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Bit of a long author's note today, so bear with me.

This story is a present for the author Brievel, who has written a wonderful story called Unwaging War, along with some epic Star Wars fanfiction. She's a wonderful author and I've become addicted to her writing. Please go check her stories out, especially Unwaging War!

So with all that Sci-fi bouncing around in my head I decided to write my own Science fiction one-shot. I 'borrowed' a character from her fanfiction "Confessions of an Imperial Secret agent" (Which is also amazing!) and decided to play around with Star Wars. Lady Brie belongs to Brievel, not me. (Question: If you borrow something without asking, is it theft?)

Since I'm not ready to delve into the ocean that is fanfiction just yet, I decided to change a few details (with Star Wars as the base) to create my own Science fiction world. Any and all relations to Star Wars are completely accidental, as I don't own it... Disney does.

Also I listened to a LOT of Two Steps from Hell while writing this, I recommend the Battlecry album.

I hope you enjoy this one shot.


Lady Brie walked down the hallway, noticing how people who passed her averted their eyes, as they should.

Her heeled boots clicked on the spotless white floors as she walked to her cubicle. It was positioned to oversee the rest of the cubicles as well as the activity in the office, and she watched the other officials like a hawk in a field of mice.

The facility was positioned on the planet Azeban, which was the prime planet for starship and weapons manufacturing in the government. Lady Brie was the woman with her hands in the money pot and not a credit changed hands unless she approved of the transaction.

The government she worked for, simply called the Dominion, was rich and used Azeban to produce an endless supply of starships to secure its borders and defeat internal threats. Lady Brie was on the main Council dealing with finances.

This meant, however, that she was often forced to deal with Smugglers, crime lords, and pirates who preyed on the Dominion's vast riches. She was heavy handed with the resources at her disposal, she pounded pirate bases to dust, ripped apart Crime lord fleets, and led constant raids on smuggler hideouts.

There was one smuggler who she never touched or interfered with though, namely because he was such an asset to her.

His file called him Ace, and he was a freelance pilot for any cause willing to pay him credits. She'd met him during a uncover mission to bust a drug smuggling ring, and they'd saved each other's lives (She'd saved his unwillingly, and was quite unimpressed as he saved her). Regardless he became an off the records informant for the Dominion, and they formed an unlikely partnership.

He would tip her off to any big strikes against the Dominion fleets, and she would ambush the attackers. He'd alert her to any Crime lords making power grabs and she'd take away their resources. She had made more busts against the criminal element since they starting working together, than she ever could have alone.

In return, when he caused a little too much trouble and got on the Dominion's radar she'd casually forget to pursue him, or make halfhearted attempts at best. Since her record was spotless and impeccable, no one looked twice at a target that slipped away from her.

It was a partnership based on mutual benefit, and both parties were comfortable.


It couldn't last, however, and it didn't.

Lady Brie sat at her cubicle, pouring over the latest numbers and data from the previous day. The massive buildup of the fleet was taxing on the economy, but that's what she was here for.

She'd been appointed to the position with the money, so she could oversee all the clumsy and incompetent bureaucrats and sons of this war hero or that official who had been forced into a job they knew nothing about. She was like oil, seeping into the cracks and causing the machine of Dominion to run smoothly, so her master could focus on unlocking the secrets of the universe.

She had just finished crunching the latest batch of numbers, when her earpiece comlink buzzed at the frequency she had set for her family. She pressed a finger to her ear impatiently, expecting to hear the voice of her sisters or mother.

She instead got a garbled voice that she couldn't recognize.

"Hello Brie."

Her fingers strayed to her controls, and she inwardly wondered if she could set up a trace before whoever was on the other line noticed.

"Who is this, how did you get this frequency?" She snapped, attempting to keep her voice official.

"I'm hurt you don't remember me Brie, this is Ace… and I need your help."

She retracted her fingers from the controls, and lowered her head. "You can't call me on this frequency, in the place where I work, where I'm surrounded by people who would love to sell me out for working with a known criminal!"

