Act 3: Execution

Malays from both the collaborationist forces and non-collaborationist sects could be executed by Japanese forces at any time.

Puppet Malay Governor: Taisa Dono! (bows down) These two degenerates have shown arrogance and disrespect to Dai Nippon!

Japanese Soldier: Well, well, well. (pats the Governor's head) What have we here? Two dumbass Malay Sangokujin who think they can show such uppity behavior instead of appreciation for what we've done for Malaya.

Korean Soldier: (to Taiwanese Soldier) I bet they're gonna be executed. What do you think?

Taiwanese Soldier: (to Korean Soldier) Definitely.

Japanese Soldier: But tell me, governor. Which one is causing more trouble and should be made an example for his fellow unappreciative Malays to witness?

Puppet Malay Governor: (points at POW who gets tortured) This one, Taisa Dono. He believes that the Japanese are criminals that only torture and massacre the Malay people and believes that the Japanese construction projects are meaningless.

Japanese Soldier: I see. (turns to Korean Soldier and Taiwanese Soldier) You two! Take this Sangokujin and teach him a lesson!

(Korean Soldier and Taiwanese Soldier start beating the POW Who Gets Tortured)

POW Who Gets Tortured: Ahh! Have mercy!

Korean Soldier: Since we can't kill that Choppari right now, we're going to take out our frustrations on you! (punches him)

Taiwanese Soldier: That's right you Jianhuo! (kicks him) Eat this! (punches him)

Japanese Soldier: Now, governor, what was the other Sangokujin doing?

Executed Malay: Please! Have mercy!

Puppet Malay Governor: (hits him) Silence! (to Japanese Soldier) He attempted to turn me against the cause of Dai Nippon and believes that I am a traitor to the Malay homeland even though I have only done everything to benefit it!

Japanese Soldier: Well in that case he'll be rewarded as he should be. (pulls out a gun and aims it at the Executed Malay)

Executed Malay: What are you doing?! Get away from me you fuckin Jap! (gets shot) Ahh! Please have mercy! (gets shot again, collapses)

Japanese Soldier: And this, is why Malays should be kept obedient. On that noteā€¦. (turns towards the Puppet Governor with the gun)

Puppet Malay Governor: Taisa Dono! What is the meaning of this? (gets shot and collapses)

Japanese Soldier: You claim to have done everything to benefit the Malay homeland, and not our Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. That puts your loyalty into question. (kicks him) Besides, I heard your spat with those Sangokujin. You believe you won't die because you're working for Japan? (snort) No one is spared from dying these days. Everyone is an exception to the normal rule that no one dies. Everyone that is, except for the forces of Dai Nippon.

POW Who Gets Tortured: PLEASE, have mercy! (Korean and Taiwanese Soldiers continue to beat him)

Korean Soldier: (to Taiwanese Soldier) Should we just kill him already?

Taiwanese Soldier: (to Korean Soldier) Sure. (shoots him)

Japanese Soldier: What are you fuckin Tojin doing! I was going to torture him for information! Just shows you Tojin are just as dumb as those Sangokujin. (points gun at them) I'm gonna execute you!

(Taiwanese Soldier shoots Japanese soldier first, who collapse)

Korean Soldier: Nice shot.

Taiwanese Soldier: Thanks. That Riben Guizi had it coming though. And he was wrong. Anyone can be killed. (shrugs) That's simply the norm. All life is just worthless as we're just tools that go to war all the time.

Korean Soldier: (aside glance) What are you talking about? You sound like some stupid Italian philosopher.

Taiwanese Soldier: I'll explain it to you on the way back. (both walk out)

(everyone walks out)

The End