We were all sitting at the bar having a drink or two and minding our own business when this one guy who looked like he had seen The Blue Collar Comedy Tour one too many times walked right in, sat next to me and ordered a beer.

That was when my best friend Mark saw the Confederate flag on the back of the guy's denim vest and yelled, "HEY! WHO LET IN THAT STUPID HICK?! HE SHOULD BE HOME BANGING HIS WIFE AND DAUGHTER RIGHT NOW!", which made that guy get up from his stool, walk right up to Mark and say, "Now, Son. I know that it would be unsouthern of me to stoop to your level. So, how about we just apologize, shake hands and go back to enjoying our drinks?"

But instead of doing that, Mark threw his shot glass of Jack Daniels right into the poor guy's face and told him to go to Hell which in turn made the guy take a deep breath and say, "Okay, Son. If that's how you want it…!", before he slammed his fist right into Mark's teeth and made him fall flat on his ass.

Thankfully enough, I was able to grab the guy and pulled him away from Mark before things between them had gone from bad to worse all because of the fact that Mark had caught his wife cheating on him with a young handsome redneck who happens to be living down the street.

And of course, I explained the whole thing to Otis… which happens to be that guy's name… and welcomed him to our wonderful city of Berea, Ohio with hopes that nothing that stupid would never happen again… no matter what the situation happens anywhere around this city.