A/N: It is a collection of stories, based on real life. Although the names and incidents have been modified.

Episode One

Story Of Joy

Little Joy was born to two successful employees who worked for most notable private farm in the city. Her parents were so busy people that they did not had enough time to play with her or to teach her anything. So when she turned 3 her mother took here to the best nursery School in their little locality. Joy was so much like her name, she was a jolly child always happy and full of enthusiasm. For the first time, she made friends, she learned how to read, How to count. Of all the teachers in nursery School miss Sophie was her favourite. She taught her how to draw. Joy was so excited when her parents came home afrer her first art class. She had made a drawing. She presented it to her mumma and papa. They took it and her mumma said, "Why weren't you working on your reading Joy? Your reading skills are not good enough, next time when you have free time try to read or learn something." Her mother said sternly.

Little Joy nodded along, a bit hurt. Her mumma didn't said how the drawing was, Sophie ma'm had said it was beautiful, perhaps her mumma didn't find it pretty.

Days went by and Joy did as her parents asked her to do. But she did had fun in her classes. All her teachers loved her for her smartness. In her final exams she scored 92%. All the teachers were so proud of her, when her parents came to collect her from school, they were happy, but their smile didn't reach their eyes. When they arrived home, her papa told her how disappointed they were that she hadn't scored 100 in all her papers. Her face lost all light of happiness, her heart broke into pieces. She promised her parents next time she'll do better.

Joy was mature for her age. When her parents admitted her to primary school she threw herself to reading and learning. As her parents had said her she spent very little time for arts such as drawing and other good for nothing things. Well she loved to draw, but her parents had forbidden her to draw without need and she was a good girl. So she didn't do anything her parents think as good for nothing.

Joy was a meritorious student, she understood her lessons well, she remembered them well but she had one flaw. She couldn't write faster. Her parent always rebuked her for her slow hand writing, so did her new teachers at primary school. She did not like her teachers at school, she was afraid of them. They used to talk loudly, new teachers rebuked them often and some of them even used hit students. Most used hands but one or two teachers used wooden scales.

One day Joy was returning from toilets with her friends, suddenly she heard the sound of scale hitting flesh and a painful howl from one of upper year student. They boy was crying, the teacher, Mr. C had him by one ear and he was hitting him repeatedly with the scale. She and her friend were so afraid after that incident.

Mr. C used to teach literatures. He was a bit bulky but tall man, with fair complexion and moustache. One day he had given them to write a paragraph. When she completed and submitted it, Mr. C was not very happy. He said, " Next time make it faster girl! All your classmates have submitted ages ago!" He said gruffly. Joy was very much afraid of the big man, so she nodded vigorously and gulped in fear, eyes wide.

Later in the month, during the parents teachers meeting Mr. C called her parents aside and complained about her lack of writing speed. When her parent came home, they ordered her to practice writing with a clock and increase her speed up to two long pages in 5 minutes.

Joy was at lost, she did know how much time five minutes were. She tried and tried but couldn't finish one page in seven minutes. Her parents started to scold her for lack of concentration, her teachers started reporting for her handwriting and speed.

Day by day verbal abuses kept increasing. Her grades started to descend. At last one day something happened. The happy to go vibrant child Joy stopped smiling. All of sudden she lost all her enthusiasm to learn.

She had give up.

A/N: We grown ups ofren frown upon various things that children tend to do or like to do. There are numerous cases where over ambitious parents pushed a child so far to become first in the rat race of school that the child's childhood went missing. I'm not against the ambitions or dreams a parent has for their children but when their motivation breaks the bound of gentleness it becomes bane of childhood.

As for the teacher's absurd claim in this episode, that same claim once one of my teachers had made to me, and he really used to beat students very badly ministerial regulations or not!

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