An unknown person was walking on the streets in the middle of the night, when suddenly, they came across a white-haired lady, a desk and a deck of cards. Recognizing the deck as being made of tarot cards, the person requested a reading and, one payment of 20 dollars later, the lady shuffled her deck and released four cards: one card revealed above three cards facing down.

The card above the other cards was, of course, The Fool, which was positioned upright.

"You have a cheerful enthusiasm for what the year brings you: games, shows, it doesn't matter the media, you usually feel excited about it and can barely contain your enthusiasm for the chance you'll get to do it." started the woman.

The first card revealed was The Chariot. It was positioned upside-down.

"However, as the year goes on, your enthusiasm might start to...go astray. You will feel anxious because what you want to see is coming soon, and if some people managed to see it first and accidentally try to spoil something for you? You immediately start to get defensive. Maybe even aggressive. But can you honestly say such aggression is justified?"

The second card revealed was Justice. It was positioned upright.

"Be fair about this: good stuff takes time to make, and if they rush it out, nobody will benefit from it."

And the third and final card revealed was Strength. It was also positioned upright.

"The key to the success is strength. The strength, of patience. Only when you prove yourself to be capable of patiently waiting for the thing you want to come out, will you be able to withstand the wait without alienating yourself from everybody else."

Once the reading had finished, the person got up and bowed as the lady took the cards and put them back on her deck. The person turned around and got ready to leave before they remembered something, upon which they turned around... and saw the lady and the table were completely gone. So they shrugged off the sudden disappearence and left for real.