Hello, this is my first attempt at horror. It likely won't be amazing or even that good of a read, but I appreciate you reading it. Thank you.


I was riding my bike home as I usually do, it was twelve in the morning, work was later than usual. The streets were empty, except for a few cats and dogs. My street is dark, lots of big old trees surround the street, one might think its a forest at first. There are few lights on illuminating the darkness at this time of night for obvious reasons. This makes for quite a dark, intimidating street to ride down. To make things worse my bike light struggles to stay on. As I road down my street I looked around with a nervous feeling of someone watching me. I shined the light into the trees, around the neighborhood, looking for anything out of place.

So far everything looked normal, I felt bit calmer as I continued riding down the street. Without warning I saw a pair of large yellow cat eyes, too large to be of a house cat, or even a bob cat, which are a rare sight in the city but are seen from time to time.

I shined the light at them but my bike light began spazzing out and wouldn't turn on. Its pupils dilated and a large smile appeared on its face. Bright shining teeth sharper than any I've ever seen appeared before me. White but crooked, so awfully crooked. Then it leapt from the trees down to the streets, its legs were in the trees, if it had any at all. Long slender claws kept it just a foot above my head as it stared down at me. I still find it just as horrifying as I had that night.

Its eyes studied me, it was long and black, blacker than the darkness even. I was able to see its body clear as day, even though I could hardly see my hand due to the darkness. Its smile widened and its pupils dilated even more, to the point where I was unable to see its yellow irises any longer.

Its mouth opened to an abnormal width. Utter blackness was inside its mouth, I was unable to move from sheer fear. Although I tried to move, tried to run, or scream or something! For the life I was unable to move though. I can't remember thinking anything, I was too focused on the horrifying sight of it.

It turned to the left, a car zoomed down the road, a look of fear struck its face. I can only assume it was the lights on the car that had frightened it so. It let out the most blood curdling screech before zipping into the trees, if I had blinked I'd have missed it.

The car zipped by me, honking its horn. I don't think he even saw it, maybe its all in my head. Or maybe it evaded before anyone else saw it. It took a second for me to get control again, as soon as I did I dashed off faster than I ever knew I could go. I was home in a few minutes, I leapt off my bike, leaving it in my front yard, not caring if someone stole it or not.

"Did you ever see this creature since then?"

"No, not in reality... But..."

"But what?" Asked the psychiatrist in a quizzical manner.

"It comes to me... In my dreams..."

"Your dreams? Is it in the exact area you first met it in?"

"Yes... It speaks to me..."

The psychiatrist nodded as he jotted it down. "Okay, and what does it say to you?"

"Lots of things... terrible things..."

"And these things are what?"

"It talks of... How God hates the world... how we're all going to hell! And so many other things I dare not speak of!" He broke down in tears, unable to control his fear any longer.

The psychiatrist laid a gentle hand on his shoulder to calm him down. "Calm down please. Now does this happen every night?"

It took a moment for him to calm down before he could answer. "Y-yes... every night since I encountered the damn thing! Every night! I don't want to sleep or even live anymore!" He cried out through his tears.

"Calm down, suicide isn't the answer..." The psychiatrist pulled at his collar and cleared his throat. "Um, if I may, I do have one more question for you."


"What happened to your shadow? Its not there, even in the light. He took hold of the lamp nearest him and shined it towards the man to make his point, no shadow appeared."

He was silent a moment. "It... Its been gone since it came... I think it may have taken it... It must have done so... You believe me don't you?"

"Yes. Yes I do, I usually don't say this but I don't think you imagined this. Any of it."

"You can't help me though can you?"

The psychiatrist didn't answer, how could he? Not that he needed to, his silence spoke for him. "I know someone who can help you, more than I ever would be able to do. An old man who lives in Indiana whom I've been friends with all my life. He is a super natural specialist, obsessed with the damned thing, his whole life has been dedicated to it. If anyone will be able to help you with this it will be him."

He nodded. "I'll do it."

"Good, I'll call and let him know your coming."

"Just like that? He doesn't even know me, what makes you so sure he'll be willing to help me?"

"True, but he will find your case interesting enough to try helping you. Well more like hearing about this thing that ails you. Trust me."

"How do you know he will believe me?"

"Because I believe you, I have never believed in the supernatural, if I tell him your story and say I believe it, he will be sure to take it up." He then took out a piece of paper and wrote on it then handed it to the man. "This is his address, street name and area code, all you need to find him."

The man nodded as he stood and shook the psychiatrists hand. "Thank you sir."

"Of course, I hope you are able to find help from him."

"So do I."

"Good day."

"You too. He then walked out of the room."

I do hope you enjoyed this story I came up with this story because I ride my bike home. Down the exact same street no less. I get scared while doing so, and this has given me the idea of this happening. The story itself is 1000 words, without the writers notes here. Please leave a review before you go, thanks and goodbye.