The realm of Ishitar is unlike our own for it is full of magic. Those with magical abilities had a special connection to Elysium, the world where all souls went after death; a place full of lost times and the souls of people good and bad. When the world of Ishitar was young magic ran rampant, often bringing both happiness and chaos.

Then came the Imperial Gods; no one knows where they came from or how they came to be or which of the Gods came first. With the arrival of the Imperial Gods came a brief time of peace, until they began to feud with one another, thus the Imperial Gods were separated into two major groups; the Dark Gods and the Noble Gods.

The Dark Gods were led by Dardanius the God of Darkness, and the Noble Gods were led by Engl the Goddess of Light. The Gods waged war over the Adelphene. They warred until one day the Imperial Gods vanished and the world of Ishitar was plunged into chaos, beginning the Haimagen Age; an age of bloodshed and suffering.

The Adelphene is made up of Orcs, Merrow, Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Fae. The Ocrs live in the Kigdom of Helgen in the swamps of Caravell. The Merrow live in the Kingdom of Atlantis deep in the Affaron Sea. The Humans live in three separate kingdoms; the Kingdom of Redhelm in the deserts of Amaranthym, the Kingdom of Grayhaven in the forests of Findrel, and the Kingdom of Ephyra in the islands of Arnav. There are two kinds of Elves; High Elves live in the Kingdom of Arella in the hidden forest of Lavern, and the Wood Elves live in the Kingdom of Sylvain in the forest of Frindrel. Dwarves live in the Kingdom of Agartha deep under the Mountains of Zurial. The Fae live in the hidden Kingdom of Avalon near the Valley of Nysa.

When the Haimagen Age began the world was plunged into darkness. The Haimagen Age gave rise to the Theodyn, the Empire of the Theos. The Theodyn Empire began a brutal war with the Elves and forced them into slavery. The Theodyn Empire used dark magics to cause chaos and discord throughout the world. Due to this the world of Ishitar radically changed; distrust and prejudice spread like wildfire, and the very world seemed to be on the brink of collapse.

The Dwarves retreated deep into Agartha and remained isolated for hundreds of years. The ancient Elven kingdoms crumbled to ash and the people lost much of their heritage. Under the control of the humans the Elves and their long life dwindled. The Elves who could once live for thousands and thousands of years could now only live hundreds. The Fae barred the mystical gates to Avalon so that nothing impure could pass through. The Merrow in the depths of the sea become twisted shadows of themselves, and were hence forth known as Merks to the surface dwellers.

Then Eniryt came, a mighty warrior who fought the darkness of the world; the darkness of the Theodyn Empire. Eniryt breathed new life into the long forgotten order of the Templars who once served under the Goddess Engl herself. Eniryt and the new Templars led a mighty campaign against the Theodyn Empire, and despite their great success against the might Empire, Eniryt was captured.

The Theodyn Emprire publicly burned Eniryt at the stake in an attempt to snuff out the fire of rebellion. However, after Eniryt's death Beadurnic, one of Eniryt's trusted advisors, took his place leading the war against Theodyn. At Beadurnic's hands Theodyn fell and Eniryt became a symbolic martyr for the Adelphene, and they worshipped him as a God.

Many of the Theos were killed when Theodyn fell, but after that the Adelphene turned against the Theos and magic. Magical abilities now filled people with terror and dread so the Enirytian Templars locked the Theos away in solitary castles known as Shkolles, and in theses Shkolles the Theos were taken to live, to be trained, and to die. The Theos who worked and lived outside of the Shkolle were hunted and killed like wild beasts.

The land of Ishitar is a realm full of ancient tales, forgotten Gods, and lost souls. Yet it is still full of magic and hope. Much like nature it is both beautiful and terrible at the same time. Ishitar has the potential to be beautiful and whimsical, but it also has the potential to be dark and terrfying.

I'm sorry that this chapter is so short. The first chapter is supposed to draw you in, but this doesn't do a very good job. I promise that the chapters that come after this are much more interesting.

Theos is the term for magic weilders.

Adelphene is the name for the many people's of Ishitar.