The Demon And The Angel

The Demon and The Angel sat placidly side by side
"How strange it is," The Angel said. "The way the world has died."
The Demon laughed and shook his head, despite his fading health.
"You mistake it all, my dear old friend. Man brought it on himself."
The Angel frowned at this and slowly raised his brow.
He could not comprehend what his friend meant, or understand how.
How the world could do this, or why Man felt that he must.
Why he had to smother it; with anger, war and lust.
The Demon seemed to notice his companion's sudden silence.
"You know," He began. "I think it was my fault…their compelling love for violence."
The Angel gave a small sigh and regarded him again.
"You blame yourself, you silly sod, tis the fault of whence you came."
The Demon seemed to consider this, after all it did make sense.
Was all the darkness in the world created at Hell's expense?
The two sat in silence from then on and stared blindly out to sea.
Stared at the black abyss that covered all that was, and will ever be.

Alice Jones.