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Sarah stared at herself in the mirror, feeling waves of confusion and fear that not even Justin's 'mellow pills', as she had come to think of them, could repress. Justin, seeing her panic, promptly dismissed Aliyah and pulled her into his body.

"Hush pretty girl," he cooed softly, rubbing her arms from elbow to shoulder and petting her cheek gently, careful to not mess up her make up. "I've simply decided that I want to keep you."

"But… you said I could go home…" she whispered, her voice hoarse.

Sarah hadn't thought about those first few days in ages it seemed. She had forgotten his promise to get tired of her directly. But even though she had not thought about leaving, knowing that she never would made her feel ill.

"I'm going to be sick," she wheezed out, bending at the waist.

"Sarah you stop this right now," Justin said, his volume soft but tone icy hard. Digging his hand into her arm, firm enough to hurt but not enough to bruise, he drug her to a chair where he could pull her into his lap where he could control her every movement.

"Sarah you never were going to go home," he whispered, his voice seeming soft and pleasant despite the words. "If I got bored of you, I would have sent you off to someone else who would not have."

Sarah sat there stunned, her brain desperately trying to overcome a fresh dose of medication so that she could react as she should. Her eyes started to well up.

"Don't cry," he said sharply, shaking her slightly for emphasis. "Isn't this better? Don't you like it here? Am I not always considerate of your needs and wants?"

With a sigh, Justin pulled out the emergency tablet he'd had Carl make for this occasion. A much lower dose, it would serve as a booster to get Sarah through the necessary parts of today.

"Open," he commanded.

Sarah did not hesitate and swallowed whatever it was he offered her. She sat on Justin's lap for a few more minutes until complete calm washed over her. The familiar sensation of the colors being too bright and the light too visible cued her to having been given a stronger dose of the mellow pills, but the dose was such that she didn't care.

"Are you ready to go now?" he asked softly,

Sarah nodded somewhat more mechanical than Justin had hoped for, but got up gracefully without assistance. Though Carl had never told the full story of giving Sarah an extra half pill, he had warned Justin that when overdosed, Sarah could not control her own body.

Justin clasped her hand tightly and led her down the hall. Sarah concentrated on the sound of her heels clicking against the wooden floor, almost as distracted by having the shoes on as she was by the feel of the floor with them off; Sarah had not worn shoes since she had been taken.

Through the curving hallways and stairwells, Justin led her to Jake's office, where all marriages were performed. He was ordained through the state, and legally married the girls, allowing the records to be added to the courthouse. If someone was looking for these girls, they would disappear, no credit card or phone record, for the several months when they arrived, and then suddenly a marriage license would appear. Often times, several months after that, relatively normal credit card activity would re-appear as they were allowed back onto the streets. Luckily, no one was ever looking for these girls.

Aaron and Lance were both present for the festivities, Aaron alone, Lance with Maria. Since taking her several weeks prior Justin had hardly seen Lance outside of his duties. Now she stood dressed in light blue, a change from the normal white worn by the girls in deference of Sarah, with Lance's arm around her and her finger hooked casually into his pants pocket, as if to keep him from leaving. Maria was a very pretty little thing, and Justin could see her face light up with actual joy when she looked at Sarah.

Lance leaned in to slap Justin's back and muttered softly, "No one rapes her here, so she's quite taken with the place."

Justin's eyes grew wide considering that statement, but he shook it off quickly.

"Let's go ahead here," Jake said loudly, bringing the group to order.

Justin pulled Sarah up to stand with him in front of Jake while the other three arranged themselves behind, acting as witnesses in the legal sense and guests in the traditional.

There was no pageantry, despite Sarah's dress. There were no soft spoken words about love or commitment. The vows were simple.

"Justin, do you promise to take this woman into your home, to care for her, and to uphold your mission as a brother?"

"I do," Justin replied strongly, smiling.

"Sarah, do you promise to take this man as your confidant, to let him guide and teach you, and to uphold you mission as a sister?"

Sarah started slightly at the use of her name; no one here seemed to use it. But nodded slowly.

"I do," she whispered.

Justin beamed brightly at her.

"Then by the power vested in me, I declare you husband and wife. Kiss your bride Justin."

And he did. Justin kissed her deeply, bowing her backward and invading her mouth with his tongue. Sarah responded well, with a pleasurable sigh so loud the whole room could hear it. The couple broke apart to uproarious laughter, and that was it. Lance and Aaron approached to clap Justin on the shoulder, but neither acknowledged Sarah who stood blithely away slightly, her eyes not quite focused.

Maria approached her slowly.

"Congratulations, you look beautiful," she started. "I'm Maria."

Sarah nodded blithely.

"I'm Sarah."

Maria was rapidly becoming confused. Sarah did not seem upset, but nor was she exactly happy. She simply seemed pleasantly absent. Looking for Lance, her concern grew as Sarah did not move to further conversation, but simply stared into space.

"Are you-"

"Maria dear, are you bothering Sarah on her wedding day?" Lance came over, pulling his girl to him.

"No, I just… I'm not sure…" Maria stuttered, unsure of how to begin now that she had his attention.

"Let's go make sure everyone is ready in the kitchens," he interrupted. "Everyone is gathering for lunch in honor of the new couple."

Lance drug Maria away from the gathering, not wanting her to have too much contact with Sarah. In her medicated state, Lance feared that Sarah might scare Maria, and they had been making such wonderful progress. She had other friends who were here and married; she didn't need to talk to Sarah.

Justin noticed the exchange frowning slightly, and approached Sarah.

"Let's go outside," he whispered to her temple, pleased when she nodded enthusiastically.

Once out the door, Justin allowed her to stand with her head tipped back enjoying the sun.

"So, my wife, tell me what you desire and I will get it for you as a wedding gift," he mused, interrupting the silence.

Sarah turned to look at him; her pupils were shrinking slightly, returning to their usual size, or at least usual for the regular dose of drug; his supplement was wearing off.

"I don't know," she replied, slightly dishonest.

As he asked the question a list of things flew through her mind. She remembered her courses at university, and then the tree where she would lay to study. She remembered taking long walks around town, stopping for coffee to sip on as she people watched. She remembered the freedom to decide whether she wanted to sleep in or wake up early and go to the pier to watch the sun rise. She remembered unlocked doors, shoes, and underwear. But then she remembered being bent over and spanked, humiliated in front of his friends, and slapped. She didn't say anything.

Justin was in an indulging mood and didn't notice the parade of emotions across her face. Pulling her flush to his body, he began to move his hands over her curves, feeling the stiff corset under the thin layer of charmeuse and feeling the curve of her ass beneath that.

"If we didn't have to be down stairs in half an hour, I would peel you out of this dress and make you feel so good," he cooed.

Sarah's skin seemed to ripple as just his voice sent her lady parts gushing to get ready for him.

"But for now, we will have to play the proper bride and groom," he whispered, turning her back to face the balcony. "So enjoy your view."

What did y'all think? So I'm trying to figure out how to load a picture of the dress I'm thinking about. I want to convey this perverted sense of traditions: its a wedding with a dress and vows but no talk about love, respect, or choice. There are friends there to support the couple, but none of them have ever addressed Sarah by name ect ect. Did I get that across? What did you think of Maria- do y'all want to see more of her?

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