Author's Note:

**WARNING** This story is for mature audiences only! This story contains material such as sexual assault, gore, murder, and violence. If you are not comfortable with these materials, then please do not read.

To add to the atmosphere of the story, I suggest listening to "Crazy In Love" By Beyonce (The 50 Shades of Grey version).

Moonlight Revenge

My fingers rub the dirt beneath me as I come back to life.


My senses are coming back slowly; the dirt begins to feel cool against my skin and the sound of the wind shaking the tree limbs above me becomes louder and clearer. My chest burns when I take in my first breath. I haven't opened my eyes yet to see if my vision is back, but there would be no use; the bag is still over my head, all I would see is black.

Rope is still tied around my torso, keeping my arms at my sides, and my ankles are bound; confining me to my grave.

No point in screaming for help. I'm in the middle of nowhere, deep in the woods. Even if someone did find me, I would become a corpse again in the morning. I am cursed to this place.

That or I am a monster.

I'm not sure what I am, but I think I have an idea.

My grandfather told me stories of a beast called a Skadegamutc, 'Ghost Witch'. It's an undead monster that feasts on the flesh of lost travelers and can place curses upon their victims. During the day they are a corpse, but at night they come back to life.

I'm still skeptical about it.

As of now, I do not crave 'flesh'; I don't crave anything, I feel no hunger. That and if I had magical powers, I would wish to get out of the grave.

Then again, if I could…where would I go? I have nothing to go back to.

My eyes start to burn with unshed tears thinking about my family. I miss them terribly and I regret lying to them.

They must be worried.

Do they know I'm dead?

The unknown is the worst part of being dead. Not knowing if your family is okay or if they know you are still alive or not…the constant curiosity of them is what tears me apart.

Was Joffery caught?

Tears finally overflow and slide down my cheeks.

Joffery, my first love…and my killer.

My body starts to ache remembering him and what he had done to me. Realistically, my body feels no pain, but the memories of it still haunt me. The way he hit me, wrapped his hands around my neck, and when…he forced himself inside me. My legs clench tighter together as I remember the trauma of that experience.

He hurt me, he used me, but I still…miss him. Why?

I wish I could go back, I wish with all my might that I change the events in the past. I feel myself falling into my mind, letting the memories consume me, swallowing me deeper into myself.

Gasping for breath, I remember the first time I met him.


Hearing my name being called, I turn to my friend Kuruk. "Yes?"

"We need more whiskey, pull some from the back!" He yells while still in the front of the store. I reply 'okay' while I brush my long, black hair once more and throw it over my shoulder before going to the back and grabbing a few bottles.

After restocking them, I walk to Kuruk's register and sit on the counter. Kuruk and I have been best friends since childhood. His father and my uncle are old friends, so we have always been acquainted.

We both work in my uncle's general store. Our variety of merchandise varies from hard liquor to groceries and everything in between. The rush of customers depends on current events; festivals, football games, homecoming, etc. Just how things are living in a small town..

"You know, I meant for you to bring the crate Lulu."

"Please, I can't pick that heavy thing up. That's 'man work'". I make air parenthesis with my fingers.

"Uh-huh. Spoiled little rabbit." He crosses his thick, muscular arms over his broad chest. When he isn't working at the general store, he is a farm hand for his father. He is accustomed to hard work and his muscles certainly show it.

"Ugh…don't call me that!"

"Why not? That's what 'Lulu' means you idiot!" He reaches over and thumps my forehead.

"Ow! You jerk." I rub my skin with my thumb. "I'm not an idiot; besides your name means 'bear' and I don't call you that."

"Maybe you should. I'm manly enough and quite ferocious." Reaching over, I yank on his long braid, making him yelp. "Okay, okay, you don't have to call me Bear. Jeez."

Ferocious huh?

I'm not a huge fan of my name. I feel like no one takes me seriously because of it. My uncle helped my parents pick it out. He said when I was born I was small and cute, like a little rabbit. Not much as changed, I'm very petite. My head barely reaches up to Kuruk's chest. Then again, that's not a fair comparison, seeing how he is enormous.

