Things are as they are, we suffer because we imagined different.

They tell you,

How to feel,

And how to think.

When you take the decision and eat it expecting glory

You get something different.

And who do you blame when you're disappointed?

Do you blame yourself,

Or do you blame whatever you feel lied to you?

Our perception is that we are a victim

And that the world owes us something.

Well I'm not saying you're not a victim,

And I believe people are wrong by telling you the world doesn't owe you anything.

I'm not saying it does but that's not where our problem is.

It starts from the very beginning with

Our perception.

From the very moment we are born it has been tampered with.

Not every baby is cute.

There once used to be this device that they would bring into elementary schools during spring that would allow students to raise butterflies. It wasn't as impressive as it sounds. Partially because when you're eight you aren't willing to wait for the butterfly to make its transformation. Then when they are finally spreading their wings to fly in the first few hours some die. Then at the moment when your teacher takes you to release all the ones left surviving into the wild the birds gather outside the front door. Of course the normal person wouldn't actually be able to see them. Like ninjas they would come and assassins they would go. No butterfly would find freedom in this new world and a bunch of eight year olds would be crying over something they only cared about today because, " We miss the pretty butterflies."

Allow me to change your perceptions.

People want results now.

It's every man for themselves.

The world will beat you

If you don't beat it.

And finally the one most of you

If not all of you

Already know about is that

People only care about you when you are worth something to them.

Allow me to change your perceptions.

Beauty does exist.

People can change for the better.

There is something more out there.

If you weren't meant to be here you wouldn't exist.

Your part in this world is important.