The man in the room across from me waited until he was certain that the guards had returned their earbuds before he shouted over to me, "Why were you brought for conversion?" "I was attempting to infiltrate the ranks, when some kids said that they couldn't see me." He seemed to pause and consider this, "Are you straight?" A confused look must have crossed my face because he nearly laughed, "You do believe that don't you? That's why they sent you here," he was annoying me, "I am straight, not 'gay,' I will never be 'gay.'" The man actually laughed at me and said, "No, no you're not. You just think that you are, that's the reason they sent you down here, you're one of the invisible species- one that is in denial apparently..." I harrumphed, "You're just being arrogant, I won't take it personally- Why were you thrown down into this 'conversion' room?" He froze, but responded none-the-less, "How about we just start with introductions?" I made to interject, but he kept talking, "My name is Henri, and yours is?" "Will you answer my question?" Henri looked like he was about to burst out laughing, "Nah, what's your name?" "It's Jebediah, my friends call me Jeb- you are not my friend," he burst. The guards took their earbuds out again in annoyance; the one by Henri said, "This is the third time this has happened!? WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN EVERY TIME YOU GET A NEW NEIGHBOR?!"

Henri went to being stoic and moved away from the small window in the door, while the guard closest to me leaned closer to me and whispered, "Every time he meets someone new he tries to trick them into freeing them, but he's only delusional- ya know, since everyone he meets usually just wants to get out," he made eye-contact with me and frowned, as if he had been expecting someone else to be in the room. Both guards placed their earbuds back in their ears again. Henri moved to the window again, "Anyway, I was just about to tell you that I was institutionalized in the 'conversion' room, as they like to call it, when I was caught kissing a girl. That wasn't really a big problem, but because I had been doing it while she was trying to do sex with me. At the time this was a very big deal, girls are after all only allowed to be lesbians in this society," I must have looked very confirmed since he felt the need to explain, "Men are allowed to be almost anything, as long as they register with the local government- since you know that there are certain types of Gay that can be invisible if they so choose. Well, girls don't have that luxury- if you could call it that. Anyway, they only have the option to be Lesbian, if they turn out straight they get sent to a room similar to these, except full of real-live girls instead of just posters like we get." "How long have you been in here?" Henri looked me in the eye, "Jeb, I do not believe that you are prepared to ask that question."