"Don't touch the braid! Izzy did it this morning for me." Oh yeah, his girlfriend. I try not to puke in my mouth. I'll be honest, I use to have a small crush on Kuruk while growing up, but after seeing how stupid he was I outgrew my attraction.

My fingers play with my bracelet. It has many small, blue turquoise beads, with long ivory beads on the ends of it; all kept together on a brown, leather string. Kuruk made this for me many years ago and I've never taken it off. It's my most precious item, next to my grandmother's turquoise teardrop earrings (something I also never take off), but I'll never tell him that.

The door opens, making the bell on the handle jingle.

Jumping off the counter, I turn to greet our customer, but stop talking after only saying 'Welcome'. A man, maybe in his late twenties, stood at the door. He runs his hands over his blonde hair as his piercing blue eyes scan over the store. I stood motionless, watching him in awe. He looks like a Greek God.

Kuruk raises an eyebrow at me and shakes his head before walking over to the customer. "Hey there bud', how can I help you?" He stands next to the handsome stranger. The differences between them are astonishing. The customer's head reaches just above Kuruk's shoulder, his skin is porcelain compared to Kuruk's golden tan.

Mine is the color of sand.

This guy sticks out like a sore thumb compared to all of us.

"Hello, I'm Joffery. I'm visiting the area. The clerk at the hotel said that this place was great to get supplies." His lips curve into a perfect smile, showing off the whitest teeth I've ever seen and extends his hand out.

Kuruk takes Joffery's hand and shakes it firmly. "I'm Kuruk", he tilts his head in my direction, "and that's Lulu."

Joffery's eyes glance at me, his gaze moves across my body. I shiver under his stare. Was he checking me out? I feel my palms getting sweaty and I rub them against my jeans. "H-Hello." I choke out nervously.

"Lulu huh? What a pretty name." He walks close to me and pulls my hand up to his mouth and kisses the back of it. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"N-Nice to meet you too." Kuruk's eyes are glaring into Joffery's back, watching him intensely. Scared that he was going to punch him, I quickly pull my hand back to my side. "So, how long are you planning to stay in town?"

"Maybe a month, perhaps two. I'm a nature photographer; the woods and trails you have here are beautiful. Although, I was quite surprised how chilly it is here." He rubs his forearms with his hands.

"Where are you from?" Kuruk asks, almost rudely; his eyes still glaring into him.

"I'm from Arizona."Joffery answers, still looking at me.

Arizona? That's unusual, especially with that complexion. Mentally shaking my head, I force that thought out of mind. That's stereotyping.

"So, of all the towns in South Dakota, you come here? Seems weird."

Joffery finally looks back at Kuruk and smiles again before answering. "Not really. Considering the smaller towns tend to have the best forestation. It's perfect for my type of work. Speaking of which, do you happen to have…" He goes through a long list of a bunch of things that he needs, making Kuruk guide him through the store for the items.

After Joffery purchases his items, he turns to me and smiles. "I hope to see you again, Lulu. Take care." He winks at me, grabs his bags and leaves quietly.

My heart pitter-patters in my chest. I never get noticed by guys, so this is exciting for me. He is so wonderf-

"I don't like him." Kuruk's voice interrupts my thoughts. What?

"How could you say that? How rude! You don't even know him!"

"And you do? Something about him freaks me out, okay? And I don't like him looking at you like that."

"Like what?"

"Like you are a juicy fruit to pluck!"

"That's disgusting Kuruk." How could he say that? No way would he be thinking that way about me. "He wasn't looking at me at all, okay?"

"He was, but whatever. All I can say is that he is a man and you are sixteen. Something just doesn't seem right with the guy. Just be careful around him Lulu."

Rolling my eyes, I slowly nod. "Sure, okay. I'll be careful."

But I wasn't careful.

