Mine Monstrous Flower

I once hadst a flower as lovely as can be

But mine flower didst gone and betray me!

A beauty of blues and greens carved by suns

In the morning lighteth he blissfully swung

Washing my darkened misery in run

Daily I gazed upon him growth

As timeth so magically sloweth

When upon a moonlight stroll I wandered

And saweth my flower had absconded!

Mine heart didst rage and my face shatter

Water leaked from my eyes in openeth splatter

Wildly I sought for him in madness

With disregard of all mine senses

Even ripping apart at garden fences

Detangling poisonous vines with beareth hands

Killing all creatures crawling on land

Tearing plants from cords of life

Slashing with mine dagger in murderous rife

And thither finally I saw my flower so sweet...

Layeth in another's arms, the treacherous fiend!

Mine heart did roar liketh a bull

And madly I stomped them both to kill

Mine beloved flower was nay more...

Stroking his mangled petals still soft and warm

Seeking quietus release of my mourn

Grievingly, I trudged carrying his deceased form

Through the broken mess of a garden undone

Which layeth ravaged and maimed

Long gone from its wondrous days

Blood of the dead stained mine feet liketh scars

Ripped shrubs in dying glooms cried from afar

Quaint colours once bore now lifeless in dirt

So sorrowfully mine heart didst hurt...

Suddenly the sunlight shone liketh a beckon

And thither mine flower stoodeth undefeated!

I rushed over in glee and held him ever so gently

"Mine flower dost liveth!" I wept a plenty

And mine eyes belied with false compareth

I hadst been misguided by the moonlights glare

Mine lips rested against his petals so fair

But he withered in cold forbear

'What's wrong dram flower?' my eyes didst query

But he turned hence away, visibly uneasy

For mine rampage fordid his world so fair

So mine flower didst misprise me in dark despair

Each day he groweth weaker in his hate

Collied by this most solemnest of fates

Mine flower is anon a dark creation

Nay longer warmeth, but now a monster to be hated.