Roiyaru yawned as he entered the guild house. He was still feeling sleepy that morning and the grey clouds outside was not helping. He walked past the curtain and entered the back of the building were the guild usually spent their time. Arashi was already there, writing some music down in a notebook. He looked up at the group and nodded a greeting.

Roiyaru and the rest of them mumbled their hellos before finding seats all across the room. There was a thunder storm the previous night and a certain fox was hyped up from all the loud noises. Her calls kept the lot of them awake through out much of the night. Kotori apologized for her fox, but they were all worn out.

Totsu yawned, starting up the coffee maker. She looked at her guild. They had work to do today. "Okay guys", she started, sitting on the counter next to the coffee maker. "Today we are going to look for the group that attacked Dragon's Sword yesterday." She crossed her legs, staring at her members. "So, Alwin why don't you take Kotori in your car and ask around in near by towns and cities."

Alwin stood up sleepily. "Okay, Kotori, let's go." The two left together, with Kotori asking if they should bring Ori with them.

Totsu looked at the remaining members. "And Roiyaru, you and Arashi should ask around down town." Roiyaru nodded, he could do that. Then he looked at his partner. He had never done anything with Arashi before. The pop star animu nodded at Totsu, then looked at Roiyaru. Roiyaru almost shivered under the piercing yellow eyes. They weren't frighteningly angry or anything, it was just that those eyes were so firm and strong. Those kind of eyes could only come from a person who was confident and powerful. Roiyaru felt a bit intrigued by his unknown guild member. But he pushed this away. It would be weird if he asked for Arashi's life story, wouldn't it?

Arashi walked toward him and smiled. "Shall we be off then?", he asked. Roiyaru nodded and followed the blue haired cat out of the room. The two headed toward town. Since Roiyaru was still unfamiliar with all the streets, he followed behind Arashi, still amazed at all the fancy buildings that surrounded him. Arashi stopped for a second, then turned toward Roiyaru. "Where should we begin our search?" he asked.

Before Roiyaru could even think, he heard a very loud squeel. That squeel was followed shortly by even more squeeling. Roiyaru looked around to see what was going on. As soon as he turned around, he saw a horde of girls running his way. His eyes widened at the sight and before he knew it he was laying on the ground a bit away from where he was last standing. He got up and brushed off his outfit before seeing what the commotion was about.

The horde of girls was surrounding Arashi, all of them speaking quick, high-pitch words. Arashi looked at them with a smile. These must be his fans, Roiyaru though, rubbing his painful elbows.

"I am sorry, but can you all excuse me. I am working today", Arashi said, not at all bothered by the sudden appearance of this ocean of fans.

The girls slowly stepped away, giving the famous cat boy some room. Arashi thanked them and walked to where Roiyaru was standing, mouth opened in shock. "Actually, can you guys help us out some?" Arashi said as he turned back to his fans. The group screamed as they step closer to their star again. "We are looking for some information on a certain group of people. I believe my companion can tell you more about them." The fans held on to each sweet, sounding word that came from his perfect lips.

It took Roiyaru a second to gather his thoughts again. He shook his head and began speaking. "Um, we are looking for a group of people, possibly a guild, but we don't know for sure. There are four members in particular that we are looking for: two young cat-like animu, one with blonde hair who speaks in cat puns and one with short pink hair. There is also a cyborg with green glowing lines on him and plantu boy whose leaves are tipped in blue."

The fans were quiet for a moment, talking among themselves. Then a plantu girl stepped forward. "Do you mean Hart, Breeno, Sara, and Lara?" She asked.

"Yeah, that's them!" Roiyaru shouted in excitement, earning him a questioning look from Arashi. He kept his eyes on the girl in front of him, He forgot that he wasn't suppose to actually know who those people were.

The plantu girl smile, "Yeah, I know them. They usually hang out at the Kitty Cat Cafe." Arashi thanked her and told his fans that he had to go. The disappointment filled the air, but they left their favorite star alone. With that, Arashi and Roiyaru left the crowd of girls.

"So, do you know these people, Roiyaru?" Arashi asked once they got far enough away from the group.

