Secret military base, 12th June, 2043.


The alarms blared and warning lights flashed in the nearly-deserted military-research installation. The only one still in the base was a man, held against his will, who had undergone a series of medical procedures to create a super-soldier with plus-human capabilities. He lay on a restraining-table, his bio-engineered wings extended, his arms showing the supernaturally rapidly-fading scars of weapon-implantation. His eyes, unseeing, were like cats eyes, staring blankly at nothing, the mind behind them warped and shaped by induced memory-loss and hypnotic commands yet still capable of independent thought due to the incomplete nature of his alterations.

As the alarms continued to blare, the man slowly levered himself upright. He straightened, compensating for the weight of his wings, and took a single step towards the door just before a sudden flash of bright light removed him and the entire base from the face of the planet.


The scientists gazed down at the perfectly circular area where the landscape had changed. Instead of the subterranean base and the semi-disguised access points, the ground beneath their helicopter was a giant near-perfect sphere of gold-shot rock, the perfection of the sphere marred only by an angled surface where the mirror-bright rock was weathered and covered in now-melting snow.

"Headquarters reports no signal-detection from the base, wherever or whenever it is, it is no longer on this planet."

One of the other scientists nodded, her attention fixed on the sphere below and a snarl fixed on her otherwise perfect face.

"Any idea which experiment caused this?"

"Could have been the superstring-wormhole, the probability-chaos inducer, the quantum-teleporter or some sort of resonance between any or all of them. No way of telling without setting up the base again exactly the way it was before and running the experiments again."

The woman sighed.

"The Avenging Angel project was almost reaching fruition. The bio-work was almost complete, I had the armour and primary weapons sorted, another week and he would have been ready for deployment."

The first scientist looked at her.

"Have you selected another subject for the alterations yet?"

The woman shook her head.

"No, my first choice seemed so perfect. Intelligent, honest and relatively fit."

"The fact that he refused a one-night stand with you had nothing to do with it."

The woman glared at the scientist who had spoken.

"All of our projects have effectively been destroyed, now is not the time to question each other's motivations."

The scientist shrugged without apology and turned back to the window.

"I wonder where or when it all went. I've never seen rock like that before, the geological report will be fascinating."