On the outskirts of Camelot sat a small modest village of farmers and shepherds helping each other with the daily chores from repairing and building fences to piling hay and feeding the animals. At the start in the early morning when the sun had just turn the dark night sky to a deep ocean blue, people woke prepared a hearty breakfast for the laborious, yet enjoyable work of the morning.

Cali was a single mother working as a weaver to help support her only son when her husband had died as a foot soldier of the purge: King Uther Pendragon's fight against magic. She worked over a loom to make large blankets, needlework to fix the villagers torn clothes, and they pay her with food, supplies, and gold. Merlin loved helping his mother, carrying the things she needs, helping her with the washing and hanging of clothes and blankets. He often went out into the woods to get firewood as well, but Cali always worried he stray too far; he was only seven.

His pitch black hair and eyes, and pale snow white skin, was nothing like Cali or her departed husband. She had fair skin with light ash-brown hair and hazel eyes, while Merlin's father had amber hair and blue eyes. She worried of how different he was, but Merlin grew up as a cheerful kind boy, who she loved dearly.

"Merlin," Cali called out to him as she sat inside folding up a shirt she had just finished repairing.

"Yes, mother?" Merlin had been outside playing with a stick.

"What are you doing with that stick?" she asked as Merlin brought it inside the house.

"Just drawing."

"Well, put it down and take this to Julius."

Merlin drops the stick outside and quickly walks to his mother and picks up the shirt.

"Make sure you give it directly to him."

"Yes, mother," Merlin agreed happily and scurried off.

Julius was a farmer on the other side of the village. His skin was tanned from working outdoors constantly.

Merlin, with the shirt tucked under his arm, searched for Julius and saw him plowing the field. "Julius!"

Julius turned to the voice that called him and waved. "MERLIN!" He cheerfully called out as he headed towards the fence.

"Mother is done fixing it." Merlin carefully took the shirt out from under his arm and presented to Julius.

"You're mother is a miracle worker. I was almost certain there was no saving this shirt. Come inside." He waved to Merlin, and he followed Julius into the cabin. Julius placed his shirt on the table and took out a bag of coin, handing it to Merlin. "Oh," Julius said as he remembered something. "I have something for you too." He grabbed a small wooden hop and a stick. "My boy use to love this when he was your age. Here take it."

"Thank you, sir," Merlin said happily, excited in getting a new toy.

"Hurry on home, before you worry your mother." Julius patted Merlin on the head and Merlin nodded before running off directly home.

He tossed the stick in his hand and rolled the hoop on the floor, using the stick to keep the hoop continuously rolling without having it to fall over all the way home.

"What do you have there?" Cali asked when she saw her son enter with a new toy.

"Julius gave it to me."

"Did you thank him?"

"Yes." Merlin took the small pouch of coins and handed to his mother.

"Thank you, Merlin. What would I ever do without you?" Cali said with a smile. "Supper will be ready in a moment, go wash up."

"Okay." Merlin rushed to the small basin and knocked over the jug of water. Cali turned to see the commotion, worried for Merlin's safety to only see her worst nightmares come true.

There stood Merlin, his black eyes glowing red with the water floating in mid-air. Cali's heart stopped that moment. She rushed to Merlin and slapped him out of it. His face grew red from where she had slapped him. Cali falls to her knees and hugs Merlin with tears swelling up in her eyes. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to - Please, Merlin promise me one thing. NEVER do that again."

"Okay," Merlin agreed, but was not certain of what he did to begin with.

As Merlin got older, his abilities had also gotten more powerful. Strange miracles happened throughout the small village. Once, while some men were out repairing a roof, one of them had accidently slipped. Merlin happened to be nearby. Wanting to save the man falling, his eyes grew red and shifted the pile of hay under the man, softening the landing. The villager survived that fall without a scratch and was confused of how the hay had gotten there. No one saw what happened, and Merlin disappeared from the scene.

The news didn't take long to spread through the village and his mother had such a worried look on her face.

"Merlin, how many times do I have to tell you to not do that," she said annoyed.

Merlin was eight at the time, and he had realised what he was doing was magic. "I can't control it. I see something and think about it, then it just happens."

"What am I going to do if people find out and I end up losing you too." She cupped Merlin's face in her hands, her eyes full of worry and disappear for the inevitable.

"I'm sorry, mother." Merlin looked down, feeling guilty.

"Just try your best to stay out of trouble. Keep your head down, okay?"

Merlin nodded.

Sadly, it was far too late, and the miracle of the small village had reached King Uther Pendragon's ears. Uther with his knights in full armor and trailing green cape with a bright yellow dragon printed on it rode on horses entered the village. When they reached the center of the small village, all the villager's eyes on them, Uther got off his horse.

"I have heard there is a magic user in this small village, and everyone should know it is against the law to use magic within my kingdom. Anyone who is harboring a magician or witch will be imprisoned and executed along with the magic user," Uther said loudly. His helmet shined against the sun as he looked around the villagers who huddled away from him, holding out a protective arm around their loved ones. Uther unsheathed his sword and spoke. "If no one will speak up then it leaves me with no choice than to search through this village thoroughly." No one said a word. "Fine. Knights," He commanded. The knights unmounted and started to raid through each home, tossing everything to the floor.

A knight came out of a home with a white pouch in his hand with the village girl, who was trying to prove her innocence, in his other hand. "I found something, my lord."

Uther inspects the white pouch. "What is this?"

The knight tosses the girl in front of Uther.

"It is just medicine. My father has bad eyes," she stuttered, terrified.

"Don't lie to me girl," Uther said.

"No, please. I'm telling the truth. I'm telling the truth." She started to cry.

The knight pulled her head up by her hair and Uther pointed the tip of his blade against her neck.

Merlin stood behind his mother as he watched, terrified. NO! He thought and Uther's blade was knocked out of his hand and flew into the wooden fence.

Uther glared at his direction and his mother stood in front of him as a shield, completely blocking Uther's view of the boy. "The person you are looking for is me," Cali said. "Leave the village alone, they know nothing of it." She pushed Merlin back, trying to get him to hide.

"Bring her here," Uther commanded.

Merlin ran and hid behind the door, peaking as two knights grab her by the arms and drag her in front of Uther.

"You confess to your crimes?" Uther asked.

"Yes, I used magic. I'm the sorceress you are looking for." She was unwavering and glared directly at Uther.

"As a threat to the peace of Camelot and breaking its law by using magic, I sentence you death by fire." Uther grabbed his blade and placed it back into its holder as he got back onto his horse. The knights tied a rope around her and the other end on a horse, dragging her out of the village.

Merlin grabbed his head, crying. What have I done? Mother.