My tears… they wouldn't stop… I couldn't believe my mom was going to leave, to become the angel she always wanted to be… I just couldn't! Oh I guess you don't
know what I'm talking about, well I'll tell you, but before I do, I will tell you this, People may not live long, but love is an everlasting thing, it can't be forgotten. Ever.

I was little, probably 4, when it happened, "Maya! Sweetie! Come here please!" Was what I heard my mom yell from their bedroom, "Coming mommy!" I yelled back, not knowing why she called me didn't seem alarming until she told me. She said these words "I need you to be strong, okay?" "Alright" at that time I was a little alarmed, I was actually expecting her to say my pet goldfish, Mitch, had died last night, but no she said this, "sweetie, uh how do I put it," I again was thinking "Oh come on woman you told me to be strong! Just say Mitch is in the toilet already!" "I have very serious sickness, right here," she pointed to her breast, and I was very alarmed by then " it's called cancer," "Mommy what is cancer? Is it like the flu?" "No honey it's much more serious than that.

I still didn't understand until she had to leave work. At that time i was about 6 or 7, I asked my teacher, "Miss what is cancer?" It was that day that i fully understood how serious it was. Ever since that day the teacher told me, everything changed. Completely.

It was 2011, I got really good news from my dad. I heard my mom was in remission! It was so exciting! But all that excitement turned to pure stress and sadness, two years later.

In the middle of fourth grade it happened. She came out of remission. This time it was in her bones… and liver. I was upset at this, but I knew she could get through this… or could she? I was having a hard time knowing my mom, my best friend, could get through this, alive. I know it seems harsh… just listen to why, well I heard that supposedly the chemo isn't working for her. That scared me down to the bone!

That same year, my 4th grade teacher had a program where you would sign your name to bring a meal for my family. I thought that was very nice of my teacher, and she is still my favorite today because of that. It was helpful and made things easier, but that didn't make things better.

It is now 2013, the worst year of my life. It was around the end of November we ordered a hospital bed for my mom to sleep and lay in. By then it got all worse. She was talking in her sleep and, sometimes, all I could hear was her oxygen machine, A faint hissing in the distance.

It was a Wednesday, December 13th, I was getting my family gifts from the Santa secret shop fundraiser at my school. I saw the most beautiful soap dish with a really pretty angel on it, the one she will be some that someday. There wasn't any left so they gave me the one that was only for display.

By time I went to my grandma's I was wrapping some of the gifts, that's when my dad called, My grandma came in to tell me that we still need to get my medication to spend the night there and, that my mom, wasn't doing so well. But i had to hurry up my goodbyes, because i was going to Christmas tree lane with my friend Hannah.

There she was. I was crying so hard (this was the point i started at for all the dummies out there.) I went to go hug and kiss her for my last time. The next thing you know I'm crying harder because she was trying to open her eyes for me, "Oh mom, I love you so much, through infinity and back.

I was having the time of my life that night, until I got to my grandma's. Coming back from Christmas Tree Lane, I saw my grandma, sad, really, I immediately knew it happened.

"Maya I need you to be strong," My grandma said with a sad tone of voice "I will, did it happen" " I'm afraid it Did Maya. I'm so sorry," "It's okay" I said, tears running down my face, "I'm fine"

That day changed my life forever.

One week after that night was the funeral. For some reason I didn't cry that night, no matter how hard i tried, I just couldn't, "My mom, she left everyone she made contact with a smile, she was that nice," my mom's funeral was my first, and I had no idea how to react. I didn't know if I should cry, or shut the heck up. but ever since that day I remembered "People may not live long, but love is an everlasting thing, it can't be forgotten. Ever"

I still have that angel soap dish to this day. Every time I look at that dish i think of that woman who left me with a smile, who made me laugh, who understood my pains in life, that woman who was actually my best friend. My Mom.