Bill E Clubb

Chapter 1

By Shadowgate

Officer Bill Clubb was driving down the street on Saturday at 2PM. He pulled up by the sidewalk of a neighborhood park. He saw a girl with an IPOD

At first he asked her name, age, address, and the school she goes to.

Name Clara Tartan

Age 12

Address 12233 Howser Street Houston TX 77077

Duff McKeagan Middle School

The girl's mother came up and identified herself as Sonia Tartan. Officer Clubb told her that her daughter fit the description of a juvenile shoplifter seen in the area. Sonia asked "when did the shoplifting take place officer?"

Officer Clubb answered "about an hour ago at Kohls which is two blocks away."

The girl's mother said "my daughter's been with me the whole time."

Officer Clubb said "I believe you. Oh but I was wondering what's on your IPOD?"

Clara answered "Eminem."

The officer told Clara and her mother that the State of TX would soon be cracking down on juveniles who listen to rap and rock music. Sonia said she heard of no such news. Officer Clubb knew that was not only a lie but there had been no shoplifting incident at Kohls reported that day.

Officer Clubb looked around and saw there were no eyewitnesses. He pulled a gun from his belt that was not his service issued gun and he shot Sonia and Clara dead.

After that he hopped into his car and sped off.

He rather enjoyed using a mother and her daughter for target practice.