The world is full of rumors, some say that the government tries to fully control people, others say that superstar x and athlete y will get together soon, and others say that person z was actually abducted by aliens. There are many rumors. Two boys sat discussing the newest rumor that was spreading like a hot new tread.

"Did you hear?" one mumbled to the other, covering his mouth like he was telling a secret. "They say that Tiffany Star went missing."

"You mean that new pop star?" the other boy said clearly hearing this for the first time.

"Yeah, they don't even know how she went missing. Rumor is she just vanished from her room one night." He paused for dramatic effect. "Without ever stepping foot outside her room."

Another boy sat nearby eating the remain bits of french fries on his plate. He listened to the gossiping boys with little interest. He mindlessly finished his meal and left leaving behind a tip of exactly 15%. He headed down the street to his house, not bothering to look back at the red building where he just ate. He was headed to his boring home in this boring town.

This world is so dull. We created false stories and ridiculous speculations to liven it up some. But those can only take us so far. The world is dull, the real true world itself is nothing more than the limit that we can achieve. We can try to fight the boredom off, but we can't change the truth. The boy thought this on his way home.

Suddenly, his foot kicked something. The sound was not that of a rock, so the boy looked down at his feet. There was a case holding a disk inside of it. The disk itself had writing on it, so the boy picked it up to read. It said, "For a Better World".

"What the hell?" These words escaped the boy's mouth. But he put the disk in his oversized pocket on his sweater and continued home. Shortly afterward he saw what he was looking for. It was a cream colored house with dirty walls. The grass was dead and the porch had holes in the wood. This was his house whether he liked it or not. So, he walked toward the mossy door, careful to avoid the holes, and opened it. The inside of the house was not much of an approvement. It was a mess. Things were all over the place and there was a faint scent of something nasty in the walls. The boy sighed. He would be the only one home at this time.

He went to his room and threw his jacket off somewhere. Then he went to his computer and inserted the disk. He was curious as to what it was, and well, he was bored too. Once the disk was enter a program started up. The boy stared at the screen. Shortly words appeared.

"Enter Name"

So the boy, not willing to put his own name into some unknown program, typed out the name "Roiyaru". He had no reason to pick this name over any others, he just wanted to be creative while pushing random letters together more or less.

"What is your gender?"

Male, obviously.

"What do you look like?"

This was not a type it out question. Instead the program displayed a character creation screen much like the ones found in video games. The boy began to think that what he found was nothing other than a game. He sighed, but continued. He didn't have any interest in what he "looked like", so he pressed the "random" button.

That was when things changed. Everything went dark and the boy lost consciousness.

A young woman was brushing her hair out by the window of a beach house. She was located at her own home that she purchased herself even though she could not be more than 16 years old. Her black hair shimmered as she ran her brush through it. She had a pretty average build. She was thin, but healthy, not tall, but not short. She hummed while brushing, her purple eyes sparked in the twilight.

She admired the calm and peaceful setting of the beach at twilight. It made the world seem simple and that she could admire for days. But as she was looking out at the water she noticed something off dim light. The water glisten like magic in all but one spot. In that spot was a dark figure ruining her picture perfect night.

"Well looks like I am going to have to clean up the beach a little bit then." With that the woman jumped out her window and headed down toward the beach. She approached the edge of the water. She lifted her light, see-through skirt and waded toward the dark mass. She grabbed it with her hand , ready to toss it out toward the beach with no mercy. But she realized something. This dark mass was not an object, but a person instead. "What they hell?" she said looking at it longer. Maybe this person washed up from the sea. But there was nothing beyond the sea, this was the end of the world. There couldn't be a distant shore or sailing ship. There existed nothing beyond this beach.

She pulled the figure on to the shore and let her skirt fall back into place. It gave her the look of an elegant beach visitor. She wore her bikini underneath, but the skirt added a touch of elegance to an otherwise plain look. Wait, she thought to herself, now is not the time to admire my outfit. She turned her attention to the person. She picked the body up and carried it to her home. It was surprised at how light the body was. She concluded it was definitely a poor helpless maiden that she rescued.

She got to the house, and after some trouble opening the door, she got inside and placed the body on her couch. It was more like a bench in the fact that it was made of wood, but it had decorative clothes to cover it. The were designed with geometry shapes that were the colors of red, orange, yellow, and brown. The whole house matched that color scheme. She let out a sigh and stretched her arms out. Even though the person was light, she was still a person. The girl fixed her hair and looked to her lovely maiden.