I should've taken Kuruk's warning seriously. I was too young, too stupid to even listen. Thinking about Kuruk tears me apart inside; sadness and disappointment overwhelms me, making me tug at the rope furiously. He must be so angry, maybe even worried about what may have happened to me. The more I think about it, the more I panic and scream into the plastic over my face.

Desperately I attempt to touch my bracelet, hoping that it will calm me somehow. The best I can do is stretch my fingers down, over my palm, and let my tips graze against the beads. I lost track of how many times I've tried to break the rope around my torso or ankles, but the layers are so thick…I'm not strong enough.

All I can do is think.

Constantly thinking about my mistakes and what I would've done differently.

For weeks after I met Joffery, I always bumped into him around town or in the store. I thought he was genuinely a nice guy...

I was wrong.

It wasn't before long that I started wanting more of his company. I knew I had developed feelings for him. I didn't tell anyone though; especially Kuruk, even though I think he already knew about my crush on the visitor.

One day, Joffery asked me to go on a date with him. He wanted to take me to the next town for dinner. The next town over is almost an hour away, but was much bigger and had more variety in restaurants. I said yes and we agreed to meet up near my house in the evening.

Normally I'd never disobey my parents or lie, but Joffery was so different and charming. He made me feel special and I fell for him. I knew if I told my parents, even Kuruk, they wouldn't let me go on the date because I was only sixteen. So I snuck out of the house, jumping out of my bedroom window and meeting him on the street.

The last time I was home.

Memories of my last night being alive rush through, overwhelming me. I tug on the restraints again, fidgeting uncontrollably with every thought that hits me. My body fights against remembering the details, but my mind disagrees and begins to fall into the dark abyss.

Joffery and I have been sitting in his truck for a while now, making our way over to the next town. My first date, my excitement for it was over the moon! I decided to wear a floral dress and my jean jacket with my boots: Although, I'm starting to regret my attire.

He was wearing a nice button down with a tie and some slacks, way more formal than me.

"I'm sorry if I didn't dress up enough."

"No love, you look wonderful." He smiles and takes my hand, kissing the back of it. "I could just eat you up." His teeth gently nibble on my skin.

Giggling I pull my hand away from his mouth, but he keeps my hand in his, keeping it in his lap. "So where are we going?"

"Well first we are going to the woods."

"The woods?"

"Yeah, silly me, I forgot one of my cameras and need to get it. Don't worry, it's on the way. Shouldn't take too long."

"O-Okay." I'm nervous, but I don't know why. Joffery would never hurt me. Everything was fine.

We get off of the main road and go onto the trail in the woods, driving as far as we could until the makeshift road ended and we are surrounded by trees. It was really dark; I wasn't able to make out anything really while looking out of the window.

"Alright, so wait right here for me. I'll be right back love."

"Okay, please hurry." My palms are sweating again. I hate being in the dark. Something about the the unknown is frightening to me. I rub my hands around my dress.

"You could come with me if you like?"

"N-No thank you."

"Are you sure? We could go for a walk together. I think it would be a nice." His hand moves across my lap and then squeezes my thigh. My ears begin to pound, as the hairs on the back of my neck stand.

"Um, I just would really like to go to the restaurant, okay? I'm really hungry." I force a smile on my face and give a small laugh. Something is wrong; I can feel it, but why?

"Sure, okay. I understand." He leans in and kisses me on the lips, surprising me. His lips were warm and pleasant, but didn't feel soft or sincere. It felt rushed, even greedy. Something just didn't feel right.

I pull back softly, biting my bottom lip and try to smile.

"Why did you stop?" He looks irritated with me.

"Um, I'm just not experienced with…kissing." I brush my hair behind my ear, letting my fingers brush against my skin, hoping that'll calm me down.

I want to call Kuruk or my parents.

He takes a deep breath and mumbles something about being right back; he slams the door after he gets out of the truck. Pulling my phone out, I look up my contacts for Kuruk's phone number and press dial.

The phone starts ringing as I bring it to my ear. Suddenly my passenger door swings open, the sudden movement makes me scream.

