Long blonde hair was all she could think about. Twisting curly hair around her fingers, grasping it tight when they kissed, watching it spread out on her pillows when they made love. The way their hair looked as they lay next to each other, Lana's golden hair entwined with Violet's own orange-red.

Blinking back tears, Violet took one last, long drag from her cigarette before crushing it under her boot. She needed to stay calm. She needed to focus. If she didn't - those might be the last memories of Lana she'd have.

Whenever she heard about kidnappings during spring break, she had always thought it happened outside, or when the victim was alone. Lana, though…Lana was taken right from their hotel room. When she was still in it!

'Were they even called kidnappings,' she thought, 'when the person who's taken is an adult?'

Violet woke up that morning to broken glass on the floor, presumably from the broken sliding door. The coffee table was overturned, the couch cushions were thrown around the room. It was clear there was a struggle. Most disturbing of all, however, was the one cushion that had a long cut in it. It's stuffing was almost all out and stained red. Red that led in smeared drops out the broken door.

The first thing she did was call out for Lana. No response. Then, she called her on her cellphone. No response. Panicky texts - no response.

Her first call to her best friend Iggy was typed out wrong, her shaking hands and watering eyes putting in the wrong number.

"Violet?" Iggy's crackly, hazy, just-woke-up voice answered at the third ring.

"Iggy! I - I can't - I think," her normally deep voice was high-pitched and frantic.

"What? Calm down. Breathe," Violet took a shaky breath at his command, "Good. Now, what's wrong?"

"I," her voice cracked again, "I think Lana's been taken."

Iggy's words sharpened, "What do you mean?"

"I mean she's been taken! Kidnapped! Abducted!" A rough sob escaped her throat.

"I'll be there in 15," he said, followed be a click.

Now she stood outside the hotel room, waiting for her best friend to meet her and help her with the investigation. Violet was, in fact, a detective and after calling into the police, she got the OK to start.

They had only been to this beach in California once before, for a case, and this time was because Iggy lived near there and well, it was spring break. Violet and Lana met up with Iggy yesterday afternoon and had spent all day chilling on the beach and partying but Violet came back early while Lana and Iggy still partied. Hopefully Iggy would give some much needed clues.

Spotting the tall, brunette boy walking up the hallway, the redhead ran to him, wrapping her arms around him. "You couldn't have gotten here sooner?" she said into his chest, only half-joking.

"Traffic's a bitch," he retorted, only half-joking. Sighing, he pulled away from her, "I wish my memory were better, but I know we only went to one other place after you left. That tiki bar a few blocks down. I…Oh, God, I left before her so I…I'm sorry, that's all I can help with,"

Drawing in a sharp breath, Violet had to push back the rude comments she wanted to make. 'It's not his fault he left before her. He didn't know. He's just trying to help. Don't be a bitch.' Then, aloud, she said, "That's more than what I knew before. The…blood trail disappears so she had to have been taken somewhere else. First, the bar."

"All we got was some good-looking guy with black hair and green eyes followed her out," Violet growled, stomping out of the bar.

"That's also more than you knew before," Iggy pointed out, hurrying to catch up to the very short, very angry girl.

Violet made a noise, "But how many guys with black hair are out there?"

"Not too many with green eyes,"

She shook her head, "Still. I just wish —" Violet cut herself off, freezing with wide eyes, "I know who took her."

"Wait, what? Already?" Violet smacked herself on the forehead.

"Xavier! Xavier Bolt, that guy I busted last year for abducting and selling girls. I was the first and only one to figure out it was him and where he was hiding and selling them. I…I didn't know he was out of prison,"

Iggy stared at her, "I did. He and a bunch of other guys broke out a few weeks ago. I forgot you—"

"We have to notify the police. If we're lucky, we can figure out where he's staying."

Lucky they were, because the criminal checked into a dumpy motel under his real name. Violet was there as fast as the taxi could take her.

Kicking the locked door open, Violet stormed into the motel room with her gun drawn and cocked. Her eyes darting around the room, they focused on the long blonde hair leading up to her petrified face. The black-haired, green-eyed man leaned over her on the pristine white couch.

"Xavier Bolt! Let my girlfriend go, she had nothing to do with last year!" Violet trained her gun at him, relishing in the flicker of fear and surprise.

"Why would I do that," He asked smoothly, "Violet Lyons?" Fast as a snake, a knife appeared in his hand, placed delicately along Lana's bared porcelain neck. He tugged her up so they both stood, her slim body pressed in front of his.

"Let. Her. Go." Violet warned, her purple name-sake eyes flickering with fury.

"Now, now, where's the fun in that?" Xavier purred, flashing her a sick grin, "Where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?" he asked Lana, voice dripping with malice and…lust? Definitely lust, as he licked a stripe up the blonde's face.

"Get your filthy fucking hands off her!" Violet's throat felt raw at the force that she yelled these words, sprinting up to the pair. In a fluid motion, she flung the knife-wielding hand away from Lana, kicked his shin, and pushed his shocked face backwards. Shoving Lana in the opposite direction, Violet aimed her gun again at the criminal.

"Since you asked so nicely…" he growled under his breath. With a single upward thrust, he knocked the gun out of her hands, the black metal skidding along the floor. Both weaponless, they circled around each other.

He would attack, only to be blocked. She would punch, only to be blocked. Then he lunged at her.


The enemies fell to the floor, Violet lying under Xavier. Rich, dark blood spilled out from the two.

Lana rushed onto her knees next to the fallen pair, flipping her abductor over to check on her lover. Weary purple eyes gazed up at her. With a sob, Lana collapsed onto her body, hugging her tighter than a shirt three sizes too small.

A deep groan from next to them confirmed Xavier was still alive. Lana's aim had been true, however, and the dark blood covering him came from his shoulder. Lana stood and knocked him unconscious with a sharp kick to the head.

Falling back to Violet, she helped her stand. The two held each other tightly as they walked out, leaving Xavier to the police that would arrive in minutes.

"I love you," Violet murmured in her ear.

"I love you too," Lana flushed red, "That's the first time you've said that,"

"It was all I could think about. That will never happen again," she declared fiercely. Lana giggled.

"It better not. He really needed a breath mint."