She had blonde hair, cut just above her shoulders. She face was not one of divine beauty. Actually it was a simple face with no details to it at all. Which was unusually for girls here, they usually have a marking or make up of some sort. Her body had no figure. She was slender yes, but she was flat, boyishly flat.

The girls purple eyes widened in shock. What laid before her was not some helpless maiden, but instead just some boy who was lost at sea, and a sea that wasn't connected to anything. Suddenly she didn't feel as though she was preserving a delicate flower anymore. She was rescuing a boy with a girlish figure. She sighed. Girls are so much better than boys. Then she put a blanket on the unconscious disappointment and sighed once more.

The boy realized that he was laying down with a blanket covering him. Good, he thought, my brother must have found me. He figured that he just passed out for some reason or another. Last time I try out random disks. He thought bitterly to himself. They he slowly opened his eyes. But he did not see the broken down and dirty appearance of his room. Instead there was a pleasant geometric design of warm colors in front of him. It whole room felt warm and inviting, so he know for sure it wasn't his room. He slowly lifted himself to a sitting position. He blinked and looked around quite confused. Then he heard a woman's voice.

"Good morning there beautiful," it said with a song in it's tone. But then the woman mumbled under her breathe, "or that is what I should be saying to a nice new female companion that would become my one true friend in this world." The boy turned to see a beautiful young lady with long, graceful black hair. She held a card, the size of a simple ID, in her hand. She finished pouting and turned her attention back to the boy.

"So, Mr. Roiyaru, what are you doing here?" She asked, slamming the ID card down on the bench the boy was on. The ID had a picture of a blonde boy and had the name Roiyaru typed neatly along the upper right-hand corner. However, the boy was confused.

"Excuse me miss, but who is that?" He said pointing at the ID. He had never seen that boy before. It was even weirder that the lady seemed to think that he was that boy. She looked at him like he was the dumbest person on the planet. She opened her mouth like she was going to say something, but closed it again.

"Um…" she started, not sure what to say, "that would be you."

"No way, I look nothing like this boy in this picture. I mean I know I am no bodybuilder or the image of manliness, but I don't look like that pretty. I mean I don't even have blonde hair."

The woman looked at him like he truly insane and backed away, keeping her eyes on her. She reached behind her and grabbed one of the many mirrors that were spread around the room. She tossed it at him. He caught it and looked into it just to please the woman. But the boy staring back at him from the reflection was not the same face that had always been his reflection. He quickly jumped up and ran for another mirror in the room. It was the same wrong face. It wasn't his face, but the face in the picture. "What the hell!" he shouted.

The woman, while still standing quite a distance away spoke up. "Are you okay?"

The boy sat back down, nodded his head, and placed his head into his hands. "Just give me a moment to think." He took a deep breathe. Okay think. He thought back to what he remembered before waking up.

""Enter Name"


"What is your gender?"


"What do you look like?"


No way! The internally screamed. The disk was somehow responsible for this. He WAS Roiyaru and he looked "pretty" because he chose random. Crap, crap, crap. The woman just watched him, playing with her long hair. He must have looked like a fool to her.

"I am sorry miss. Maybe I hit my head or something?" he told her. "I am Roiyaru, but besides that I have no idea why I am here, or where here is."

The boy, who had just found out that he was somehow or another Roiyaru, looked up at a black haired beauty. She seemed to have calmed down now that Roiyaru was acting more normal. She moved closer and sat next to him.

"So you have amnesia? Maybe you did hit your head before ending up in the water?" She said. Her purple eyes were fixed on him. There was no concern in them, just curiosity. She was thinking about how this boy ended up in the sea with no idea why. He could have been faking it, of course. But there he seemed so lost and confused. Plus, if he was faking it, there was no way she would let him trick her into some sort of trap. Though, he did seem to be telling the truth.

"My name is Freya Midnight." She got up from the couch and did a twirl followed by a slight curtsey. "Welcome to my beach house young man."

"Uh, thanks…" Roiyaru replied. Then he stretched his body out. It felt weird to him. He wasn't moving the body he was used to, he was moving a brand new body, one he didn't even get to design. She cursed himself for not using the character creation features and looked around trying to settle the awkward and uneasy feeling in the room now that they were done with their "introductions". "So, um, nice place you got."

