Man: Are you sitting quite comfortably? I'd like to remind you that what you see is very much all there is. Me, you and whatever burdens you may carry. We'll start with your name, what is it?

Toni: [a little scared] I'm sorry, but my mom told me not to talk to strangers…

Man: It's okay. Your boss asked me to do a psychological evaluation on you guys.

Toni: Is this like a doctor checkup? Or is this where you ask me "What was your childhood like?"

Man: More like the second thing. I'm just going to ask you a few questions, and then you can go free.

Toni: Ohhh.

Man: Do you think your name suits you? Do you perhaps plan on changing it or do you feel that it has helped define you as a person? Could you imagine yourself with any other name?

Toni: I'm….not….sure. But I don't wanna change. I can imagine myself with other names. My stage name isn't my real name. My last name is Konno.

Man: [thinking] Is this Maxy's brother? [speaking] How old are you, if you don't mind my asking?

Toni: I'm 14.

Man: When is your birthday? Do you know your astrological sign? Do you believe that it's accurate to your personality?

Toni: My birthday is May 18th. I don't know about those other things…

Man: Say you're a third person who is describing you here to someone who's never met you before. What key traits would you mention? Why those in particular?

Toni: I'm not…sure…. I think my fans think I'm cute. That's good. I get a little scared around new people, so I'm not sure what they think of me.

Man: Are there many traits you wish you didn't have? Or perhaps any that you feel you wouldn't be you without them?

Toni: I wish I wasn't as dumb. I also want to be more…..myself? Around more people. I don't know how to explain it. I think my friends and fans are the only ones who don't think I'm weird. I don't think other people, especially other guys, would like me.

Man: Ahhh. [thinking] He looks sad…Thankfully, this next question should cheer him up, I hope. [speaking]What are your favourite, simple things? Perhaps when a stranger smiles at you, or your favourite song comes up on the radio?

[Toni puts on a thinking face at first, then smiles brightly]

Toni: I like sweaters! They're like hugs you can wear!

Man: Aww, I never thought of it that way!

Toni: I like stuffed animals too. They're my friends [notices something, visibly panics] Where's Fluffles? I always cuddle him to sleep! I hope I didn't lose him again!

Man: Is Fluffles one of your stuffed animals?

[Toni nods, looking pitiful]

Man: He's probably safe and sound on your bed.

Toni: I hope so….

Man: [softly] Do you listen to music? If you do, which genres do you find yourself most attracted to honestly? Why is this? If not, why is that?

Toni: I don't know a lot about genres. I like happy music. It makes me feel happy. I listen to sad songs sometimes too. They can be pretty.

Man: Have you ever heard that, if you listen to the lyrics of someone's favourite song, you'll hear the words they can't say? Meaning, in the nutshell, that the people being spoken of listen to music they can relate to and that's often that they're hurting in some way. Do you listen to music that you can relate to especially?

[Toni looks confused]

Man: When you hear your friend's favorite song, can you imagine them feeling the same as the lyrics? And do you tend to listen to songs with lyrics you can relate to?

Toni: Yeah! Well, for my friends…kind of. Sometimes, it doesn't feel like they would feel that way. I think the same goes for me, too.

Man: When do you listen to music the most? When you're sad, happy, angry, lonesome, or excited?

Toni: I listen to music a lot when I'm happy. But I also listen to it when I'm sad or lonely.

Man: Do you ever feel blissful one minute and then depressed the next?

Toni: B-blissful is good, right?

Man: Like joyful.

Toni: Ohhh. Yeah…

Man: How often do you notice your moods change? How does this affect those around you?

Toni: My feelings change a lot more than they probably should. I hope my friends don't think that's annoying.

Man: How do you feel you communicate with other people? Do you feel you lack the proper skills to hold onto friendships?

Toni: I keep stuffed animals around to help me for when I make real friends. I have way more of them than real people friends, but think I do better at keeping people friends than I do the stuffed animals, though…

Man: What is your oldest friend's name and what are they like? Do you remember how you met? Have you ever fought physically or otherwise?

Toni: I think Tsukiko is the oldest out of the friends I have. We met one day at a meeting thingy. I don't think she liked me at first. We were supposed to be….not dating, but….I don't know. I was supposed to pretend I had a crush on her, and she had to be nice to me, I think. And she couldn't date anyone. That's what she was mad about; she wanted someone older. I didn't get it all until she explained it to me later, so I thought we were supposed to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but she didn't like me like I liked her. She's very nice to me now! We're really close friends. I can tell her anything. We never fight either. The closest thing is when she was telling her friends that she didn't want to be paired off with me, but she didn't know I heard that, and she apologized to me.

