This play takes place in Malaya during the Japanese occupation (1941-1945). In December 1941, the Japanese Army (including some conscripted Korean and Taiwanese soldiers) invaded Southeast Asia to establish their Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. The Japanese mission was allegedly to liberate Asia from European dominance and create an "Asia for Asians." However, the Japanese had already demonstrated in their colonies Korea and Taiwan that they were only interested in their own hegemony and Malaya and the rest of Southeast Asia would find that out the hard way. The actions of the Imperial Japanese Army illustrate the philosophical concepts explored by Giorgio Agamben and Claudio Minca of a space of exception and that the nomos of one being untouchable can easily be repealed.

CHARACTERS, in order of appearance:
Character #1 Japanese Soldier
Character #2 Korean Soldier
Character #3 Taiwanese Soldier
Character #4 Puppet Malay Governor
Character #5 Executed Malay
Character #6 POW Who Gets Tortured