Come out with me, down winding streets under sagging eaves

to the barrios where dreams decay.

Come out with me.

Come out with me barefoot

over beer glass and needles spent

plunging an opiate acceptance

of the world the way it is, and curling

dragonlike through willing veins.

Come out with me,

bleeding tracks to be followed

walking widdershins through your mercury:

destination, journey,

and origin

all an unknown line.

Come out with me.

Come out with me moonless

where the sainted dark forms a maze

of all out good intentions

of the places we go to be ourselves

of the space that remains after the touch of bodies.

Come out with me one last time – and we will dance

until we are tired stubs

slow-spinning and


by our own reduction.

tiny planets caught in the orbits of ourselves.

or stargazers drunk on absence like absinth, tenuous with our conviction

that there is more to the night than misdirection.

It is just enough to ponder

while our shadows stretch, languid as cats, to couple

on the grass

Pulsing to an unseen beat.

Come out with me.