"Oh cut the crap", Freya said as she walked to a different room. "No need for some useless small talk with a useless boy like yourself." Ouch, Roiyaru thought to himself. But Freya continued. "I will not have some useless, sick boy in my presence. Just being useless is more that enough to deal with." Ouch again, Roiyaru thought again. She really had a thing against him. What did he ever do to make her hate him so? She continued, "First off, you need new clothes."

Freya was looking through her wardrobe for anything not designed for the delicate figure of a female body. Or more basically, she was looking for clothes that were not dresses, bikinis, or skirts. Or anything that wasn't too girly in its design. She called out to Roiyaru again, "You are pretty small for a boy, so my clothes should fit. Sorry, but I don't live with any males, so all I got is my own clothes." The boy called back to her saying that it better she had better not come out with a dress. She laughed and pulled out a white button down shirt embroidered with red swirled designs. She also pulled out a pair of red pants that flowed like sweatpants but were made out of a shiny red material. Not the best outfit out there, but she figured the boy would get his own clothes soon enough.

Shortly Roiyaru was dressed in a ridiculous outfit and was staring at the woman Freya laughing her head off. He sighed, this wasn't the weirdest thing to happen to him today. "Okay, you can stop laughing anytime you want," he said annoyed.

"But I never want to stop", Freya responded between laughs. But she suddenly did stop laughing. She looked as though she just had a sudden idea pop into her head. Then she looked at Roiyaru with a scary looking smile on her face.

Roiyaru started walking backwards, "I don't know why you are looking at me like that, but I am not sure I like it."

"So you have nowhere to be or anything do you?"

"No….." Roiyaru was still walking slowly backing away.

"Good", Freya smiled at him and then turned to a television screen that was in the room.

Next thing Roiyaru knew what that he was standing in front of a glowing circle thing. That was the best way he could think to describe it. It was a vertical standing ring of gold carved with silver floral designs. The inside of the circle was color blue and it was glowing.

"Well next stop, ending my peaceful vacation early, is Valadia." Freya pointed at the glowing object in front of them. I wouldn't want to vacation with some random boy in my care anyways, she thought.

"Um, Freya", Roiyaru began, "what are you pointing at?"

Freya looked surprised. "Haven't you seen a portal before?"

"I wouldn't be asking if I have", Roiyaru answered plainly. A portal? Like in those sci-fi movies? Suddenly he got excited. He was really about to use a portal, like for real. "Wow, a portal!" he said with a change in tone. Freya shook her head at him thinking that he must have had hit his head harder than she thought. But they went through the portal together.

Roiyaru was suddenly in a new place. He didn't even feel anything. It was just like taking another step, but his surroundings were completely different. Valadia was a city, not the beach like the area where they were just a step ago. The whole area was high buildings as for as far as he could see. Roiyaru felt tiny standing among such tall structures. But there was more.

There was flying cars overhead. They raced along the sky in streams of hundreds. The buildings had large screens on them. One displayed a kitten drinking milk. Another a pink pop idol dancing around. And there were people, people everywhere. They wore strange clothes. There was a mix of robes, hooded dresses, ridiculous collars, boots with cat shaped figures on their toes. It was a mix of the weirdest things he had ever seen. But that was not all. The people themselves were strange. Some of them looked human like Freya and Roiyaru, but others not so much. There was a cat-like person, commonly referred to as a neko back where Roiyaru was from. There were also people with rock-like skin, or with long pointed ears, or with fur all over their bodies. These people were not human.

While Roiyaru was sightseeing, Freya was busy trying to get a ride. She was on a thin rectangular device. The device created a see-through screen that she was paying attention to. On that screen was a spiky-haired boy. He was pulling on one of his brown spikes as Freya was demanding that he come pick her up.

"Look Frey, I would love to drop everything I am doing and go pick you up. But I am quite busy here." The boy waved his hand and smiled at her.

Freya clicked her tongue. "Look here boy," she yelled into the screen. "My vacation was ruined, I am back early, and whatever you are doing is not so important that you can not pick up a beautiful lady from off the street and return her to the base. Or do you want me to make your existence miserable?" She almost growled as she delivered that last line.

"But… but.. b...fine. I am on my way, leaving behind a real beautiful, lovely, kind lady for a monster in heels." With that the boy disappeared from the screen before Freya could say another word.

