Book 1: Into the West

By Trin Paige

Character List

The "Investigating the West" series is a book series based on western roleplay done in a virtual world called Second Life. The events and dialogues are based on ones that happened while in roleplay. Many minds were combined together to make these stories, and I believe they need to be documented and remembered. In each book, characters will be listed at the beginning. Credit must go to these brilliant minds and the characters they created. Their names in the novels will be first, and then their roleplay character names. Thank you to each one of you for being apart of my western journey. I owe my own character's development to each one of you. "NPC" indicates those characters which were not actually acted out, but were more background characters added for the story.

Tracie Preston: Trin Paige

Nicole (Nikki) Preston: Natalie Paige

Tony Preston: Tom Wallace

Jesse Preston: Jimmy Paige

Ashley: Allison

Kaiden Inglas: Kurtis Ishoni

Kevin Millard: Kale Mirajker

Jamie: Jason (npc)

Ray Ross: Richie Roi

Derek Samson: Dutch Solo

Charlie: Clifton

Patty: Peep

Vlad: Vlak

Ruth Hurst: Rosa Hock

Wilma: White Rose

Bill: Baron

Myles: Maffe

Todd Jenkins: Tristan Junos

Roger: Robe

Sarah Reid: Stacie Rage

Melissa: Michelle

Carrie Swanson: Chelsea Seetan

Eagle: Hawk

Papa: Gramps

Claire: Carol

Cindy Burgess: Corri Beaumont


Zane: Zakk

Rylie: Raven

Gage Samson: Gaide Solo

Tim: TJ

Stephen Sherwood: Sayler Sweetwater

Ray: Rat Boy

Maggie Samson: Mercy Solo

Jared Shaw: Jake Stone

Adelaide Ross: Ami Roi

Will: Waylon

Brian Samson: Bravo Solo

Tyler: Timmie Hax

Joe Samson: Josh Solo

Naomi: Nell

Bob Apsley: Bill Anderson

Jason Dykes: Jakob Despres

Hank Trainer: Hav Taraug

Conner: Conman

Ivan Zimmerman: Iccabod Zarco

Valerie "V": Vena "V"

Meg: Mel

Andrew Nielson: Anron Nightshade

Bullethole Brock: Buckshot Bill

Kelly: Kalli

Andrea Samson: Ascot Solo

Sam: Sean

Hal Bradley: Harley Buu

Josiah Richard Williams: Josey Rebel Wasp

Laura: Lali

Felicity: Fritha

Landon Bordon: Lebron Black

Rachel: Rebekkah

Lance Borden: Liam Black

Nick: Nathan

Rebecca: Rayce

Steph: Sara

Tamara: Tessa

Kim: Karan

Pedro: Pablo

Tina: Tiggy

Jonas: Juan

Tanner: Tex

Snake: Sniper

Joel Preston: Josh Paige

Carl: Clay

Lisa Preston: Leslie Paige (npc)

Ingrid: Ina

Luke Connely: Logan Callaghan

Ben: Brandon

Lee Borden: Levi Black

Mary: Mai

Jenny: Jane Roi

Doug: Dom

Flloyd Denver: Frank Drevon

Adam Tyson: Adder Taurus

Amber: Aurora

Blood Hayden: Blood Hawks

Kitty (Cathy): Katie (Catherine)