"Lulu, are you alright!?" I hear Kuruk's voice on the line. Before I could answer, Joffery snatches the phone away from me and hangs up the call.

"Who are you calling love?" His voice sounds rough, maybe even crazy.

"I-I was just calling my friend back."

"Oh I see, well then…" He throws the phone onto the ground and stomps on it, smashing it into pieces.

Panic fills inside me as I try to undo the seatbelt to get out of the truck. I yelp as I feel my hair being roughly tugged. His hand squeezes around the back of my head and with one swift motion; he slams my head into the dash board.

Immediately, all I saw was darkness.

I'm not sure how long I was out, but when I finally came to, I was lying face down on the ground, smelling dirt. My mouth tasted of metal and my head was killing me. I feel my body being jerked around as something tight was being wrapped around me. Glancing at myself, I see Joffery behind me, wrapping thick rope over and over around my torso, binding my arms to my sides.

"J-Joffery? W-What are you doing?!" Tears immediately form in my eyes as fear begins to build inside of me.

"Oh, well hello love. You finally woke up, I'm so happy. Now you won't miss all the fun!" He grunts as he tightens the rope, making me choke. From the corner of my eye, I see him tying it into a knot.

"W-What fun?" I'm terrified. We are in the middle of the woods, in the dark and I'm tied up. What is he planning to do with me?

"You'll see." He laughs and stands up. "This wasn't the plan you know. I was going to wine and dine you, but then you just didn't seem to fall for my charms like others do. So I decided to do things a little differently this time."

"Things? What things? Joffery this isn't funny! You're scaring me!"

"Good, you need to be scared, makes things better for me."

I hear him dragging something across the ground. My heart beats loudly, making my ears pound. He stabs the ground near my face with a shovel. The metal is showing my reflection. He is going to bury me? No, he wouldn't! I feel my stomach cramp as I watch him slowly dig.

"This was a perfect day for this! It's been raining, so the ground is soft enough to dig through. I knew I just had to be patient."

"Why are you doing this?!" I scream, crying and trying to move my body in the upright position. My pounding head keeps me from moving the way I want to; it's as if I'm drugged.

Realization hit me then, he had drugged me. That's why my limbs are so heavy. He must have done it when I was unconscious.

"Well, I just want to. No reason other than I enjoy doing it. You're not the first I've killed darling, but I have a feeling that you will be my favorite. Never had a Native American bitch before, so this will be interesting."

Have? What did he mean by have?

I start crying harder, still struggling against the restraints.

"Awe, shush. Don't cry. It'll be over before you know it. Then your spirit can be part of nature, or whatever shit you people believe in. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a bad guy. I just have urges and needs that my wife can't satisfy and obviously I can't kill her! So I go to small towns, like yours, pick up some girls that no one will miss and do whatever I want. You understand right?"

He is married? He lures innocent girls like me and destroys them. How despicable.

"I understand…" I whisper, barely audible.

"I'm so glad you do!"

"You are a MONSTER! A horrible, revolting beast!" I scream at him.

He jumps out of the ditch he made and comes behind me, grabbing at my hips and lifting my legs onto my knees. I try to wiggle his hands off, but he grabs the back of my head and shoves my face into the dirt. "Don't move!" I feel him tugging at my dress, ripping it. His fingers grab my underwear and pulls them down.

"No!" I scream while lifting my leg and kicking it behind me as hard as I could into his stomach. He falls over behind me as I gather myself onto my knees and try to run.

"Help!" I yell as loud as I can as I try to get away from him, but he is faster. He hands grab at my long hair and yanks me back down to the ground, onto my back.

"Shut up and stay still!" He puts himself between my legs; I hear his belt buckle being undone.

Panicking, I continue to struggle against him. "Someone please help me! KURUK!" A hard slap comes across my face, knocking my head back onto the ground. Blue spots start to appear in my vision. Joffery lies completely between my legs and presses himself against me.

There is nothing more I can do.

Tears slide down my cheeks as I mentally try to prepare myself for the worst.

