We held the shield wall as father woke up from his sleep. He would mourn the loss of his twenty sons and daughters. However the clowns lost hundreds and the maze was utterly destroyed. Like all Godwin's I prefer javelins and quick reactions. Yet as I reach the age of twenty a strange feeling besets me. It befalls my sisters and other brothers.

Our slang we call it staying in the family or keeping the bloodline pure. Father wouldn't approve or would he. I walked toward the tent I had the slang for my clone sister Shadow Leaf. She was called the scholars like all brothers and sisters to keep some individuality. "Shadow" I smiled my hauberk still covered in blood and grime. She grimaced "Darling you're getting blood on my silk rug". I smiled we've done hundreds of skirmishes together she haughty but she cares for her brothers and sisters. She sat back down at her desk using magic to write on the parchment. "You know there's a mead hall if you want to". "Just tell her you love her already" shouted a two voices.

Leofwine and Malice staggered into the tent also covered in blood. I was red and Shadow had look shocked. "After all you seem to like each other just do what we did already". Yes Leofwine who we nicknamed the quick and Malice leaf the unseen are a couple. We all started to go to the towns mead hall. The residents were thankful that we ridded them of clowns. They know however we only did it cause our father was in trouble.

Shadow and I hadn't said a word to one another. We got in the mead hall our kin were already coursing in the hall. A Rage leaf was arm wrestling with a Tostig. A Harold was vomiting in the corner a Gryth and a Shadow saying they should go back to camp. We sat at a table and ordered roast chicken. We did small talk Malice nudging me to talk to Shadow. We talked mainly about scrolls and records. "By the way been saving these" Leofwine showed some cookies. "Are you out of your mind we're not even in Zacardo" Shadow protested. We knew they were rookie cookies Illegal to all races except us fathers children.

Malice and Leofwine just rolled their eyes and ate the cookies. We continued to talk finally the chicken arrived we all were eating the traditional way with our fingers. We then drank mead from the horn cups. Malice and Leofwine laughing and joking. Then the unexpected happened the Sister I had feeling for rested her head on my shoulders. I looked at her she just grinned. We finished then paid the innkeeper. We got back to our camp. The housecarl a Rage Leaf verbally reprimanding Leofwine and Malice. "Typical Zacardians" she muttered. We all just laughed tonight was one heck of a night.

Thanks for reading also to all my "children" in my head. Hey do whatever it's not like you're gonna get arrested in the real world :D