Roiyaru blushed at being caught. "I ran into them before, but had to let them go. There was no way Elise and I could stop them."

Arashi was quiet for a bit. Then he looked at the shorter boy next to him. "That was smart of you. There is no need for you and Elise to fight someone you guys can't beat." Roiyaru looked up surprised. He didn't expect any one in the guild would be okay with him letting them go, much less praising him for not fighting. "Though next time you should tell Totsu. Any information, like names, could be helpful to us", Arashi told him. Then he called Totsu on his CompBox and revealed what they found out, leaving out the fact that Roiyaru met their targets before. As he ended his conversation, he looked forward to see a building with a sign that had a cat drinking a cup of coffee on it. The place was filled with cat-like weres and animus and actual cats. It was the Kitty Cat Cafe.

Arashi and Roiyaru walked into the cafe. Roiyaru looked around, surprised at how many cats and cat-like things were in one place. The tables were shaped like cat heads, with a cat center piece. The walls were lined with scratching posts that were made into the legs of counter tops. Cat pictures hung everywhere. And there was cats everywhere: on laps, on tables, on counters, everywhere. Roiyaru and Arashi were greeted by a young cat-like were in a frilly pink dress. "Welcome to the Kitty Cat Cafe, Meow", she charmed happily. She lead the boys to a table and proceeded to take their order. "What will it be, mew?"

Arashi, much better composed than Roiyaru, answered first. "I would like a glass of milk, if that is alright." The waitress wrote down his order.

"And for you, Mew?"

"Um, something sweet, I guess. I'll let you decide what is good." Roiyaru answered. He hadn't been to this place before, and hadn't ordered at Saowei before either. He was still getting used to the similar and differing foods there. The waiter purred with happiness as she skipped away.

"Do you see them around here, Roiyaru", Arashi asked, getting back to their mission. Roiyaru looked around, remembering that they were not here just for fun. He glanced at all the nearby tables, but didn't see the group from before.

"I don't see them, but there are a lot of people here." And he wasn't lying. The place was filled with cat people and cat fanatics. It was almost a mystery how all these people fit inside one little cafe.

"Guess we will just have to ask them", Arashi said giving a smile. Roiyaru couldn't help but notice that the boy in front of him had a certain charm and attraction to him. No wonder he was so popular with the girls, many of which were looking their way. Piercing glares dug into Roiyaru as the girls poured their hatred into him for sitting at the same table as their star.

The waitress returned with their drink, putting them down in front of the boy who order them. Arashi's was a simple glass of milk with a heart cookie he didn't order accompanying it. Roiyaru's was a black cup of steaming liquid. The smell of jealousy and hatred filled his nose from it. He looked at it fearfully and gentle pushed it away.

"Miss, while you are here, do you mind if we ask you a simple question", Arashi asked. The were blushed and smiled as she nodded. "We are looking for some friends of this boys. They are said to come here often, can you help us?'

"Sure, anything for you. Who are they? Mew?" the waitress asked, melting in the steady glaze of her pop star idol.

"Their names are Lara, Sara, Hart, and Breeno." Arashi said.

"Yeah, they come here often." The waitress said, crossing her fur covered arms. "Not as much recently though. I think they are busy with some new guild they created."

"Oh, well that isn't good", Roiyaru said. He was hoping that they could find them soon. The thought of staking this place out over the next few days scared him. He felt his safety was at risk with all of the evil glares he was getting from just one time at the cafe.

"But Sara and Lara are big fans of yours, Arashi. I bet if you gave a concert, then they would most definitely come, mew" the waitress said with hope sparkling in her large eyes. She just wants a concert, Roiyaru thought. He stared at his partner, would he really do that.

Arashi sat there for a while thinking, many of the eavesdropping girls leaned in waiting to hear what he had to say. "Well, I do not think that I had the pleasure of meeting Lara and Sara myself. It shouldn't be any trouble for me to preform here." He said, still thinking. Then he smiled. "Sure why not. It would be fun to have a smaller concert than my usual ones." The room erupted in cheering.

