Crash, crash, crash,

A rhythmic, hypnotizing sound,

Blue glorious waves, pounding the ground

Receding and retreating,

Water forever repeating

A figure, standing lone and tall,

Stares upon the watery all;

Upon the sky, from water his eyes,

Glaring at the navy highs

His sad, crippled eyes

Unthoughtful, all-seeing eyes

A resounding glory, rippled through air,

Surprise! Eyes darting, here and there

Scary, isn't it? That bodiless voice!

"Tell me!" He spoke, "What is the source?"


Spoke the cerulean, foaming seas

Aghast, he stood, basking in shock,

As the water webbed upon the rocks

Back, forth, left and right,

To see, his eyes, painfully tight

The sea, the water, a blue arm sprouted,

Watery, silky, from the shore it mounted

Screaming loudly, hand enclosed on his legs,

From shrieking, he broke down into begs

"O God, oh please, please no, no ease!"

The shifting, watery arm ignored,

dragging him into the endless Seas.