The city of Tenshi worked 24/7 with no rest, making it difficult for people like Amy Dillman to find a good enough job that didn't make her work all day in order to live from paycheck-to-paycheck. She didn't know when was the last time she ever had a day off, or time on her own. One day of not working could mean not being able to buy food or make the next month's rent. She took whatever job she could as a freelance photographer and journalist. Talk about the world becoming such a cheapskate, while the rich hoard all the money and the poor dying out on the streets.

She lived in a small run-down apartment on the outskirts of the billion dollar skyscrapers in Tenshi. Her life would have been so much easier if she just moved out to somewhere that actually lack a person of her skills and talents as information gathering, socially connected, and a thrill junkie with a degree in English, but then there would be no huge scoop that sends her heart on an overdrive as tingling sensation runs throughout her body, and a huge grin plastered on her face.

"You have a call from B," the small robot said.

"Answer," Amy respond laying on the floor of her small livingroom and bedroom in one.

"Tell me you are sitting at home doing nothing." B's voice came out of the small robot's mouth.

"You've got something for me, B?" Amy sat up and tied her curly amber hair into a bun with a pen as she had always done whenever she was getting ready to work.

"I know this isn't exactly the type of story you would love, but it makes really good money if you can get a evidence picture of a rumor that has been spreading around." B's voice, distorted in order to keep things confidential, sounded hopeful.

Amy actually never met B, but they has been the best source of information for a job for the past five years she has been working with them. "Better than sitting around the house. Tell me the job."

"The rumor has it that an actress has been prosituting herself to political members, and they might currently be in the Hirudun Hotel."

"If I can get a room number, that would be great," Amy said with a smile.

"Well, if I knew that I would be getting the scoop myself," B jokingly said, then ask Amy sarcastically, "You like scaling buildings right?"

"I've got this. I'll call you if I get something or not." Amy tapped the little robot on the head and hung up the call. "Camera mode." The little robot folded itself up into a small compact camera and she pocketed it in her safari jacket before she headed out.

She walked to the main streets to catch a bus that headed toward the main city. The neon lights flashed in the city that never sleeps. The streets were filled with people: groups of women with shopping bags hanging on their arms, drunk men with their arms around half naked women that Amy was certain to be prostitutes, and groups in cars that sat on the door or hoodless cars to scream out on the top of their lungs as if there would be no tomorrow.

Once the bus got to the stop she stood waiting, as the world moved around her, she got on and headed to a seat near the back exit. Looking out the window of the bus, Amy could look into any shop window it drove by and see what is suppose to be the average working class behind counters servicing people that doesn't give two shits for this world. Overworked and underpaid, but there are too many people that can take their job in a heartbeat for any of them to dare to complain.

As the bus drove on, Amy turned her attention ahead, toward the towering Hirudun Hotel that was slowly coming closer to view. It was one of the best examples of the wealthy one percent. The building with at least eighty floors up and the top forty floors are residential. It cost at least two million to even buy one of those, Amy figures. She hopped off the bus and stared at this overly tall Hotel of parsimonious pricks and their followers, dreaming for that high glorious rich life.

Her eyes scanned over the building. There was way too many floors and windows to check them all. Amy checked the other buildings around her, all of them close knit with very dark, thin alleys perfect places to conduct dirty businesses. Hell, there was one being conducted right now from what she could see.

With her line of work, she took care of her eyes and taught herself to see details in the dark, but it often led to her having big headaches when she is exposed to too much light.

She could see in this dark alley a vague outline of a guy standing against the wall with someone crouching on the floor; their head moving back and forth. The dirty deeds of the poor and working never interested her as it had seem to interest everyone else in the world.

The building to her right was an abandoned office building that has been closed off for reconstruction for a good three years now. She checked the lock, and gave it a good tug. It popped open as she had hoped it would. Looking around to make sure no one was watching her, she quietly sneaked in and closed the door.

It wasn't uncommon for abandoned office building like this one to have their locks tinkered with. Many liked to use such places like this for whatever anyone can possibly imagine.

As Amy walked through the building, her mind started wondering about: It was disgusting of how the general public would shame and punish those that have no other options, oh but if a bank mismanaged money by constantly giving out bad loans, or an administration cutting benefits and necessities to stuff it into their own pockets, the common folks don't want to know about it. Hell, they start making excuses for them.

She climbed the stairs to make it onto the roof and took out the camera, looked through the viewfinder and said, "Magnification times 10." The camera zoomed closer as she tried to quickly peek through each curtain, hoping that the politician was stupid enough to not secure the windows.

It was none of the windows from what she could see on the roof of this building.

She walked over to the ledge to check the distance. Heading back as far back as she could, she started to sprint towards the ledge, putting everything she had into the jump and rolling herself onto the next building, which was in a shape of an L. She crouched, hiding herself in the darkness of the building as she reached the long end of the building to see the other side of Hirudun Hotel. Once again she started scanning each room.