"I shall preform in two weeks, make sure to advertise it well", Arashi said getting up from his chair. "I hope to see you all there", he called out to the crowd of excited girls. Then he winked causing even more screaming and some fainting. Roiyaru awkwardly stood up, and they left the cafe with a plan to find the famous feast ruiners, or um thief and jail breaker.

Two Weeks Later

"Is this going to work?", Alwin asked. He was standing next to Roiyaru behind a black curtain. They were standing on a portable stage that the Kittty Cat Cafe had set up outside their building. What Alwin was looking at was a large sea of people. So large that near the back of the group there was parked cars with televisions and speakers on them for the audience to be able to see the show.

"Of course it will," Roiyaru said, closing the curtain on Alwin. "Just don't get seen. The cat girls know who we are, but not that Arashi is with us."

"But there are too many people here. We will never find them in that crowd." Alwin said gesturing past the curtain.

"We are not going to find them there, they are going to come to us." Roiyaru told Alwin with a grin on his face. "Now get of the stage, we can't be here when they open the curtains for Arashi." The boys walked off the stage and into the cafe where they past Arashi.

"Good Luck", Roiyaru said as they walked by him. Arashi stopped and smiled at the strange new comer.

"I don't need luck." Then he turned back to the stage. "It should be fun, I never had so few people at a concert before, nor did I ever have backstage guest like the ones tonight." With that he walked out onto the stage.

Roiyaru's jaw dropped. "This is what a few people look to him? The crowd goes out into the next couple of blocks!."

Alwin laughed, "You have never been to a concert here in Saowei before, and especially not an Arashi concert." That though kind of scared the blonde boy, but he didn't have much time to think about it. Screams erupted from the outside. Arashi was addressing his fans.

Totsu walked up to the chatting boys. "Is everything ready?"

"Yep", Roiyaru answered. "All that is left to do is enjoy the concert and catch our party crashers."

"Don't worry Tots, we will punish those destroyers of food and fun", Alwin said with a bit too much determination. All three of them let out a harsh laugh before positioning themselves for their plan.

Roiyaru got into his position within the Kitty Cat Cafe. The guild members, except for Arashi of course, were hidden around the cafe. Some were behind the counters, others were in the kitchen, and the such. Now they waited for Arashi's concert to end.

It sounded like a grand concert. Arashi's voice was amazing. He looked out toward his fans as he sung. They were jumping and screaming and singing along. Even though the crowd was small, the energy was large. The stage had lights of green and blue that moved around artistically. There was glowing sticks in the crowd to light up the night. It was a neon-light kind of concert, one that Arashi was famous for.

"And now for a new song I wrote." Arashi said near the end of the concert. "You guys will be the first to hear it. I hope you like it." After some time to allow the crowd to scream, music from Arashi's band began to play. He winked at the fans, then started to sing.

Everyone is looking for something,

And nobody has found everything.

There is always something more to see

Always something more to need.

Well, I don't want to be that way.

I don't want to spend my life always searching.

I want to be here,

Right now.

Why keep looking for what you already have?

When all you need is in front of you.

I got people I can count on.

I got people who count on me.

What else do I really need?

If you feel like there is more you want.

What you have isn't good enough.

Just look around you.

Sometimes it is more than it seems.

I don't want to spend my life always searching.

I want to be here,

Right now.

Why keep looking for what you already have?

When all you need is in front of you.

I got people I can count on.

I got people who count on me.

What else do I really need?

"Okay I will be honest.

Maybe I do want more."

Even if I have what I need,

There are still some things I want.


I don't want to spend my life always searching.

I want to be here,

Right now.

Why keep looking for what you already have?

When all you need is in front of you.

I got people I can count on.

I got people who count on me.

What else do I really need?

Do I even need anything at all?

With that the song ended. There was a loud cheering from the crowd. After the fans settled down Arashi spoke. "Thank you all for being at my first ever local event concert. Now I to announce the event winners who will get to have a drink with me inside the lovely Kitty Cat Cafe. Again screaming erupted from the crowd. "Okay so the winners are Sara Cat and Lara Kit. Each of you pick one friend and come inside of the cafe." The guild inside prepared themselves. It was almost time for the real show.