She heard him chuckle "Listen Brie, I don't have a choice. An old friend of mine from my privateering days has been captured by a corporation called Overcore and they've sent a message saying that she's going to be executed."

"Execution?" She paused, most corporations would resort to blackmail, bribery, and at the worst sabotage… but they didn't want to make undue messes by having executions.

"Yeah, they're holding her in the Latari system, the planet Banton more specifically. They've employed about thirty mercenaries and I can't take them all out myself. Please, I've helped you approximately sixty times, and now I need your help."

"You've been counting?"

He chuckled "I need to get you to pay me back somehow. Listen just call me on our usual channel when you've made up your mind."

Then with a click he was gone.

For the rest of her workday, Brie mulled over his words.

This was a rare opportunity to bring down a corrupt corporation that she'd personally been trying to nail for many years, and she certainly had the authority to take action against any criminal group that she chose.

Plus he had helped her take down a lot of criminals, surely she owed him her help.

But with thirty mercenaries and who knows what defenses awaiting them, she needed support. If the Dominion troops saw her interacting with the smuggler who always slid through her fingers… questions might be raised. Her influence and power was great, and many an ambitious officer would love to take her down a peg… A scandal like that could be valuable to them and crippling to her.

So she'd just have to make sure no one saw them together.

She turned on her heel and opened up a comlink channel to the garrison stationed on Azeban. "Prep three troop carriers in hanger six and await my arrival… our destination is Banton."

She then pressed a finger to her ear and opened the secure line to Ace "I'm helping you… this time."

He chuckled again "I'm uploading coordinates to your datapad. Don't ask how I got your password."

When she entered hanger six, the three troop carriers were already prepared, and the crew snapped to attention when she walked by.

Each troop carrier could hold twenty Dominion troopers. Having sixty of them to assault one fortress was probably overkill, but she couldn't resend the order now.

The Dominion troopers were all clad in white body armor, and helmets that obscured all but their eyes, nose, and mouth. The armor covered their chest and back, with greaves that snapped onto their legs, and the helmets were all connected to one another via a comlink, so they could speak without fear of being jammed.

They were armed with a standard issue B-32 laser rifle and a long sword at their hips, along with several plasma grenades clamped to their belts.

Brie in stark contrast, was dressed in a grey shirt and trousers that each concealed padded armor. Her only weapons were two powerswords that swung from her hips.

The troopers began to file into the ships and then the three carriers lifted off towards their destination, blasting off into hyperspace.

Around an hour later, the carriers emerged from hyperspace, and viewports were filled with the sight of the lush green planet.

The carriers landed at the coordinates and Brie walked out first, getting her body used to the atmosphere and gravity… which wasn't all that different from Azeban. The troopers' body armor would adapt to their new conditions, she had no such luxury.

The troopers filed out and she began looking around for any sign of him, she knew he wasn't stupid enough to charge out into the open, so he must be hiding somewhere.

Her foot stepped on something that wasn't underbrush, and she picked it up. It was a transmitter, and at her touch it flickered to life displaying a holographic image of Ace.

"Well Brie you found my transmitter." His voice was still garbled, but that smile assured her it was him. "In approximately five minutes the fortress just through these trees will be rocked by an explosion, that's your signal… move in and distract the mercenaries while I free my friend."

Before she could respond or agree, the transmitter switched off and exploded harmlessly in her hand.

She rolled her eyes and assembled her men for the assault.


Three minutes had been spent getting her men into position, the fortress had no external defenses that she could see, and only the mercenaries were inside.

If Ace planned to attack one side of the facility, it would be the right side… the one closest to the prison camp. She had positioned her men on the other three sides, in teams of twenty men each to assault on her signal. The plan was to spread the defenders out as wide as possible to pick them off one by one.

She had two minutes to find Ace and warn him that they needed to give each other a wide berth for this mission.

She crept through the trees that bordered the fortress, her grey attire blending in with the dark colors of her environment. She was heading towards the right side, heading to Ace.

