Author's Note: Hi! Silvermissstt here. This is the first story I've posted on here, and I really hope you enjoy it! Just some background - I created these characters a few weeks ago, and I completely fell in love with them, so I decided to write an anthology surrounding their lives. I have a few chapters written right now, and I'm not quite sure yet if it's going to follow their lives in a chronological timeline. I hope you like what I have to offer, and if you do, please favourite and review!

One Day - Early March 1927

It was a sunny spring afternoon in early March of 1927 and a young couple sat together on a hospital bed, each holding a newborn baby in their arms as they whispered about the future together. They'd been positioned this way for about an hour now, too afraid to move and risk waking their babies who'd taken so long to fall asleep. Granted, even if this wasn't the case, they probably wouldn't have moved regardless. They were far too mesmerised by the fact that they created these children together to tear themselves away from their new little bundles of joy. In retrospect, this probably wasn't the brightest idea either parent had – especially for the new mother, Celeste, who should have been taking advantage of the opportunity to nap whilst her babies did. After thirty six long hours of labour, though, she just couldn't find the energy to move from this spot and lay down, no matter how exhausted she was.

"Cellie, you should really put him down and go to sleep." The man finally said, noticing that his wife's eyelids kept drooping despite her best efforts to keep them open. "It's alright. The nurses won't take them back to the nursery so long as I'm here to watch them."

"No." Celeste said instantly, bringing the boy up closer to her face and kissed his nose gently. "Who's going to hold him? You've got your hands full with the other baby, so if I put him down, then he's going to get cold, and I'm not going to risk my baby dying of hypothermia just because his mother is a little tired."

He laughed. "You're impossible, did you know that?" He leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips. "It's one of the many things I love about you."

"I'm going to pretend that there was a compliment somewhere in there." She replied as she leaned over to peer at the little girl in his arms. "Can we trade babies now? I haven't gotten a chance to hold her yet."

He looked hesitant. "I'm not convinced that's the best idea." He said. "We don't want to wake them up and have them start to scream, do we?"

"Arte, dear, they're babies. That's kinda inevitable at this point. Even if we wait until they wake up to switch, we're still going to encounter the screaming at some point in the near future, so we may as well get used to it. Are you honestly afraid of a baby crying?" She rolled her eyes and smirked at her husband, who prided himself with being "calm and collected".

"I am not afraid." He said, though the look on his face told a completely different story.

"Well then, get on with it." Celeste's smirk grew wider. "Put her down in the crib so I can pass Mark off to you and then pick her up. Since you're not afraid and all."

Arte looked annoyed, but did as he was asked and took his son from Celeste after setting the baby girl down in the crib. His annoyance dissipated when he felt the weight of Mark in his arms and instead of frowning like he'd planned, his smile instead got bigger.

"Cellie, look at this little baby." He whispered, holding the boy up for his wife to see. "He's so tiny that he barely even looks real.. And yet, he's ours. He's our own little baby to love on and nurture and care for. How did that happen?"

"I'd like to think you know the facts of life, darling." Celeste said quietly, giggling a bit. "I know what you mean, though. The doctor said Molly only weighed five pounds and two ounces when she was born. That's crazy." She shifted the baby girl into her arms and kissed her nose. "After all that weight they made me gain, I was expecting them to come out looking like watermelons, not peas."

Arte laughed. "I'm sure all that eating you did had nothing at all to do with your weight gain. Especially not with those late night runs to the ice cream shoppe you had me make." His eyes twinkled with amusement as she nudged him playfully with her one free arm.

"A happy wife leads for a happy life." She countered, using one of the sayings that she'd heard her own mother use all the time as a child.

As if agreeing with her mother, little Molly reached up and grabbed a small tuft of her father's hair. Celeste giggled and brought the baby closer to Arte. "What's that you see, Molly?" She whispered. "Does Daddy's hair look funny to you?"

"Ganging up on me from day one, I see." Arte rolled his eyes and made a face at his daughter. "That's okay, Molly. Daddy's going to remember that when he's buying birthday presents for you and your brother."

