The Road to Love

Summary: Zac's the kind of guy who considers relationships pointless. So when he takes on a bet to take Harlow Anderson out on a date, the whole thing goes way farther than both of them thought, especially since Harlow has had a crush on him since they were kids. M-rated for smut/sexual themes and language.

Chapter 1

"Hey, yer stalker is in the bleachers again."

I let out a groan of frustration and turned my green eyes to the bleachers, where that damn girl was sitting. She was always at a game, unless it was out of town. Being one of the best baseball players on the school team, I didn't have time to deal with the little stalker. Unless she was just trying to get my attention, or maybe she just liked baseball, I didn't really fucking know. I knew it was number one, because we had four out of six classes together.

I took my cap off my head and ran my fingers through my blonde locks. The girl was...she was sort of weird, and quiet. She hardly ever spoke in class unless she was asked a question, or she had a question. I knew she was smart, but she had to be very stupid if she was stalking me. Same age as I, 18-years old. She was a foot shorter than me (I'm 6'4") and she was on the thin, but healthy looking side. She was that small to look like a guy since her boobs were small. Her hair was always short, in a pixie style with her bangs mostly on the left side of her face. Her eyes were cerulean blue, color of the sky. She always wore skinny jeans and shirts, even leather jackets and boots or shoes. As far as I knew, she didn't have any friends. She always had her nose in a book, or was writing in a notebook.

How boring.

I scowled and shoved my cap back on, grabbing my bat as it was my turn to bat. I hit the ball without problem and my long, powerful legs made it easy for me to get around without getting caught. So we won another game and celebrated while the other team went home with their tails between their legs, getting scolded harshly by their coach.

"Sucks to be those fuckers." Casey laughed, patting me on the back as we grabbed our things from the cage.

"They didn't even play a good game." I scoffed, taking my cap off. It was just starting to turn to autumn and the leaves were changing to several different colors.

"Of course they didn't. They fucking suck!" Casey said, grinning. "So, what are you doing this weekend, Zac?"

"No fucking clue." I replied.

"Wanna come over to my place? My parents are gone for the weekend for their wedding anniversary."

I shrugged. "Sure, why not. I just gotta grab a couple things from my place."


Casey went on home while I headed over to my truck. It was a 4-door blue Chevy, nice car my step-father got me for my 17th birthday. Besides school and baseball, I worked for my step-father's cafe business. I threw my bag into the passenger seat and got in, shutting the door. As I started the truck, I saw Harlow Anderson walking down the small sidewalk next to the road.

I shook my head, wondering what her deal was and drove off, going home first. I took my things inside and took a quick shower, with my mother knocking on the door. "I'm in the shower!" I yelled, irritated.

"How'd the game go?" she asked.

"We won, as usual." I sighed, scrubbing shampoo into my hair.

"That's great! You never cease to amaze me, Zac." she said gleefully. I knew she was proud of me, but honestly, I really hated when she bragged to others about how good her only son was at baseball.

"Yeah, yeah. Can I take my shower in peace?" I asked.

"Sorry, son!" she apologized and I heard her footsteps fade away as she went back downstairs.

I sighed and finished my shower, grabbing the few things I needed for the weekend. My mom knew I was staying over at Casey's for the weekend. I didn't have any homework to finish since I already got it done. I grabbed my bag and headed out, telling mom I loved her before leaving for the weekend.

Casey lived on the other side of town, which was pretty big. He lived in a two-story house, like mine, just a little smaller. I parked in his driveway and got out, seeing Casey sitting on the steps, smoking a cigarette.

"I thought you stopped." I said, arching a brow as I got out of my truck, grabbing my bag.

"Nope." Casey shook his head. "Want one?"

"Fuck yes." I sighed and he handed me one, throwing the lighter at me. I caught it and lit up the end of the cigarette and took a long drag of it. Fuck, that felt so much better. Not as good as sex, though.

"Dude, when's the last time you got some?" Casey asked, finishing his cigarette and stomping on it once it hit the cement ground.

"About a month now." I replied, leaning against the wall and blowing smoke out of my mouth.

"What happened to the last chick?"

"She let me down easy because she found out she was a lesbian." I answered, shrugging. It didn't bother me at all. "I didn't care. You know relationships are pointless to me."

"Yeah, I know that. One night stands?"

I shrugged.

"What about friends with benefits?" Casey asked.

"No fucking way." I scowled, shaking my head. "Because if the person suddenly develops feelings for me, I have to hear them whine and bitch about why I won't return the same feelings."

"Damn. You're no fun." Casey rolled his eyes and pursed his lips into a thin line. Then, a wide grin spread across his face. "Hey..."

"What now?" I asked, taking another long drag of my cigarette.

"What about Harlow Anderson?" he wiggled his eyebrows.

I coughed, nearly choking on the smoke in my throat. Once I settled down, I gave him a 'wtf' look. "Are you fucking crazy? No way! That girl is fucking weird and I don't need to be dating my stalker."

"Now now, just listen to me, Zac. Let's make a bet. Two-hundred bucks says you ask her on a date. Dinner, movie, whatever, anything. I'll double that if you also manage to fuck her." Casey smirked that smug-ass smirk at me and I glared at him. "Dude, she's been tailing you since we were fucking kids! Y'know how long that's been? Quite some time to get over you, but no. Dude, she'd probably do anything just to go on a date with you."

I scowled, thinking deeply for a moment. "Fine. But if she ends up wanting a friends with benefits deal, it's your fault."

Casey just grinned. I knew I was going to regret this.


