When the morning did come, after the extra drink and the gradual descend to bed, she at first didn't remember why she should feel so sickly. Then of course she realised and wanted to groan. She had expected a headache but her stomach churned and she wondered if she should be quickly making her way to the bathroom. Praying to not emit the bowl of popcorn she lay still with her eyes closed. This was her life.

During high school she had always looked out at the people in four kinds; the ones that would end up with drug issues, the partying ones that were still mindful of their studies, the smart ones and the hopeless ones. She pitied the last kind, judged the first and only lesser judged the second. The third kind was the ones she was envious of because she mostly fit into this category. Of course she was never outstanding but she scraped by to still be able to consider herself there.

Slowly she moved her body upwards and tested her head in the air. She would move to the couch, grab an aspirin on the way and flick to one of the ending morning shows. She preferred predictability.

The house was small, easy for her parents to catch her and her sister talking when they were young. Her sister had since moved into her own room, there had been tight negotiations when their older sister's room became available and in the end she had had gotten the better end of the deal. She was nervous the first night she had spent in the room by herself. She was so used to having someone sleeping right there, with the sounds of shuffling sheets and the occasional breath that it was oddly silent. She had thought she would be more afraid and she was nervous as the house descended into darkness. But she wasn't, her fear only slight, and she realised her fear of the dark had gone. There had been years of tortured nights with this fear, hiding under the blankets even when the heat was considerable. Sometimes she found it odd that it had been one night, one small moment that had brought her into this. It had all been because of a movie, a small snippet that someone had flicked the TV to at the unfortunate time of a monsters roar. She wasn't particularly afraid by it, but something inside her flickered and the fears she had left as a child returned. That night had been one of the worst, evil thoughts slipping into her head as she tried to toss them away.

She pushed thoughts of the past away from her head. She propped her head on a pillow on the couch and flicked through the channels. The morning shows were all ending and at least she could look ahead and see what else was on. The day did not seem promising, but which day did?
She would have to do some cleaning at some point, the dishes had been piling up and her sister would be annoyed if she returned tomorrow to a pile of mould. There was little effort to get them done. The whole day was ahead of her and it could wait until her stomach had resided into normality and the slight twang in her head was gone. She hadn't been drunk, even if she had almost committed sacrilege. She had saved herself from eternal condemnation from whichever god resided over the making of tea. It would be foolish to think there was a god so concerned with how the tea leaves infused into the perfectly correct temperature of water but she had heard of a temple where they worshiped a god of the motorbike. Perhaps it was only foolish to her because she believed in something less trivial than a limited god and perhaps it was only trivial because she was foolish.