"Ah, hello. Sit down, dear."

The detective blinked. The old woman sounded so sincere, he couldn't even figure out if she was being serious or not. The woman smiled and put down her tea, offering him a seat. The detective looked suspicious, and when he made no move to sit down the woman frowned slightly. "Sit down, dear, standing up too much never did anyone any good." The detective looked around, and slowly sat down, still very much on edge. Not that the surroundings were very threatening at all. The wallpaper looked like someone had gone to the store and asked for the most ornate and hideous paper ever, and there were normal things in the house, save for an old piano, which even then wasn't very noteworthy.

The old lady slipped some biscuits and tea at him. "Are you hungry, sweetheart? Make sure to eat up, you look rather thin." The man stared at the food like it was completely foreign to him. The woman sighed. "Sweetie, you don't need to look at me like that. I won't hurt you." That pushed the detective over the edge. "Oh yeah? The way you DIDN'T KILL A HUNDRED PEOPLE?!" The detective shouted in rage, unable to hold back anymore.

"Something tells me you have something against my brethren."

The detective looked surprised, which quickly turned into shock and confusion. "How did you…..?" The woman smiled. "I can tell by the way you act around me. By the way you confronted me for the first time in that alleyway. Many people would have waited for the mutant to actually calm down before yelling at it." The man bowed his head, while the woman laughed. It sounded sweet, like this kind of thing was normal conversation. "But you, you're different. I don't allow many people to talk with me like this, you know. Something bad happened in your past. Something that made you hate me." With every word the old woman leaned closer and closer, her smile still glued to her face. The man was silent, whether from shock or something else entirely no one could say, not even him.

The woman leaned back, sipping her tea, a brief look of disgust flashing across her face, like she hated the taste even though she had chosen it. The man hadn't even touched his food. 'Anyway, that's not important. I know why you're here. You're here to arrest me." The man nodded slightly. That he was. He was going to arrest her, and then the government would bring her to wherever they put the mutants, and then- "But that isn't going to happen." The man's head snapped up, not sure if he heard that right. "What..?" The smiled hadn't left the woman's face, but now it looked unnatural and crooked. "Oh, you have good hearing, dear, you know exactly what I said." The detective quickly stood up. "We have the place surrounded!" He snapped. If he wasn't on edge before, he was now. He had no idea if mutants could mutate their bodies on will, but he had a bad feeling he was going to find out.

The old lady stood up, straightening out her dress. "I never married, you know. I was afraid killing my own husband and of the mutations going to a child." She spoke as if her last remark was simply a passing thought, and the detective briefly wondered if this woman was in good mental health. "But you see, detective," She added, her voice suddenly becoming more serious, but that haunting smile never leaving her features. "The world we leave in? It isn't right. It isn't sound. And I didn't live this long life to be caught by anything but my own hand." She glanced over at the clock, her wide smile giving way to a more serene look. She looked at peace with the world, like she was young again and everything was fine. "Goodbye dear," She laughed, and collapsed.

She was dead. The tea had poison in it. She poisoned herself.

(Hullo peeps! Did you enjoy the story? If yes, then yay! If not, then maybe you need to read it again. XD I'm just kidding, but in all seriousness, this is my first short story, not just here (it's my first story here anyways-) but in general, I don't think I've ever written a short story in my life, it's all been chaptered. I had a lot of fun writing this one, and I'm semi proud of it. I know the action is a little rushed, but again, first short story. However, suggestions would be lovely and all that~! Have a nice day, cheers!)

(Also, yes, I did soon after writing this realize that Dirk Gently has a similar thing as the ending. I didn't actively intend for it to be that way, but it ended up how it ended up, I suppose.)