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Chapter 1: First day of school?

Hi, I'm Oskar Kimura. I'm currently fourteen years of age, turning fifteen next week! We finally got settled in our new home, feels pretty comfortable here. We moved because the school I used to go to was too hard for me, not academically but the way people treated me. I hope my new school will be better, plus tomorrow is my first day at my new high school. Gray Eagle High. My dad bought me a puppy a few days ago, he's a little husky. He's pretty cool! His name is Domino.

January 15, 2027,~ 7:30 am

"Oskar! Get up!" Yelled a voice downstairs, "Its seven-thirty! Get ready for school!" I yawned looking at the clock next to me. It poured rain outside, lightning flashed through the window. "Dammit" I murmured to myself, I had to ride my bike to school. It wasn't that far but did it really have to rain. I rolled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I took a shower, then putting on the school uniform. A white buttoned shirt with a collar and a black top jacket, black pants and a red tie. On the top right of the jacket was a gray eagle. I parted my hair to the right and put gel to make it stand up a little, and, of course, a bit a cologne. I looked great.

My dad decided to drive me to school because of the rain, damn I was glad for that. Finally entering the school there were students everywhere, they were in their little chatting groups and clicks. The hallways looked like they never ended, lockers covered the walls. This school was pretty big. I spotted the office and made my way in, "Eh, hello. I'm Oskar Kimura. I'm new.." I said trying not to sound nervous. "Ah yes! Kimura." An office lady said as she scrolled her finger down a paper, "Aha! Here you are, your locker number is 2736. Just go straight from the main hall then turn left when you pass the water fountain. It should be the first locker in the row. Oh and, inside your locker will have your schedule!" she smiled. "Thank you!" I said giving her a thumbs up. The main hall and turn left on the fountain. The main hall... there it is. I admired the locker and twirled the combo knob, "E-eh, what's my combo.." I ran back down the halls went back to the office, the office lady laughed. "Sorry, I forgot to give you your combo." The lady gave an embarrassed smile. "It's alright," I laughed back. She handed me a small piece of paper and smiled.

"Here you go!"

I gave her another thumbs up and went back to my locker. 22-23-16 I spin the knob around and finally got my locker open, a small blue sheet of paper laid on the bottom of the locker with my name in bold letters. "Aye!" A voice called behind me, I turned around and a girl with pigtails faced me. Her make up startled me, "H-hi.." I said giving her a polite smile. The girl put her hands on her hips and sighed. "You're new aren't you. If you weren't you would know who I am and you would be calling me Miss Princess." The girl in pigtails said pointing at my chest. What on the actual fuck. Is this girl for real? Miss Princess? I tried to keep a straight face, "yeah I am new." The girl rolled her eyes, "If I have a class with you I will literally die like it's not even funny like-" the five-minute bell interrupted her, "I got to go, toodles." The girl strutted away and waved and EVERY person down the hall. I picked up my schedule and scanned through the words.

Period 1: Math HONORS, room 200

Period 2: World Studies, room 420

Period 3: Health Club, 6th Portable

Period 4: World Languages "German", room 120

Lunch Break

Period 5: English, room 300

Period 6: Photography, 4th Portable

Period 7: 9th Science, room 150

Photography? World Languages German? I didn't want to take these classes... I sighed. Then I noticed there was no map of the school. WHAT SCHOOL DOESNT GIVE A NEW KID A MAP?! I was more nervous than excited now, I put a pencil above my ear and closed my locker. I didn't want to ask anybody where room 200 was, I sighed again in frustration. WAS IT A JUST LUCK? There came the office lady holding a map. "Ah, Oskar! I forgot to give you a map of the school! Silly me." The lady flushed in embarrassment again, Gee what a forgetful woman. How did she get this job? "I'll take you to your first class," She looked at my schedule "Ah room 200, that's right over here." She walked me down the hall and pointed at the door. "Right here." She smiled and turned away. I opened the door and stared at the teacher. Right as I stepped inside the bell rang. Everybody in the class looked at me. The teacher grinned, "Hello Oskar. I'm Mr. Teij," said a tall man with dark brown hair and glasses. He looked very muscular which...was scary. "Eh, Hi," I said quietly. Mr. Teij looked at the class, "Students, this is Oskar Kimura our new student. Please do say Hi." I gave a shy smile and looked at everyone. Only one person said Hi, well isn't this going great so far? Mr. Teij coughed "your seat is located right next to Ark. A guy with blonde hair raised his hand. I was guessing that was Ark since there was an open seat next to him. I sat at the desk and slouched on the chair. "Okay, one face of a rectangular box has an area of 15 square cm. Another face is 20 square cm and the other face is 12 square cm. What is the height or "h" of the box?" Math... This is the worst class ever. A girl with long black hair raised her hand. Mr. Teij pointed at her, "Jae." The girl cleared her throat, "three centimeters." Mr. Teij clapped, "Ding ding! We have a winner." She didn't even use a pencil or paper. Ark poked my arm, "hey, what was your name." he whispered, I looked at him "Oskar." Ash nodded. He had a tattoo on his neck that said Red in Japanese characters. His voice was a little high-pitched and sounded tired. I looked back at Mr. Teij, I could sense Ark was still looking at me. This was a bit creepy. So far the people I've met seem kind of odd, eh I guess it's just me... Mr. Teij wrote something on the board. 0 - 1 + 10 - 100 + 1000 - ... -10(10) + 10(11), He turned around and looked at me, "Mr. Kimura, How much is that?" I gulped I didn't even raise my hand... "Uhh.." I stammered, the class looked at me. Ark coughed, "90909090909," he said in-between the cough. My confidence went up, "Um, 90909090909.." I responded hoping Ark was correct. Mr. Teij smirked, "C-o-r-r-e-c-t, Correct!" I was relieved, then looked at Ark, "Thanks." I whispered. The blonde haired boy grinned, "anytime, my friend."