Freya turned to see Roiyaru's terrified face. She smiled at him, "Okay we got a ride now." She turned around, grabbed Roiyaru's arm and ran off with him dragging behind.

Freya dragged Roiyaru down a couple of streets. She stopped at a building label "Kitty Cat Cafe". Roiyaru looked at the little building filled with nekos and furry cat people serving their customers. There was also cats all around and inside the building meowing, napping, and getting petted.

"This is where we are going to be picked up", Freya explained. So they stood on the corner of a kitty lover's paradise and waited for some guy to come and take them to some place. This place is just weird, Roiyaru thought to himself. I would be lost without Freya directing me. He was grateful for the help, but couldn't shake off the feeling that he was going to end up being used somehow or another by, what did that guy call her again? Oh yeah, a monster in heels.

A red car-like vehicle pulled up infront of them. It was shaped similar to a car, but it had no wheels. Instead it floated above the ground. This car had no roof, so the driver was clearly visible. It was the spiky haired boy that Freya was talking to.

"Okay Frey, I am here. Now get in the car", he said to her with an annoyed look on his face.

"Oh calm down Alwin, you weren't getting a second date anyways", Freya said with a flip of her hair. Then she opened Alwin's door and got in the car. "Oh this guy is coming too", she told him as if Roiyaru was just an afterthought. With that Roiyaru awkwardly waved and got in the back seat of the car.

Alwin turned in his seat to look at the boy who had just gotten in the car. "Hey, I am Alwin Tucker. It is a pleasure to meet you." He shook hands with Roiyaru who introduced himself. "Okay, now here we go." With that the car sped up in a incline for the sky. It quickly and efficiently joined the other cars in the sky.

The sensation of flying was new and exciting to Roiyaru. He leaned over the car door and looked down at the world below him. The ground looked so distant and small to him. He almost laughed with delight. The wind blew through his new hair and it felt so fresh and good. He lifted his arm up into the sky as if he was riding a roller coaster back on Earth.

Alwin left out a firm laugh as he watched the excited boy in his back seat. He was quite amusing. Never had Alwin ever seen someone get so excited just to ride in a car. Freya on the other hand, just shook her head at the boy.

The car slowed down and dropped out of the fly lane. It gracefully made it's stop in front of a small stone building tucked between two larger, taller buildings. This building looked more like a house than part of the city except for a wooden sign that hung above the door. On the sign in red lettering were the words "Whisper of Truth".

A woman sat on a long chair in a small two-roomed building. She was in the back room that was separated from the front room by an archway covered with a red curtain. The curtain was decorated with colorful designs of flowers and birds. The rest of the room was just as colorful. Bright reds, pink, and yellows made up the cushions of the furniture. The walls were vibrant blues and greens, with purple and pink decorations. It was an explosion of color, just like the woman liked it. She knew the front room was more black and white and professional looking, but she couldn't stand having that kind of boring scenery all around the entire building.

She herself, was dressed in deep purple top and a dark blue high waisted skirt. She had a blue semi-professional looking blue jacket over her top. Her purple hair was mostly left down and styled with volume, but she had one braid that formed something like a headband in her hair. She was a curvy woman with a defined figure. But the what stood out the most on her was her stone skin. No, this woman was not human. She was a stoneman.

She was the most noticeable person in the room and she knew it, but she was not the only one in the room. She sighed as she looked at the two girls who filled the same room as she did. They were both kind of quiet and were busy doing their own thing. She was feeling rather bored and wished that some of the others were present to entertain her.

She spoke up. "Ugh, it is way to quiet and boring around here." The girls looked up at her as she broke the silence in the room.

"Well, it is our day off, Totsu", answered one of the girls. She was the youngest in the group, just 14 years old. Her short brown hair was styled very simply. The woman, Totsu, couldn't decide if her hair was more simple, or if her pain pink dress was more simple.

The other girl nodded behind her book. She sat in the corner, snuggled between two bookshelves. Her graceful, silver hair hid her face as it flowed down her shoulder. Her silver fox ears were perked up listening to the conversation. On each one was a piercing of one half of the yin-yang symbol.

Totsu sighed at the younger of the two girls. Her name was Elise. The other girl was named Kotori. "And that is why I had this day the most", she said as she laid her head on the back of her chair. Then they heard the sound of a car pulling up. Being that it was their day off, they knew it was Alwin's car. Totsu sat up. She wasn't expecting Alwin today. He somehow got himself a date or something.

