Let it Burn

It starts off as a small flicker;
nothing more than a spark
but slowly the flame grows thicker,
a guiding light in the plunging dark

Light dances and flits across the walls,
creating bending, twirling shadows
can't really tell where the light finally falls
But it sets everything inside aglow

It burns brighter and brighter,
consuming everything in its path
its height growing higher and higher
nothing is safe from its wrath

The smell of smoke is in the air,
the stench foul to all those around,
but what does the fire care?
it only wishes to gain more ground

Higher and higher, bigger and bigger,
destroying and burning everything
faster and faster, stronger and stronger
Not one thing is spared, nothing

Walls crumble and support gives way,
the fire's crackling and burning is all that's heard
to the blaze this is merely play
the lines of safety and reality are blurred

Where is this burning blaze?
It this just in my head?
Is the heat just some part of my craze?
Is this where my insanity has led?

The fire it burns, it hurts but it's pure,
erases the pain, the torment, the confusion
the fire is the one and only cure,
for my particular style of delusion

What do I want? What do I need?
All I know is that I yearn
I want to burn, I need to bleed
so let it go to hell, let it burn...

a/n: I was up late at night and this just hit me. What can I say? I like fire :) Hope you enjoyed! Please leave a Review! Makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside and I return the favour :)