I feel him push into me; the pain is too intense, I start screaming in agony. He places his hand over my mouth, trying to shut me up. With the last of my strength, I move my mouth and bite him with all I can muster.

"Damn it!" He yells, jerking his hand back. His other hand reaches for my neck, his long fingers start choking me as he continues assaulting me.

I feel myself start to lose consciousness. "See? Isn't it better now when you are calm?" I hear him say in my ear, still moving aggressively against me. I gather the saliva and blood in my mouth and spit onto his face.

Angrily, he hits me again. Reaching to the side of me, he pulls out a black, plastic bag and covers my face with it. He squeezes my neck and goes faster inside of me, destroying me inside and out.

To numb the pain, I think about the people I love:

I think about Kuruk and wish I listened to him.

I think about my parents, wanting desperately to hug my mother again.

Eventually, I started blacking out. My consciousness fades in and out every so often. I'm not sure how long time passes.

He'll get bored eventually.

But he doesn't.

For what seems like hours, he finally finishes. I pray that he will just leave me here, but I know that will be just wishful thinking.

I hear him breathing heavy and messing with his belt. I feel him push my legs together and tie my ankles with rope. He pulls me by the rope on my legs and drags me across the ground as small rocks scratch my lower back, scraping the skin. After pulling me onto my knees, I feel the excruciating pain between my legs. I bite my lip, trying not to cry from it.

I hear clicking of metal near my face.

"Any last words love?

"Don't do it." I choke out. My voice is scratchy from yelling and crying.

"I have to."

"Why? No one is making you. I won't say anything. I just…want to go back home." I start crying again, praying that he will show me some mercy.


A loud sound goes off and a sharp pain goes through my chest.

I've been shot?

The impact of the bullet makes me fall over into the hole. My back hits the cold dirt. Fluid, I'm sure my blood, oozes from my chest, soaking what's left of my clothes and my skin. The warmth of it is the only thing comforting me as he begins to throw dirt over me.

This is it.

I'm dying.

This hole, in the middle of nowhere, is my unmarked grave.

"Goodbye Lulu, my little rabbit." He says as he covers more dirt over me.

My breathing becomes shallower as I accept my death.

Please find me…


Since then I've been waking up every night, stuck in this hole, and unable to escape.

I don't know how long it's been or what's happening to me.

My grandfather told me that if a spirit cannot rest and has unfinished business, then it shall never rest. Is this what he meant?

If I'm a monster, then Joffery definitely is one too.

He is Two-Face, a monster with two faces. One face is normal and charming, bringing in the prey. If people make eye contact with the other face, they will be paralyzed with fear until they're murdered.

He is my Two-Face.

A scream snaps me from my thoughts.

A woman?

I turn my head to listen more. It's muffled, but it's definitely a woman's voice.

Is it another victim?

Is it…Joffery?

The fact that he is trying to assault another girl for his own enjoyment infuriates me. Being bound like this is only making things worse. What's the point of coming back to life if I can't fix my mistakes or stop him from making another one?

If I let that girl die than I'm no better than him.

I feel my anger start to consume me. My skin burns, as if it's on fire.


The rope around me becomes loose as my body feels lighter. Wiggling as much as I can around in my confined space, I manage to move the bag enough to uncover my eyes. Glancing over myself, I see my body becoming transparent and starting to glow brightly.

The first light I've seen since my death.

My body doesn't hurt, it just feels warm.

Was my desire to help this girl so great that it gave me this strength?

Closing my eyes, I focus on the girl's voice and my anger towards Joffery.

"Please don't! Someone, please help me!" I hear her scream.

"Relax, it'll be over soon." I stop breathing.

It's Joffery's voice. He is at it again!

I feel myself starting to levitate off the ground and become smaller; I let it happen. I let this new sensation consume me.

Save her!

I feel myself shoot out of the ground and fly towards the sound of the girl's pleas.

Following the voice along the river bank, I see my reflection.

I am nothing.

Just a giant ball of light.

I don't have time to question it!

