The Other Side

Katie D. Johnson

There's a wall between us,

But only I can see it.

You pass back and forth, Never feeling it.

I watch you as I touch the glass.

I watch the joy as it's sapped right from my fingertips.

You don't understand why I can't join you.

You laugh, thinking it's a game.

I cry, wishing I could just reach the places you can;

The places you callously take for granted.

But I'll always be lost on the Other Side.

I can see you growing bored of what you think is just an act.

You become angry.

You yell at me.

You blame me for not being easy to understand…

And you leave.

And I remain in silence.

I stare out from the Other Side, gazing at the glass

That no one else seems to see.

I touch this wall with my other hand

And wonder if anyone will ever care to reach me.