"Quick! I need an answer now! ARE THE GAY OKAY?! This is a matter of life and death!"... I knew I'd made a mistake when the head of every Gay in the room turned to me. "Wait, guys, please, let's just think about this-," "There is nothing to think about, you are not one of us and must be either annihilated or converted," interrupted one of the older Gays. I started and ran my mind through any of the plans I had set up, we knew the Gay might catch us, but I'd thought they'd be friendlier. Just as I began to speak again, one of the newer Gays spoke up, "Jorge, who are you talking to?!" his question was followed by, "Yeah, there's no one there," and "What's going on?!" I had no clue what was going on, why couldn't the newer Gays see me? Then the man, whom I presume is called Jorge, spoke again, "Ah, yes. My young Gays; you have not completed your training. You see, once you become full Gay, you gain a sort of 6th sense. There are certain species of Gay, species that no one can see- sometimes not even us. These are the GAy you need to watch out for." He paused and looked at me, what was he talking about? I'm no species of Gay, I'm Straight- always have been, always will be. "These are the Bisexuals, Asexuals, Pansexuals, and many many more. The only Gay that has acquired the ability to become invisible," I gaped at Jorge while he then ordered three elite-looking Gay; dressed in their full rainbow uniforms, to take me to the "conversion" room. I passed out as soon as the elite grabbed my arms.