Verse 1

Once upon a time, or so I was once told,

An icicle of lies from the one who's cold.

Gather around now, for one more retelling,

Of a treacherous account of all her failings.

Chorus 1

In your tale, she's the sick leech,

Draining you of your will to care.

In your tale, you're so bewitched,

With the girl with the raven hair.

Verse 2

Once upon a time, or so the story goes.

Your ghoulish lies are the truth that this world knows.

The night awaits us, for one last retelling,

One last vicious attack on all my failings.

Chorus 2

In your tale, I'm the bad wolf,

Drooling with my venomous rage.

In your tale, you're the sad fool,

Your tragic fate drenching each page.

Bridge (Outro)

Once upon a time,

You got away with a crime.

Once upon a tale,

Your twist facts to feed your hell.

Once upon a crowd,

You're their deity without a doubt.

Once upon a dream,

You smile while my dying heart screams.