Soon, just as Totsu expected, Alwin walked through the doorway. He was wearing a button down blue shirt with a nice pair of black pants. Totsu internally laughed. He has apparently put some effort into his outfit for this date, but not any in his messy hair.

However, he was not alone. He came in with two people. One was Freya, who shouldn't have been on vacation. She must have not stopped by her real home, because she was wearing a blue dress that would normally be thrown over a swimsuit. The other person was someone she did not know. He was a blonde boy in what looked like Freya's red pants. He looked around examining the place.

"Who is this boy?" She asked standing up. "You know that we are not taking any requests today."

"He is not here for that", Freya said.

At the same time Alwin said, "I have no idea."

The boy himself just looked at them confused. He still had no idea what was going on. And the woman who was talking to them was like a standing, talking, breathing rock. He would have thought that he would be more surprised, but he guessed that he saw quite a lot that day. Between changing appearance, going through a portal, and seeing rock people, I'd say I am prepared for anything. He was still confused, but he could adjust to whatever this world could throw at him. Then Freya spoke up.

"I want this boy to join the guild."

Five people stared at Freya Midnight in complete shock. The rock girl and Roiyaru both said, "Wait what", at the same time. But Freya continued.

"I want him to join the guild. Look, we need more people." She said, then she pointed at the rock lady. "You even said that we were looking for new members, right Totsu? Well here is one standing right before you."

The girl named Totsu walked in front of Freya. "Yes, I did. But who is this boy?"

"Roiyaru. He is some guy who tricked me into believing that he was a poor, helpless maiden and then crushed my dreams by turning out to be just another useless boy like Alwin." Freya said all of that in a matter-of-factly tone of voice. Totsu was silenced with shock, but the "useless boys" had something to say at the same time.

"I never said I was a maiden!"

"I am not useless!"

Another voice spoke up. It belonged to the young girl in the pink dress. "So, this boy tricked you into believing that he was a girl and now you want him into the guild?" She tilted her head slightly as she spoke.

"I didn't trick her!" Roiyaru called out. But he was ignored.

"Yes, that is correct", She answered in a musical tone. She smiled kindly. "He came to me, not knowing even his own name. He doesn't know a thing about this world. Just like Kotori over there three days ago."

A fox eared lady in the corner of the room blushed at her name being mentioned. Everyone looked at her when she was mentioned. She quickly hid behind her book, uncomfortable with the attention until Totsu saved her by saying, "Someone else like Kotori? Lot of people like that seem to be popping up". What she meant by that was that recently in her world, there have been a lot of strangers appearing. They come with no idea where they are. Some of them adjust right away saying," this is just a game right?" While others take a little longer to adjust saying that they were from place called Earth. It wasn't surprising to find another one appear.

"Well, how unusually kind of you Freya," said Totsu, "We will take him under our wing like we did Kotori."

Freya smiled again and chimed, "Thank you!" But then her voice turned into venom. "Now I can make sure he is properly punished for trying to deceive such a kind, beautiful lady." Both Roiyaru and Alwin jumped back from her.

Oh crap! Roiyaru thought to himself. "Wait guys!" He called out. "You can't just decide what I am going to do for me. What if I don't want to join this guild with this… this…"

Alwin chimed in to help out the poor victim of Freya's wrath. "I like to call her narcissistic meanie queen"

"Narcissistic meanie queen!" Roiyaru shouted out, then he stopped. "Meanie queen? Are you five?"

"Okay, so it's lame, but fitting. I also call her Queen of hatred and evil, monster in heels, the devil lady, and much more"

"So then way say meanie queen?"

Freya glared at them until they were too frightened to continue. "None of his stupid nicknames matter. Look, Disappointment…" she said pointing at Roiyaru, " do you have anywhere else to go?"

Roiyaru thought for a bit, "well, uh, no."

"Then take the offer and join the guild. We can use another member and you can use a place to live, eat, sleep, or whatever else you need to keep you pointless self living. And we can teach you about everything this world has to offer."

"Fine I will take the offer," Roiyaru said. With that out of the way, the rest of the guild introduced themselves: Freya Midnight, the devil lady, Alwin Tucker, the fellow male, Elise Hart, the young girl, Totsu Godo, the leader, and Kotori, the book reading fox. Roiyaru was officially part of their guild, the Whisper of Truth.