To the tune of Angel on my Shoulder, by The Cascades. (I own neither the Cascades nor their song. Just my own parody.)

Got a sunburn on my shoulders,
Did a number on my arms;
I hope that when I get older
It will do no lasting harm.

Now my skin is red and tender,
And my shirt seams rub me raw.
This is one of the worst sunburns
That I think I ever saw.

Well, I walked in the St. Patty's parade yesterday,
And wore a sundress that I thought would keep me cool.
But now I wish I'd covered up better that day.
I'm cursing myself as every kind of fool.

And I want some cooling relief;
I want a remedy that works.
'Cause it's hurting beyond belief,
It's about to drive me straight berserk.
'Cause this sunburn really hurts.