The bell finally rang and everybody sprang up and darted out the door. Ark grinned, "well wasn't that a smooth first period for you?" I nodded and laughed, "Hell yeah!" I was guessing Ark was my first friend here Gray Eagle. Damn where things going great so far. " Jae looked at me and smiled, she walked up to me. SHE IS COMING NEAR ME. The black-haired girl sighed, "Ark won't be there for your answers all the time." She flicked her pencil on Ark's shoulder. "R-right.," I said. Jae turned around and left out the door. Ark put his hand on his shoulder, "I'll catch you later, alright Oskar?" I nodded and followed him out the door. I sighed and looked around then down at the map and schedule in my hands. Four more periods before Lunch.

The Lunch Room ;)

The four periods went smoothly.. kind of. Well maybe except for World Languages "German" class. I said a word from and said a derogatory word instead. Good thing being late was allowed for the first week. I scratched my head, Fuck. Where's the lunch room? I decided to follow everyone else, I entered the lunch room. It was literally the size of a football field. I took out my phone and looked at the messages from my mom. "Hi, darling." "How is School." "Honey?" "Oskar? Are you alive?" She sent me fifteen text messages. I sighed. "Hey!" a voice called out, there standing right next to me was the pigtail girl. Her make up startled me again, "Oh. Hi." I said deadly. The girl put her hands on her hips, "Hi...Hi, what?" She said. I looked at her confused, "Ugh! You're so forgetful! You know me now so call me Miss Princess!" The pigtailed girl shouted. I shrugged, "Sorry.." I paused and looked around me, "Miss Princess.." Miss Princess put her finger to her cheek, "Better, okay toodles!"

Then I spotted Ark. I walked to him and put a first in front of him. "Aye," Ark smirked and put down is a cup of ice-cream. "Check it out it's Oskar!" Ark said fist bumping me. Two other guys and a girl looked at me from the table. One guy had black hair like mine and the other had dark reddish hair. The girl had long light brown hair. Ark sat down. "Oskar, this is Grey, Ava, and Kaito." Ehhh is the girl single? Pshh I shouldn't ask that. I said Hi then sat down. "You going to get something to eat?" Kaito said, his dark red hair was actually really cool. I sighed, "Nah, I'm really not that hungry." Kaito laughed "That's exactly how I was on my first day here." Ark and Grey were chatting on and on about a lunch lady. Kaito flicked Grey "I don't know how a lunch lady can fascinate you two." It felt like lunch was going on forever which should be a good thing, but I was so bored. Kaito was talking about some guy he met at the supermarket with Ayva. Ark and Grey were talking about a lunch lady and I was sitting picking at an apple. Finally, the bell rang and that office lady approached me when I was leaving the cafeteria, "Mr. Kimura." The lady began, I looked at her. "Your mother called, she wants you to come home. She said it's an emergency." The lady looked worried as continued. Chills ran down my spine, What would've happened? Ark poked my shoulder, "We have the sixth period together, see you there!" He stuck is tongue out and followed Ark. The office lady pointed down the hall, "you should get your stuff and check out."

I got my backpack and stuffed the map and schedule in. After closing the door I headed to the office and saw the office woman there. I swear she teleports.

"Mr. Kimura sign here." The office lady said pointing at the small box on the paper.

I wrote my name and put down the pen.

"Thank you, Mr. Kimura."

I nodded and headed out the school's front doors. I ran home and knocked on my house's front door. My mom answered with tears. She led me to the living room and sat down.

"Oskar." She said

"Yeah? What happened?

"Your father just had a car accident while driving home from the market." quavered my mom.

Fear struck me, "Is he okay? Where is he? Why aren't you at the hospital? How did you find out? I said the words fast.

"I'm not sure if he's okay. He's now at the hospital."

I was worried as hell.

"The hospital called using his phone. We don't have a way of getting there."

Stunned, scared, worried, all mixed up in one. Is my dad okay? My mom had tears rushing down her cheek. The words kept repeating in my head.

"Your father just had a car accident while driving home from the market"

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