Ahead I see Joffery grabbing a girl, about my age, trying to rip off her shirt. The anger and hatred towards this man pushes me further, making me speed up.

"Noooo!" The girl yells in protest and fear.

I finally land between them; the force of my landing causes Joffery to fall backwards, away from his victim. Wind gathers around me as my light becomes brighter, making Joffery cover his eyes with his forearm.

"What the hell is this!?" He yells in annoyance and perhaps worry.

I feel my body starting to materialize as my limbs start to form out of the light.

I give myself a quick glance in the water. I look like me, but not the same way. My clothes are still torn to shreds; my skin is covered in dirt and…blood. My eyes are no longer brown, they are red now.

"L-Lulu?" Joffery whispers, bring his arm down. His face is full of shock and something else, maybe fear.

Walking forward, I grab Joffery by his tie and yank him up to his feet. "Yes".

My voice sounds rough. It's the first time I've spoken since this bastard murdered me. Looking over him, I start to become thirsty. My tongue craves something salty and metallic.


I want blood.

Not any blood, his blood.

I feel the fangs form in my mouth; their sharpness pierces the sensitive flesh in my mouth.

I understand what I am now: I am, indeed, a skadegamutc.

I came back for my revenge.

And that is what I'll do.

"Joffery", I whisper to him, my breath hits his ear. His body shivers and the smell of urine covers him.


Grabbing his shirt, I rip it off of him, exposing his skin to me. Digging my nails into his back, I pull him closer; making him fall onto his knees in front of me. Licking the skin on his neck, I graze my teeth across his neck to his shoulder. The smell of his blood increases my desire to bite him, to hurt him. My jaw elongates as my teeth become larger, all of them now fangs.

I'm teasing myself, but I can't wait any longer.

Finally I bring my now massive jaw onto his shoulder, biting it hard. His screams of agony pierce my ears. My nails dig further into his skin, making blood trickle down his back. The taste of his blood is intoxicating.

I love it.

I want more.

I dig my fangs deeper and move my head side to side, tearing his flesh apart. Turning my head swiftly away from him, the skin on his shoulder rips off. The screams become high pitched, both from pain and fear.

Pieces of his flesh dangle from my mouth as blood drips down my chin. Tilting my head back I swallow the meat into my mouth, enjoying the taste and chewing it slowly. Joffery looks at his now deformed shoulder, the bones and muscle tissue completely exposed, and screams while tears fall heavily from his face.

Irritated, I swing my hand across his face, knocking him backwards and leaving him unconscious.

Licking my fingertips, I hear some movement behind me. Slowly I turn around and see the girl. She looks familiar…

Walking closer to her I finally see her face: Short brown hair and green eyes.


"L-Lulu?" She coughs out as tears fall down her face. "What happened to you? Everyone has been so worried."

"Why were you with Joffery?" I ask softly, not fully looking at her.

"I heard a rumor that you two were dating, so I went to him to see if he knew anything. Before I knew it, I was dragged out here and he started attacking me."

"My family, are they okay?"

"Aside from missing you, yes, they are alright."

"And Kuruk?"

"He blames himself. He feels like he didn't protect you enough."

Tears threaten to escape as my eyes start to burn.

"What happened to you?" She asks again. Slowly, I walk closer and kneel before her. Pulling my bracelet off of my wrist, I stare at the pattern one more time. I rub my thumb across it, smearing the blood.

"Give this to Kuruk for me; tell him nothing is his fault." I place the bracelet in her hand. "Tell him, and my parents, that I'm sorry." I choke out the last word, trying to keep my composure, as I stand back up and walk towards Joffery's unconscious body.

"W-What about you!? Come back with me!" She exclaims.

"I can't. I'm dead."

"What? No, that's impossible! You're standing right in front of me!"

"Yeah, with a hole in my chest and as a monster." My hands clench tightly, making my nails cut into my palms. "Joffery killed me a while ago…" I whisper softly.

A long, almost pleasant, pause comes between us. I know she wants to talk more, but isn't sure what to ask and I'm not sure what to say. Finally, I hear her stand up and clear her throat. "What are you going to do to Joffery?"

