Just what purpose were we created for?

I might sound a little amateur. Perhaps I'll sound very amateur. That's what happens when someone has more passion than the ability to effectively get the point across.

Some people say that we were born to follow our passions. Say, someone found out that he wanted to be a football star, for example. He'll practice and practice some more, slowly building up his talent. He'll be looking at the top and think, 'That'll be me someday.'

Some people want to be writers. They'll bury themselves into books and more books, to observe their writing style. They'll learn of plot devices and methods of how characters come across. It'll all play into their works.

Some people don't know where to look. Take me, for example. I look at all the possible careers and think, 'Why would I want to do that?' It's highly aggravating at times, and sometimes I over-think it all, stressing out to the point of growing lethargic.

Well, God has all given us gifts. Either it is obvious from day 1, or it takes a lifetime to discover. Sometimes the things we think we're passionate about become obscure when God shows us a new way. A better way, as always…

The ultimate purpose for a Christian is summed up in the book of Mark, chapter 16, verse 15.

"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."

Some people think that joining a Christian charity and feeding the poor is a dandy thing to do. It is alright, don't get me wrong.

Yet what are we doing if we don't give the Gospel to these poor souls? Without giving the Gospel, we are merely giving them raiment and nosh while leaving their souls in jeopardy.

I would rather see one poor dude come to Christ than to feed a crowd of people and not say a word.

Pray for these charities, that they will more effectively preach the Gospel, especially in these impending times. The end is coming soon. Be aware.

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