Above me, the night sky was a mosaic of sparkling lights. Stars of every color shined brighter than I had ever seen before, and I swear I could even see one of those vortex-like swirls of colors that you see in some of those deep space photos that NASA puts out. It was exhilarating, and breath taking, and terrifying all at once. There was no way that it could be humanly possible to see this visage with the naked eye.

Humanly possible.

That thought echoed in my head as I thought about what I had just done. I had killed four men in a matter of seconds. I had moved impossibly fast. I had ripped into the throat of one of them and drank his blood.




I was a vampire.

This couldn't be happening. Vampires were things of stories, monsters made up to scare kids and make horror movies. They couldn't...we couldn't...be real. It was impossible but it was the only thing that made any sense of what had just happened; of what I had just done.

This night was turning into one mind fuck after another.

I rose to my feet and looked over the carnage surrounding me. Pa and his boys obviously ran the farm, but how many others were there? Were there farm hands? Was there a Ma? Sisters? Wives?


They were in business with Tommy, disposing of bodies for him, but did that mean they deserved to die, too, just to protect my secret? How long until someone came out looking for Pa and the boys? What the hell would happen then? Did anyone else know what they did for Tommy?

Too damn many questions and no easy answers.

First things first. I had to know if there were others on the farm. I picked up a body in each hand, still amazed at the strength that I now possessed, and made my way for where I estimated the tractor to be. It wasn't far at all, just a few yards through a thick of trees, and I realized that it had to have been my enhanced senses that had let me hear it so clearly.

The tractor was an old, simple one, the color of faded green and rust. A wood and metal trailer was hitched to it, carrying three barrels and a couple bags of lye. Two more trips and I had the bodies piled at the end of the trailer, and I mulled over my options. It would be fairly simple, given my new strength, to make all six bodies fit into the three barrels, but if someone on the farm were watching for Pa and the boys' return, it wouldn't do me any good to let them see just one person.

The Camptons and Pa went into the barrels. I staged the boys on the trailer as best I could, securing them with some rope that I found in one of their duffle bags. I took the slicker off the man whose neck I had snapped, since it was the only one not shot up or covered in blood, and put it on over my clothes. It was full on dark by the time I was ready, and there was no way that any lookout would be able to tell the difference between me and one of the farmers.

It was time to head for the farm and figure out what my next step would be.