"I'll make sure that he never hurts anyone ever again." I walk away from her and grab Joffery's foot. "Tell them my message and that I'm finally at peace."

"Okay." She replies softly, from the corner of my eye, I see her holding the bracelet to her chest.

"I wish you happiness. Hagoonee." 'Goodbye'. I start to drag Joffery back to my grave.

"Hagoonee…" She whispers and leaves quietly.

Each of us going in opposite directions, towards our own path.

After bringing Joffery back to where everything began, I just kept staring at him. Debating whether or not to kill him or make him suffer slowly. He slowly moves his head and winces when he sits up, holding his shoulder.

"Where am I?"

"You don't recognize it? This is where you killed me."

He looks at me, with fear going across his face. He scoots himself backward and places his back into the tree, his body shivering. "H-How did this happen!?"

Slowly I walk towards him, with a smirk plastering across my face. "You told me that after I die, then I'll become one with the spirits. Apparently you pissed them off." I grab his hair and pull him forward, bring him to my level.

"D-Don't kill me!" Tears start sliding down his face.

"Oh I'm not planning on killing you." I smile and lean forward, licking his ear. "I'm going to curse you."

"Curse me?"

"Yes. You'll never see your wife again and you'll never get to hurt another person ever again. I curse you so stay with me…Always. No matter what I do to you, you cannot leave me."

Biting my lip, I pierce my fang into my skin; making it bleed. I lean forward, my forehead goes against his. "I curse you, Joffery, to be my personal meal…forever."

"No!" He screams, trying to pull away from me. Leaning in, I kiss him, making him swallow my blood. Finally I feel the sparks and it feels right.

Pulling back, I look at his shoulder and see the skin healing; making it look like I never ripped the skin off.

I feel thirsty again.

He pulls away from me and walks backwards. "S-Stay away from me! You monster!"

I laugh. "How hilarious! I told you the same thing when you attacked me! But don't worry love, just relax." I shove him backwards, into my grave. The hole I made during my escape was big enough to fit him.

Tilting my head, I watch him as he tries to scramble to his feet. The moonlight hits his porcelain skin, making it glitter. Licking my lips, I jump into the grave with him and feast upon his flesh.

For what seems like hours.

Just when he thought it was over, I wasn't done.

Whenever the bite marks healed, I bit him again; causing him great agony.

Finally, when I was full, I tie him with the rope around his arms and legs. As well as placing the bag over his face to let him have the full experience of his past wrong doings. Looking over at him, I feel accomplished seeing him writhing in pain; bite marks and tears cover his body. As long as I am a monster, he will always be my forever meal.

He'll never hurt anyone ever again.

Satisfied I pull dirt over us, making sure to cover ourselves before the sun rises.

I lay across his body, enjoying his warmth. Leaning over to his ear, I whisper softly "Ayoo aniinishni". 'I love you. I'll stay with you. I'll always be with you…'


Author's Second Note:

Skadegamutc-"Ghost Witch": An undead monster that's a corpse during the day that animates back to life at night to kill, eat, and throw curses at any unlucky humans who come across them. The only way to permanently kill a skadegamutc is by setting them on fire. They also can turn into a ball of light; mainly to lure lost travelers in the woods. There are different versions of this beast; it depends on the tribe.

Two-Face: Two-Face is a malevolent humanoid monster of the Plains Indian tribes. In some tribes Two-Faces are described as ogres, but most often the Two-Face resembles a human except for having a second face on the back side of his or her head. If people make eye contact with this second face, they will either be struck dead or paralyzed with fear until the Two-Face returns to murder them.

My grandfather told me several different urban legends of these type of monsters.

I came up with this idea awhile ago and decided to write it to challenge myself. Normally I do not write material like this, but I want to be able to write anything, so TA-DA!

Overall, I hope that you enjoyed reading this and that you felt some satisfaction in the ending.

Please let me know what you think!

Thank you and take care!