A/n: This story is going to be dark and many will not enjoy it. At some point, there will be a chapter before this one explaining how Sarah comes to be here, but the writing gods haven't given me this chapter yet. Long story short, Sarah was abducted by a group of men. With no memory of how she came to be there, she sat down to a meal with the group in their compound, hoping to fill in the gaps in the memory. The story picks up as she excuses herself into a bathroom to be alone for the first time since she woke up.

Sarah reveled in the moment with the door shut, taking care of her business but also taking an extra moment to try and clear her mind, assessing the situation. Standing up, she noticed there was no sink in the room, and sighed as she opened the door to go out. With a quick scan, she saw a sink next to the stairs that she came up and strode over to it with confidence she did not feel.

"First think you'll have to learn," Justin growled in her ear grabbing her suddenly from behind, "is that you do not do for yourself. You should have let me do that."

He shoved his hand to her waistband, unbuttoning her shorts before she could process his words, but when his hand descended into her shorts, she was spurred into action.

"Get the hell off me," she shrieked, her arms lashing out.

"Sh… sh.. shh.." Justin hushed her, grinning into her neck. "Ask nicely."

"Please get the hell off me," she exclaimed reflexively.

Justin laughed loudly, genuinely amused, and shoved his hand further into her shorts.

"Not what I meant… Don't you want to wash your hands?" he cooed, continuing to make little shushing sounds.

Sarah continued to struggle a moment, but the lower his hand got the clearer her mind became.

"Please let me wash my hands," she said stiffly, not ceasing the struggle.

"Good girl," he tutted, pulling his hand out of pants sliding up her arms to her wrists.

Transferring her wrists into one hand, his large grip easily surrounding her frail wrists. He flipped the water on, pulling her hands under the stream. Sarah flinched back as if there would be acid coming out of the faucet, but Justin just tightened his grip and wet her hands. Using his free hand, he squeezed soap onto her hands. Sarah moved to rub her hands together, on autopilot, but he squeezed her wrists tighter, halting the movement.

"No Sarah!" he growled. She started at the use of her name and stilled. "Let me."

He rubbed the soap onto her hands for a moment. Sarah shuddered softly as he worked up each of her fingers. Then he returned her hands to the water, rinsing the soap off. Turning off the water, he grabbed a towel and carefully dried her hands.

"There, isn't that better?" he cooed.

Sarah started to shake, but Justin was just amazed that she hadn't cried yet. It always went better when they cried early- it meant they understood what was happening and weren't numbing themselves to the situation. Flipping her around to look into her eyes, shocked to find not fear or acquiescence there, but defiance and anger. Her blue eyes burned with it. Her lip trembled, but not with tears but with curse words she just hadn't formed yet. She may not have been fighting him, but her whole body vibrated with the rage he saw burning. This was new. He smiled; perhaps this could be interesting.

He took his free hand and ran it over the curve of her face, forcing her to look directly into his eyes, they flashed brighter.

Running a thumb over her lips, "Isn't it better letting me do it?"

Sarah snapped. Although it was Justin's intent, she still took him by surprise and managed to kick him in the shin. Using her slight advantage, she pulled her hands from his grasp and turned sharply to run. She had made it only a few steps when he caught her again, wrapping his arm around her middle and pulling her back against his chest.

"Aw baby where are you going?" Justin murmured into her neck. She cried out in response, her first sign of true fear. "That's better…"

A man from the kitchen came walking through and surveyed the scene, his face breaking into a wide smile. Walking up to the duo, he reached out to touch Sarah, but Justin pulled her away.

"How's it going Ju-"

"Oh just introducing Sarah to the compound," Justin interrupted.

Sarah noted that he didn't allow this man to give her the name of her attacker.

"Well get on with it then; I won't interfere," he said, slouching back against the wall.

Justin drug her cargo back to a couch, shoving her face down. Placing his knee on her back, dragging her hands up above her head. Fearing the worst, Sarah tried to struggle, but with the weight of a full grown man pushing down on her, there was little option for movement. She started to scream in earnest now, and no amount of hushing could settle her down. Justin reached down with one hand to push her face into the cushion. When his finger got near her mouth, she bit him hard enough to draw blood, eliciting a swear from Justin and a laugh from their onlooker. With a dirty look from Justin, he decided he probably needed to walk on, leaving the happy couple to work it out.