Then the explosion went off.

The right wall exploded with such force that it sent chunks of steel and flaming sheets of metal into the surrounding trees, and Brie inwardly wondered how he had acquired the explosives to blow a hole into a steel fortress.

She waited for the cries of panic to die down, before lunging forward, unclipping one of her power swords. With the press of a button the metal blade glowed with yellow energy, and with the energy flowing through it, it was strong enough to deflect laser blasts, slice through most materials, and chop a man in half.

She rushed into the hole to see Ace already in a shootout with several mercenaries. They all were wearing armor around their chests and shoulders, and armed with laser, plasma, and sonic weapons.

Ace meanwhile was wearing a brown pair of trousers, a belt, and a jacket that probably concealed armor. He was firing a large, scoped, two handed rifle against the mercenaries which spat blue pulses at them. He fired and reloaded, fired and reloaded, fired and reloaded, and the three mercs were on the ground with holes in their chests.

Brie rushed to his side and deflected a laser blast back at a solider, and he smiled "So you're here… any other backup?"

"On their way."

"Good. Hold 'em off for me will you?' Ace asked, before rushing towards the building where, she assumed, that his friend was being held.

She rushed towards an entrenched group of men and spun her powersword, sending their own laser blasts back at them and causing several explosions. A mercenary ran towards her with a baton in his hand and she almost laughed as she cut it in half, before removing the man's head.

She then pressed her earpiece again as more soldiers rushed towards her. "Alright men, move in! Now!"

Then Lady Brie charged forward, swinging her blade.

Plasma blasts and laser beams shot towards the sky as she deflected them all. She sheared the barrels off of the guns and then reversed her swing to carve a hole in their owners, melee weapons were slashed apart and she spun around before slicing the men who had held them.

The survivors of her assault turned and ran… straight into the sights of Dominion soldiers.

Her troopers were efficient, exchanging fire with the remaining hostiles while rushing in to secure vital positions on the battlefield. The mercenaries were already outnumbered, and soon they were outflanked and shot down.

Seeing that her men had things under control Brie rushed towards the building Ace had entered minutes ago.

Ace carefully walked into the building, every fiber of his being wanted him to blast his way down and rescue his friend Lana, but if he raised too much of a ruckus the mercenaries wouldn't hesitate to put a blaster bolt in her head.

He held his rifle in a fierce grip, and when the first Mercenary came into view, he fired.

The rifle jolted and spat a blue pulse at its target, which exploded on impact.

The mercenary went flying before he could draw his own pistol and struck the wall… dead. Ace reloaded and walked a bit quicker, hoping the noise had gone unnoticed.

The long hallways to reach the prisoner cells were perfect places for ambushes, yet Ace had encountered no one roaming around. He shook off his unease and advanced, ducking around a corner and pressing his back to the wall.

Two more mercenaries rushed by him, both unnoticing the smuggler in their frantic run past. Ace waited for them to leave his sight and then rushed forward, towards where they had come from.

He ducked into another doorway and peered out, seeing three mercs in the room. Two were closest to him, armed with laser rifles, while a third held a plasma gun to a young woman's head, who was bound and gagged in the center of room.

Lana! Ace cursed, his rifle was far too slow to take down all three and he doubted his pistol, illegal as it was, was strong enough to do the job either.

He needed something both fast and strong… that something was a laser rifle. However the only ones nearby were in the grip of the two mercenaries.

He smiled to himself, Oh Lana, you'll hate me so much for this risk…

He then holstered his rifle on his back and charged towards the door, surprising all four.

Quick as lighting he hurled a punch at the nearest hostile, knocking him off balance, before making a grab for the laser rifle. He tore it from the struggling hands and spun towards the man holding Lana. He fired twice, and the red beams cut through the air, slamming into the man and turning him into dust.

Ace stared down at the weapon "Whoa… I need one of these."

The mercenary however, seemed adamant to keep the gun for himself, and tackled Ace. The rifle went flying as the two men struggled while the third kept his gun on his hostage.

