Don't You Love Me?



You swear that you love me.

That you love me unconditionally.

So why do I have to take bits and pieces of myself

And hide them behind a mask of someone else?

Why must I make a home

In the darkest of my soul's shadows

For the shards that you don't want to see?

Don't you love me?

I hold the rift between our worlds in a trembling hand.

You're running away, saying you just can't understand.

You can't… Or you won't?

I used to hope that you'd see past your pride, but you don't.

All you see are some stupid book's laws.

You'll only love me if I do away with my flaws.

If I'd stop my resistance

Against the "proof" of your "God's" existence.

He's all you even see.

But don't you love me?

Can't you love me?