"Get off me you fucker," Sarah tried to scream, though with the air constriction it came out as barely a whisper.

Abandoning the attempt to silence Sarah, he moved to unbuttoning her shorts, triggering a renewal in her struggling. Justin continued to shush her as he dragged the shorts down to her ankles. Forcing her legs apart, he reached between her legs, cupping her sex through her thin lacey panties; they offered little to protect her modesty but pleased Justin greatly.

"Pretty girl," he praised, running his fingers up and down her slit. Sarah stopped struggling, and Justin looked to her face, trying to decide if he pushed too hard. Her eyes face was pale, her eyes screwed shut. He couldn't judge what she was thinking. Was she freezing him out, pretending it wasn't happening or biding her time waiting? "Open your eyes baby," he commanded.

Sarah's face scrunched tighter; she was intentionally defying him. So not tuning me out, he thought. Let her shut her eyes then… see how long that holds. He yanked down her panties to fall on top of her shorts, amused when she pinched her mouth.

Sarah hoped that her captor thought that she was ignoring him, tuning him out. She suppressed her need to scream. When his hand settled on her butt cheek, her whole body shuddered. Squeezing gently at first, he started to whisper to her.

"You know what I'm going to do, don't you Sarah?" She didn't respond. "Do you want me to tell you about it? Want me to talk dirty to you baby girl?"

Sarah groaned piteously.

"Why don't I just show you?"

Justin slid his hand down between her legs to find her sex soft, hairless, and bone dry. It was always a marvel to him how soft this part of a woman's body was, and Sarah was simply sublime. He thought about forcing her to wet his fingers, but thinking of the bite he received earlier, he put his fingers into his own mouth. Returning to his previous activity, he dragged his now wet fingers up her slit, feeling the warmth. Finding her clit, he pushed the hood back and stroked the nub he found.

"Please don't," she finally cried out.

"What sweetie? Don't you like it? Weren't you complaining last night about men not being able to find the clitoris? I found it! Want to see if I can find your g spot?"

"Please… stop…"

Justin pushed a single finger into her channel, causing her to struggle. Curling it down, he found the rough patch that marked the gold standard for other, more consensual encounters.

"Found it!" Justin exclaimed cheerily, studying Sarah's face. She still hadn't opened her eyes, but he thought that he could change that. Rubbing her g spot a moment longer, twisting his hand so that he stroke her clit at the same time. Her eyes snapped open.

"What do you want? Please… anything…" Sarah whined.

"Oh Sarah…" he murmured, withdrawing his hand as she shuddered, "Isn't it obvious?"

Justin pulled his leg off her back, though kept her hands strung over her head as he pushed behind her. Sarah reacted instantly, trying to sit up, but with one slap to her thigh she became still. Pulling his zipper loose, she started to beg softly. As he stroked himself, not touching Sarah other than her wrists, she finally looked at him. Staring at her wide eyes, he had the strongest urge to push himself into her mouth, but again remembered her teeth and though better of it. Spitting onto his hand and slathering the saliva up and down his dick, he arranged himself behind her, rubbing his shaft against the oh so soft skin of her pussy.

Sarah was horrified. With her arms stretched so far in front of her, she couldn't move, and she knew what was going to happen next. Her captor pushed into her slowly, like a lover giving her time to adjust. But she was dry, tight, and incapable of giving way to his girth. Justin groaned loudly.

"That's my girl," he muttered, beginning to lightly thrust.

Sarah focused on the wall in front of her as Justin thrust into her from behind, trying to force what was happening to fade.

Realizing what she was doing, Justin leaned over her and whispered, "You like this don't you? You're my little slut, aren't you?"

Her eyes snapped back to him, and he saw fire come back into them. She kicked a leg back ineffectually, and he laughed. With one hand on her wrists and one hand on his hip he picked up his thrusting, groaning as he finished. As he pulled out, she felt the wetness leak onto her thigh, and finally started to cry.

"Next time you'll cum too, baby girl."

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