I haven't written anything in a long time, eh. I had some serious writer's block. I got a little something to say now.

Well, some things of this world disappoint me. I mean, a lot of things. Sometimes I wish I could die and go to Heaven. Yet that's not God's plan for my life. He has a majestic plan.

Worldly entertainment has been in the gutter for many years now. What people pass off as 'entertainment' is perverse and irreverent in nature. People, including a mast majority of 'Christians,' enjoy going to the theatres and watching movies with 200 F words, and have no issues with it.

Christians? Enjoying the same stuff as the unregenerate do?!

No, I'm not going to condemn the person just because he/she partakes in such 'entertainment.' Yet it brings a question in my mind. If you went to such a movie, would you invite Jesus? Think, 'WWJD.'

You really have to think about what you put into your mind. The same goes for me, honestly. Think about it for a second. I bet Jesus wouldn't be going to the theatre very often.

In the world, this is rife. Yet in the Churches, it is starting to become really common. Skits, fun, party-like services, comedian pastors, shallow feel-good messages, emotional hysteria, etc. It is becoming no different than a service of 'holy entertainment.'

If you have been to such a church, or are attending such a church, I suggest that you go fishing for a better church. You might think you're growing spiritually, but you're not. You're just being satiated for the time. Sound doctrine might just scare you.

Also, last but not least, pray for that church. Pray that they'll shed their skin of entertainment and bring forth a solid teaching and a solid worship.

God bless.