By Sielouch-06

I watched as tears flowed from her eyes

Quietly falling like a river.

her big brown orbs now tinted with red

Gazing at me with blatant hatred

I want to touch her and wipe it all.

But I can't, I just can't.

After all, I was busy wiping my tears

With her old ivory handkerchief.

I watched as blood poured from her being

dark red painting the walls and the floor.

I can nearly taste it in the air

Metallic with the tang of saltiness.

I want to stop the bleeding.

But I can't, I just can't

After all, somehow it makes her more stunning

With the crimson complementing her pale white skin.

I watched as everything turned to smithereens

her heart, her mind and soul

Shards of it all beneath my feet

Piercing me with wrenching guilt.

I want to kiss her and aid her

But I can't, I just can't

After all, I was also crumbling

And I only have myself to try and fix me.

I watched her cry and soundless sob

Stabbed herself with a kitchen knife.

Wreaked havoc within her soul

And crushed her heart in her calloused hand

I want to stop her and fix her

But I can't, I just can't

After all, I'm watching her

Facing me, within the mirror.