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"Luke!" said a familiar voice,calling out to me in the crowd of people in the bazaar.

I looked around to see who it was,and my heart skipped a beat.

"A-amy! Hey!" I stuttered,looking at the beautiful girl that was,Amy Rebex,my childhood best friend.

She was dressed in her normal clothes,a messily stitched hooded shirt made out of burlap sacks,her normal scratchy wool pants,and wooden sandals which I had all clumsily made after we went swimming on one day,and her old clothes were stolen by some even in those peasant clothes,she still looked as beautiful as a flower blooming in the spring.

I was shaken out of my reverie by an over ecstatic Amy flinging herself on top of me for a hug.

I squealed like a pig as she squeezed me so hard I couldn't breathe very well.

"A-air...please." I managed to mutter out.

She quickly let go of me,stepped back muttering a "sorry", before putting her hands on her hips and looking at me with that adorable pouty face of hers.

"Oh my god, Luke Welmarks, where the hell have you been for the past week?!" She said,a dangerous glint passing through her eyes."I've been worked sick,I thought one of those things out there had gotten you!"

I winced,remembering the last time I got her worried about me being dead,it was not something I wanted to remember.

"I was hunting in the forest and got out too far,sorry." I said,looking at the ground.

She crossed her arms,"Hmph,well you better have gotten a good load with all that time spent in the forest."

I gave her my trade mark lop-sided grin,"I got an amazing haul! Two turkeys,a boar,and I even got a surprise for you!" I said,patting a makeshift wood box I was toting around.

Her sky blue eyes lit up,"Really?! That's awesome!That'll keep us fed for at least 2 months! When can I see my surprise?"

"When we get home."

She pouted,"Aww,your no fun."

Oh yea,by the way,we live with each other,but we're not together or anything,we're orphans,both of our families were killed during a hunting mission by those..those...things.I can't even bring myself to think about , a couple weeks after my parents died,and I had gotten my fathers sword,I was hunting in the woods close to the castle,when I stumbled across Amy.

9 years ago

It was a cool,crisp night,the moon was high in the air,and I was nearly pissing my pants because of how scared I was,the woods were dangerous at I was running to the kingdoms lights in the distance,I saw a fire not too far away.

Being the gullible little kid I was,I ran towards it,immediately thinking,"Light,those monsters don't like light,I'll be safe!"

It was a general rule,the monsters didn't like light.

I had never seen them before,I hoped I never would see them too.

I was right to hope that.

When I reached the campfire,it was chaos.

The sleeping bags were strewn everywhere,their gear the same,and bodies...everywhere...just laying in bloody heaps...dead.

In the center of the campsite,was a little girl no older than 7,huddled against a tree,eyes widened in shock,blood splattered on her face,a bloody knife in hand,shaking like there was an earthquake.

I drew my sword,a beat up old hunk of sharpened steel,and slowly approached the girl.

As I neared her,a million questions flooded through my main one being,"What did this?.

When I was right in front of her,tapped her on the shoulder,and when the girl looked up at me,her eyes widened in hirror.

"No,no more monsters! No more,no more,no more,no more! Go away!" She said,closing her eyes shut and clamping her hands over her ears as if that would stop the monsters.

I patted her on the shoulder and said,"It's okay,there's no more monsters."

"No,no more monsters!"

"But I'm not-" My eyes widened as I realized my mistake.

I turned around,sword in hand,just in time to parry a strike from above.

As it's blade rebounded,its arm being thrust into the air,I kicked it in the chest before taking a step back so I could get a clear look at it.

Suddenly,all my breath left my lungs at what I saw.

It was 5 foot tall,wearing a huntsman uniform,wielding a military grade, double-sided longsword.

But that wasn't the worst part,after getting a look at its face,I almost lost my lunch. Its skin was peeling slowly off,revealing a skull,and the eye sockets were empty.

I didn't even react again,until it kicked me in the side,and pushed me out of the way with an excited chatter.

To my horror,it ignored me,and went straight for the girl.

"No!" I yelled,getting in the way of its slash at the girl,intercepting the attack.

As my blood poured out of my chest and stomach,I looked weakly over my shoulder to look at the girl.

She was at a loss for words,she opened her eyes,and flowing out of them,were tears.

The sight of her crying broke something in me.

I looked back over to the "skeleton" in front of me,just to see it hissing something that sounded close to laughter.

Next all I saw was red,and a sea of flames erupting from it's eyes and devouring its skull before I passed out.

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