Man: Are you currently in a romantic relationship? Do you think that you two will stay together for much longer? If you aren't currently dating anyone, think about the last time you did.

Toni: I never had a date before. Except for the fake ones with Tsuki.

Man: How do you feel when she isn't around? When she is? Feel free to go into detail, I don't mind hearing it.

Toni: Tsuki's like a big sister to me. She makes me feel safe and loved, kind of like my mom does. When she's not around, sometimes I wish I could tell her things that I don't think Higgy, Nicky, or Maxy would understand.

Man: Tell me about your parents, what were they like? In what ways did they influence you most, do you think?

Toni: Okaasan's the best! I love her, and she loves me and Maxy very much! She's very strong and kind and patient and she knows when to…. Stand her ground? Did I use that right? I wanna be just like her when I grow up!

Man: Aww, is she your role model?

Toni: Y-yeah….I think? …Yeah! Yeah!

Man: What about your father?

Toni: Oh, he's dead. Okaasan and Maxy said that he was a nice man. I don't really know how I should feel when they talk about him. I wish he didn't die so that they would be happier, and Okaasan wouldn't have to work as hard. But I'm not sure if he would like me. I'm not…really great at being a boy. That's what dads want, right?

Man: Are you worried that he wouldn't love you as you are?

[Toni nods]

Man: It's important to remember that parents can be as different as normal people are. Have you had any mean teachers?

Toni: W-well she wasn't mean, but she seemed kind of annoyed with my questions. She thought I was trying to be funny. [crying] I really didn't understand.

[The therapist offers Toni tissues. He uses them to wipe his face]

Man: [softly] Have you had any nice teachers?

Toni: [composing himself] Yeah, most of them have been really nice! Some were kind of in the middle, but I liked all of my teachers! Especially Mr. Kenji. He tries not to make me feel too dumb.

Man: Well, the reason I asked you those questions is to explain that parents can be the same way. Some can be kind, others aren't, and some are more understanding than others.

Toni: Ohhhh. That makes sense.

Man: Ahhh….Are there any other significant people in your life? Any aunts or uncles who took care of you as a child, perhaps?

Toni: I never really met any of my mom's family. Everyone I've met at Benji's has been really nice to me and good friends.

Man: Do you think that the person you are now has changed all that much from when you were a child?

Toni: Not really. I'd like to be a kid forever, but, I know that can't happen.

Man: Interesting. How about your teenage years? Are you enjoying them?

Toni: Being a teenager is weird, but it's not quite as bad as I expected.

Man: What are some things that you just can't stand? Not people, not places, just things.

Toni: Strawberries. I'm allergic to them.

Man: Ohhh. What are your opinions on—You know what, I'll skip to the next question. This one is worded weirdly. How do you feel when someone opposes you? Verbally or otherwise? How do you react instantly?

Toni: I argue with Maxy a lot, but everyone else, I don't really say anything back to them.

Man: Could you be described as a violent person? Would you say you're a violent person?

Toni: [smiling] No, that's Maxy.

[The man laughs to himself]

Man: Is it ever okay to harm or kill someone?

Toni: Oh….I don't know…..maybe? If they're really, really bad.

Man: Do you agree that it's a "hunt or be hunted/eat or be eaten" world?

Toni: Um….I would hope not.

Man: Which would you say you were more likely to be viewed as? Hunted or hunter?

Toni: Probably hunted. [makes a dead face]

Man: If you were the hunter, would you ever befriend or help someone who could be called the (almost-) hunted? Would you aid them in becoming a fellow hunter, perhaps?

Toni: Yeah!

Man: What do you do when you pass someone on the streets who looks lost or looks like someone in need of help?

Toni: I'd want to help them. Especially if it's a kid.

Man: I know we've been doing this for a while now, but how do you feel when you express your feelings? Do you perhaps feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders or a claw has released your chest or do you "vent" so often to people that it's become a normal sensation?

Toni: Yeah, the weight thing! It feels good.

Man: How often do you find yourself ranting about issues that bother you to your friends? Do they (unconsciously) make you feel like you're just being a burden or are they constantly telling you that you can tell them anything that worries you?

Toni: Uhhh, I don't think I complain too much.

Man: I know we're both busy people so I'll close up this meeting now. It was nice to meet you and I hope you feel like that weight has been lifted from your chest. I hope we can do this again sometime and I'm always here if you need me. Goodbye!

Toni: Thank you Mr.! Bye!