When Monday came along, I had English with Harlow, so maybe I would ask her then. I couldn't believe I was doing this. Honestly, I was hoping it would get her off my back and quit stalking me. If all she wanted was to fuck me, then I'd be happy to do that if it makes her leave me alone. I know I sounded harsh, but it it what it is.

I walked into the classroom, glancing over to the other end where Harlow was sitting at her seat already, reading a thick book. Probably another Stephen King novel. I noticed she read a lot of his books. I walked over to my seat, which was across from hers. The desks were arranged so that the desks were facing each other, with a lone desk on the end facing the other desks. There were only two rows of this, but it worked just fine for the students since we had room for our laptops that the school so nicely provided for us.

Fucking idiotic.

I glanced at the clock, noticing it was about five minutes until class began. I internally told myself this was a bad idea, but I wasn't paying four-hundred dollars for a fucking bet. "Hey, Harlow." I said.

She glanced up, her sky blue eyes looking up at me. I could instantly see the nervous look in her eyes and her cheeks turn slightly pink. "Y-yes?" she asked, her voice quiet, as it normally was whenever she spoke.

"What are you doing this Friday?" I asked her.

She blinked, as if she was surprised. "Oh um...nothing...why?"

"You want to go to dinner and a movie after school?"

Harlow blinked again and I could see the wheels in her head turning. "S-sure." she nodded, giving a tiny smile.

A smile grazed my lips. It was all going according to plan. "Cool. What kind of movies you like?"

"Horror, mostly." she replied.

"Horror it is then." I gave a nod.

Harlow put her bookmark in her book and closed it as the bell rang. She got out her school laptop and typed in some letters. I assumed she was logging into her computer.

After class was over, I wouldn't see Harlow until homeroom. Every time she caught my gaze or I looked at her, her cheeks went pink. Damn, she really did have the hots for me. Maybe she would just throw herself at me. I met up with Casey after school and told him that the bet was successful so far.

"Told you. She'll probably jump your dick as soon as you guys are alone." Casey snickered.

"Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised." I said, smoking a cigarette. "But we'll see what Friday brings."

The rest of the week ended up going by slower than I thought. Harlow kept up her blushing thing while I remained calm. Harlow said something about liking Chinese, so I was going to take her to the Chinese place just downtown. I told her to meet me by my truck after school on Friday.

When Friday came along, I was waiting by my truck. I just wore dark jeans that hugged my long legs and a grey t-shirt with shoes on my feet. I glanced up and saw Harlow come out of the school building, walking towards me. She wore black skinny jeans with a deep blue shirt that had some movie title on it and a black leather jacket with shoes on her feet.

When she got close, she gave me a small nervous, but excited smile. "Hey." she said softly.

"Hey, ready to go?" I asked.

She nodded and got in the front passenger side and buckled up. As soon as I was in, I drove off, heading to take her out to the large Chinese restaurant downtown. I wasn't a huge fan of the food, but it was still good. Harlow enjoyed it and she had this shy, but happy smile on her face during eating. After leaving the restaurant, I drove out to the large outdoor theater on the outskirts of town. It was old, but it was in tip top condition. The owner was really cool too. He allowed you to bring snacks and drinks of your own, just no alcohol.

Which was kinda lame, but oh well.

I chose the one horror movie that was playing in a half hour. Harlow looked excited about it. It was about a school being terrorized by some entity and it was that 'found footage' style. I didn't mind.

I paid for our drinks and snacks, just pop and popcorn. Harlow seemed to have a thing for Twizzlers, because she got three packs of those with her own money. After the movie started, I put the microphone on the window and rolled the window up enough so it wouldn't fall down or off the window. About a half hour into the movie, Harlow scooted closer to me. I glanced over at her and even in the darkness of the truck, I could see the light shade of red on her pale cheeks.

"Zac...I...I wanted to thank you, for letting me have a fun day..." she said timidly.

"It's no problem." I said, shrugging. "I never really see you do much besides read and write, so I thought you'd be better off having somebody take you out."

"Y-yeah, I've enjoyed it...a lot. This is probably the happiest I've been since school started." she smiled, getting closer to me. Her fingers lightly brushed against my arm.

I watched her intensely, my green eyes looking into her blue ones. She leaned up a bit, her hand touching my shoulder. "I wanna...repay you..." she said quietly, her gaze looking to my thin lips.

"How?" I asked, already knowing what she had in mind.

Harlow didn't answer. Instead, she closed the gap between us, her soft lips touching my own slightly chapped ones. I kept my eyes open for a moment, watching her expressions. Why not fulfill this fantasy of hers? I shut my eyes and returned the kiss, moving my lips against hers. She let out a surprised sound, but she seemed to get the hang of it and got into the rhythm of the kiss. Her hand even brushed against my cheek, fingers lightly dancing across my skin.

My hands found her waist, gripping it a bit. She was so small in my grasp, it was almost amusing. I deepened the kiss and parted my lips, swiping my tongue across her bottom lip. She tasted like Twizzlers. She gasped softly and her mouth parted in that gasp, allowing me to delve into her mouth.

This is going better than I thought. I thought, my tongue touching hers.

She let out a soft moan and melted into the kiss for another few seconds before we had to pull away for air. I looked at her and saw her red cheeks and her swollen lips. She swallowed a bit and I felt her other hand brush against my abdomen. I had a hunch of what she had in mind.


"Yeah." I said.

She looked surprised. "Really?"

"I don't mind." I said, giving a shrug of my shoulders.

"O-okay." Harlow nodded and looked down for a moment, taking a deep breath before her fingers slowly grabbed the zipper of my jeans and pulled it down.