Bingo! Amy found it.

The middle aged sleazy politician naked on top of a new teen actress with her legs wrapped around his wide waistline. Oh, it was good. "Focus," she told the camera, and it started to adjust itself. She tapped the button a few times, making sure to get both of their faces, then noticed something in the corner of the room. "Magnify times two." The camera zoomed in and she saw a man in a suit, sitting on a couch, watching. Who the fuck is this sicko? Amy wondered. She started to take a few snapshots of this man with slick black hair in a black suit. Amy would bet her life that this was not the young actress's idea, and had been put in a position of choosing that or her current lifestyle and dreams.

She got what she came for, so she stood up and left, feeling sick to her stomach that if this photo got published the politician might only get a slap on the wrist while that young actress's life would be in ruins. Amy signed, and placed the camera into her pocket again. That was the sad way of life, and anyone to tell her that one person could make shit like this different, then they should just go do it.

The moment she got home she took out the camera. Instead of immediately calling B, Amy started to do some research. "Search for the man in the photo," she told the robot.

"Searching...Searching…Searching…." Amy started to get impatient with how long the small robot was taking. It was highly unusual. "No results can be found."

"What?" That never happened. "No other photos of that man either?"

"Searching...Searching...Searching…No other photos can be found."

"That is impossible." Amy was left speechless for a moment. "Call B."

"Calling B."

The phone rang twice before Amy heard B's distorted voice, "Tell me you got the photo."

"Yeah, I got it. I'll send it to you by email. I want to send you some other photo too of a guy that was there, watching them. I searched on the internet, and this man doesn't exist." Amy said.

"Hmm?" B went silent for a moment. "That is strange. How is that even possible?"

"I don't know. You tell me." Amy shrugged.

"I'll look into it, but I don't like the feeling. It is probably nothing. I shouldn't have to remind you to not mention it to anyone."

"I know, I know. I'll wait to hear back from you."

"Good." The line went dead.

With the shots that she got, she didn't have to worry about food or rent for a good month or two, and decided to take the weekend off, until B called her again with another job.

Amy took vacation for two weeks, mostly doing her own light research and social calls with people. B called her again while Amy had been at a bar drinking with random people, listening to their stories, rumors, and opinions.

"Something is going down by the Docks. I don't know the exact details, but someone is trying to smuggle something in or out of this city." B said on the phone when Amy picked it up, still sitting at the counter with people around her, talking amongst themselves.

"Is it gang related?" Amy asked.

"Not sure, but a court judge most likely would be, since it seems like he was the one who signed off on it."

"Taking down one political power at a time," Amy mused to herself.

She placed her phone in her jacket pocket and headed towards the docks, after giving her companies a small farewell.

Amy had wish she wore a thicker jacket out by the docks, where the cold and wind is stronger. Well, it wasn't as strong as when she had to sneak onto the airport runway, but nonetheless a more weather appropriate jacket was needed.

She hid on the roof of a tall warehouse building, making sure she was out of sight. Just as two separate cars met by the waters, with Amy watching them through her viewfinder, it started to blink the words: Call from B. She pulled out the earbud attached to the camera and into her left ear.

"What?" Amy whispered as she continue to watch them, trying to get a good clear shot of their face and what they were up to.

"Remember that photo you asked me to look into?"

She looked away from the viewfinder and focused her attention to her left. "Yeah, mister invisible-man."

"Well, I found out mister invisible-man's name: Scott Vogel, but it gets really weird. I did some digging; there is no other pictures than the one you took, and there seems to be no information on him until I used that picture and circulated it on a few forums and private chatrooms to get some answers. Long story short I get an his name anonymously, but when searching the name, there was nothing. The trail ends there."

"What do you mean?"

"As in, there will be absolutely no results when searching for the name Scott Vogel. Zero."

She looked back into the viewfinder and started to take some pictures. "How is it possible to find the name of someone, but no other information about the guy? Also, he can't be the only one named Scott Vogel."

"You say that...There is a lot of Scott's, a lot of Vogel, but Scott Vogel does not exist."

"That is not possible." Amy's mouth was open as the camera was moving on its own, automatically focusing its lens.

"I don't know what else to tell you. What are you going to do?"

"I...what can I do?"

"Good point."

When the camera finally focused on the men at the dock, she saw him again, standing there shaking hands with the judge.

"You are not going to believe this," she said.


"Scott Vogel. He is here."

"D," B said. It was the name B had given to Amy for security measures. "I'd be careful if I were you. A man who can wipe his entire existence isn't someone I would go messing with."

"I'm going to get to the bottom of this. It could be a story of a lifetime."

"I think you are way over your head on this one."

"I'm like a ghost. No one will ever notice." Amy was full of confidence.

"I hope so."