"Stop resisting or she dies!" He yelled.

Ace lashed out with his legs and knocked the laser rifle upwards, causing the blast to collide with the celling. He stood up and hurled the first mercenary into the second before grabbing the laser rifle and firing twice, shooting both men dead.

He rushed over to Lana and untied her, also removing a gag from her mouth.

She threw her arms around him and stumbled into his embrace, babbling words of thanks through tears of relief. Ace smiled and pressed the rifle into her hands "Can you walk?"

"Yes I can, is your ship nearby?" She asked.

"It always is." He replied, and with that the pair charged towards the exit.

Brie ran through the narrow corridors and when she finally stopped she wasn't sure who was more surprised. Her or the two mercenaries she stumbled into.

Before she could raise her powersword, an unexpected punch caught her in the stomach and her weapon clattered to the ground.

The solider who punched her quickly grabbed her arms, preventing her from drawing her other weapon, while the second mercenary pulled out a baton and readied it to swing.

She leapt up and hurled her body into a backflip throwing the first mercenary into the wall. She lashed out with a kick and caught the second in the throat before grabbing the man's arm and forcing him to drop the baton. She ducked another punch and slid under her assailant's legs, grabbing her powersword and thumbing it to life.

She swung twice and the two mercenaries fell to the floor, never to rise again.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Ace and a woman she assumed was the one he came to rescue, rushing towards her and she headed towards the exit herself.


As the trio exited the building, the Dominion troopers stood to attention when they saw Lady Brie, but when her companions exited they seized their blasters and surrounded the pair.

Brie cursed lightly, this was the very situation she was hoping to avoid! Her mind spun, but she was unable to come up with a solution to diffuse the situation.

Ace raised his hands and stepped forward, letting all the laser muzzles follow his movement. "Hey hold on here. Listen I came here to rescue my friend okay… just let her leave and everything will be fine."

Brie noticed that he had placed himself between her troopers and Lana. Every single laser blast would hit him, and his eyes showed no fear about being a human shield. He was willing to die for her, and she saw in the woman's stance that she was ready to run.

She shook her head and walked up to her troops forcing the muzzles down "Stand down men. Stand down."

The Dominion troopers did as she asked without question… any questions would have meant getting a powersword drawn in front of their faces, which was uncomfortable.

She turned to Ace and nodded "Take your friend and go… just this once."

Ace nodded back and gently supported Lana as they traveled out of the fortress, presumably towards his ship.

"Move out" She ordered, knowing her troopers had followed protocol and salvaged any evidence that could be used for future strikes on Overcore.

Now they could go home.


As the three carriers sped through hyperspace, one of the troopers approached Lady Brie. He was a captain, and they had been on many similar missions against the criminal element before, so that was probably why he asked the question he did.

"Milady, why didn't we capture the smuggler when he appeared on the scene? You could have finally caught the one man who's slipped away from you time and time again."

Any other man would have gotten her powersword straight through his chest for daring to question her decisions, but she relented this time.

"Because…" She paused trying to find the right words "The smuggler was only there trying to rescue a friend, not for money or praise. The man was simply trying to do the right thing, I figured we should too."


Once the carriers had landed on Azeban, she filled an after action report and then took the first air speeder home.

She entered her small house and felt her earpiece buzz again. She smiled, despite herself and pressed it. "Hey Ace, you okay?"

Ace's voice was normal this time and she could tell he was smiling "Yeah, Lana's okay and we're far away from Banton and Overcore."

Brie kicked off her boots and walked to her kitchen, brewing a cup of coffee for herself. "I'll send you all the files we collected on the corporation. I'll be working to bring them down, and any help you could bring is welcome."

"Sure…. And Brie… Thanks for helping me out today."

Lady Brievel allowed herself a small smile "Anytime… my friend."

"Thanks… my friend." He said, before switching off.

Those two words weren't much for most people, but for a Dominion agent and a Smuggler, two opposites, it was a big step in their partnership.

One they were both happy to take.


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