They heard a soft knock come at the door now and looked up to see a lactation consultant standing in the doorway. "Mrs. Peterson, are you ready to try and feed your babies again?" She asked gently and Celeste nodded.

"I can try with Molly, at least." She replied, gesturing her head to her husband, "Mark's still fast asleep in Arte's arms." She then sat up straighter on the bed as the consultant came over and positioned Molly.

"Now, don't get discouraged if we can't get her to latch on quite yet." The consultant reminded. "Your twins came a couple weeks earlier than expected, so that's normal for premature babies. Little Miss Molly looks quite hungry, though."

To Celeste's genuine surprise, the little girl latched on as if it was second nature and began to eat hungrily, causing both her parents to laugh. "I guess you were right." Celeste said, smiling down at her daughter. "Quite hungry, indeed."

Mark woke up now and almost as if deciding that his sister had gotten enough attention for the moment, he began to wail loudly. Arte and Celeste laughed again at this and the woman quickly finished feeding Molly before taking her son from Arte. Mark latched on almost as quick as his twin, if not quicker, and ate as if he was starving.

"Guess you were worried for no good reason, huh?" Arte asked, nudging his wife as a smile appeared across his lips. "Not even two hours old yet, and they're already starting with their sibling rivalry. This is going to be a fun eighteen years."

Celeste giggled. "Well, at we know our babies have a personality." She then looked up to the consultant. "Are the twins really already jealous of one another so soon? That just doesn't seem right." She said, amused.

"You'd be surprised at how many reactions like that are just instinctual to us." She replied, "But yes, they are. I'd assume the boy was trying to show his sister that he mattered, too, when he saw Molly was getting all of Mommy's attention. It should get better over time, as you all learn to grow with one another."

"Oh, I can't wait." Celeste gently took Mark away from her chest now that he was finished eating and hid a yawn, her exhaustion finally starting to catch up with her. Knowing it was most likely a wise idea to get some rest now that the twins were fed, she reluctantly kissed the little boy's forehead and set him down in the crib beside the hospital bed. Then, she leaned over and grabbed one of Molly's tiny hands, bringing it up to her lips.

"Mommy's going to try and get some sleep now, my loves." She whispered, gently letting go of her daughter's hand and kissing her husband. "Be good for Daddy, alright? Don't give him too much trouble so soon. We're all new to this." With this, she settled down underneath the hospital blankets and fell asleep almost instantly.

"Oh, I see how it is." Arte muttered. "Hasn't even been a mother for a full day yet and already she's pushing the tough work onto me." He leaned down and kissed Celeste on the forehead, though, before moving to one of the chairs beside the bed and holding baby Molly close to him.

"You know, kids, you got pretty lucky." He whispered, dragging the crib towards him with his free arm and reaching out to caress Mark's cheek. "With your mother, I mean. She's one of the most selfless, caring people out there, and I already know she's going to be the best mother to you two. There's never going to be a day that passes by where you doubt her love for you. I can guarantee you that." He turned his gaze to Molly, who'd already fallen back asleep.

"And while I'm going to try my hardest to be just as great as your mother is, I know I'm going to fail, and more than once. I may make some horrible mistakes with you two, but I ask that you'll keep an open mind as you grow and know that if I ever hurt you, it's unintentional. I ask that you give me mercy when I've had a rough day, and I snap at you. I ask that you always keep in the back of your mind that I love the two of you more than I could ever express." He chuckled as tears sprang to his eyes. "I never really understood how much love I was capable of until she told me was pregnant with you, your mother. And I'm going to spend every single day of the rest of my life trying to give the two of you as much love as you deserve. I love you both so much, kids. Never doubt that."

Much like his wife had done, Arte now brought one of Molly's small hands to his lips and kissed it. A hint of a smile appeared on the sleeping baby's face, and Arte chuckled before setting her down in the crib besides her twin. He might as well catch up on rest himself while everything was peaceful. Lord only knew that the next eighteen years would be the total opposite.