Head Above Water

Pain. Agony. Torment.

Insults burden me, further pulling me under

The words tore through my head

Their voices were loud and clear

It was a siren beckoning me to my death

The pain. Make it stop!

Ugly. Stupid. Worthless.

Can someone help me? Just one, please?

Someone, save me from the waves crashing above my head

I'm grasping for a hand to keep me alive but can't find anything

I'm not worth saving; a useless piece of trash

Miles past saving

I scream. I plead. I cry.

Someone, please, drag me out of the deep

Can't you see my internal struggle?

I want to give up and let the water consume me

My will is diminishing, the darkness is comforting

I want to let go but then, something pulled me up

A glimpse of the sky after years of darkness