those bullies whos boss" the aquilan Malice Leaf said.

Shadow Leaves though smart are very haughty and our centurion was no different. "These brutes are no match for us" she said. She started laughing we all looked at her in confusion. "Great zikorc blood on my armor" she said disgusted. There was a long pause then we all started laughing. Though Rage Leaf sounded more like a grunt then a laugh. We took the coins from pouches and made the march back to our encampment. Father is certain getting avenged this day.

Thanks for reading these are my fiction daughters/OC's!