Chapter One: Eva

Main Office, 8:30 AM

"So, Eva, do you know why I've called you here?"

Of course I know. I just don't really think it's necessary to be beckoned to the dean's office like it's my entire fault. Auryon was the one egging me on, so she should be here too. Unless she didn't come to school today because she knew she would get questioned. What a clever brat.

"Miss Eva!"

"Uh, yes ma'am, I'm sorry for spacing out, did you say something?"

"I asked you: do you know why I've called you here?"

I slump down in my seat a bit and mutter. "Is it because of what happened yesterday?"

"Yes, yes it is. Before we begin, however, I would like to let you know that I do realize that Auryon was also involved. She will be questioned tomorrow."

Hah, good. So the jerk won't get out of this scot-free. She deserves it, in my opinion. She's been in too many fights for her own good. Although, a lot of other people in her class have a fighting nature too. I guess that's why they're called the Ocran.

"Now, Eva, I assume you can tell me what happened from your point of view. Please tell me your side of the story."

"Well, ma'am, I honestly don't think it's my fault that the fight happened. I was just going around and doing soul searching for a research project, and I tried to search Auryon's. Somehow she noticed, and she shouted at me, saying something like 'Don't search my soul! If anything, my soul doesn't deserve to be in one of your miserable projects, you dork! I'm a lot better than that, and you know it!'"

"Did you retort?"

"Well…yes, I did. I said to her that I'm just doing my job, and if she's going to be such a snob about it, she can try doing something herself for once."

"You could have chosen to say nothing."

Yes, I could have. But I'm not the type of person to just shrink back and leave after a comment like that. I stand up for myself, unlike a lot of the Casimir class. They're supposedly peacemakers, but their way of "making peace" doesn't stand well with me. Some of them do speak up, and try to end a fight before it starts, but some of them just say nothing and turn away because they're too afraid to say anything.

"I also noticed that you didn't ask her if you could search her soul. Do you often do that?"

No, I don't, but I already know what the answer would have been if I did ask her. It would have probably been the exact same thing.

"No ma'am, but knowing her, her answer would have been the same."

"Eva, I haven't ever seen you interact with her, much less any of the rest of the Ocran class. I doubt you really know her like you think you do."

I avert my eyes. I know she's right, but I won't admit it out loud. Surely she's noticed, though, that all of the classes stick to their own members to hang out with. There's no "class-mixing" friend-wise. That's just the way it's always been.

The dean sighs, realizing that I'm not going to answer her unspoken question, and says, "Okay, you're excused. I will speak with Auryon tomorrow."

"Thank you," I say, getting up from the chair and leaving the room.

Well, what a waste of my time that was.